Weymouth parkrun is cancelled on 2021-01-23 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

parkrun I Miss You

End of April monthly email during Lockdown 2020

This months parkrun email to you all.

Next months will be called 'Why I Do parkrun'

parkrun – I Miss You

Well it is now six weeks or, is it seven, without a parkrun, and if we are not careful, this could be habit forming for some of us.
I often say to parkrunners, at post run coffee, ‘what did we do on a Saturday morning before parkrun became the normal routine for the start of the weekend?’
For me it’s been nearly seven years of parkrunning and I can’t remember what used to occupy my time on Saturdays. I can only imagine that the tasks that I am now doing are what I used to do. The painting and decorating, the spring cleaning, the odd jobs that have been put off for when I have more time, have now taken precedence.
The gardening, because of the wet weather in February and the warmer weather of April have seen the weeds sprint to full height, and now the rain again. The tips are closed so a couple of bonfires have been in order. Back garden done, time to attack the front!!.
I have even planted a few rows of spuds and cut the grass—how exciting!!.
I miss the weekly general work that Kathy and I do for Weymouth parkrun that most of you are unaware of, although there is some that is still ongoing.
I miss the build up to the Saturday run, the webmail and the volunteer roster that I check every Tuesday and Thursday.      
Weymouth parkrun is a very tactile event.                                                            
I miss the parkrun chat.
I miss the touching of the arm, the hugs.
I miss the handshakes, the face to face banter, the smiles, the stories.
I miss the ‘how are you?’, ‘keeping fit?’ although we are not too interested in the answer, it’s just a way of starting the conversation.
All of this can be lost to us if we do not keep the habit of running every Saturday and in the week during these testing times until parkrun returns. We must remain in contact with our fellow runners, keep the parkrun chat going, even if it is online.
But you don’t have to run, you don’t have to volunteer, you don’t have to take part in any way, you just have to be there on a Saturday morning to get the parkrun feeling. 

Weymouth parkrun is not about the run, although that is the focus that brings us together.  It is about mixing with like minded, happy, helpful people of the local community; it is about sharing experiences, it is about talking with fellow runners who you may have never met before. It’s about making new friends.
It’s about your mental and physical fitness and wellbeing and so many other things that make you feel good about your life.
Keep in contact, stay healthy, and love your life.
I look forward to reconnecting with you all when parkrun returns.
Best wishes,


Weymouth parkrun #342 – 14th March 2020

This weeks run report is written by Sarah Middlebook who is a regular in Weymouth parkrunner since mid 2016

Apparently I run!
I never thought I'd say this but this week I ran my 100th parkrun. I find it hard to believe as I don’t consider myself as a runner (I leave that to my much faster husband!). However, after my first parkrun/walk in 2016 I was “bitten by the bug” and I've kept coming back for more.

Today's run was on the promenade, our winter route, and whilst I do prefer the usual route it doesn't quite boast the same beautiful views of the Purbecks, the seafront and Portland which always make the run more of a pleasure, especially when the sun is shining like it was today.

I shared my milestone run today with Richard Brown (100th) and Jody Higham (50th), well done to you both. I  would also like to congratulate the 20 people running their first ever parkrun including a colleague of mine (who I finally coaxed along on the pretext of celebrating with me) and those completing their Couch 2 5K programmes (from two groups - DCH lead by Catherine Abery-Williams and local running running club WSPH). I also hope the 28 runners who were running at Weymouth for the first time enjoyed it. From comments I've heard over the years I know the singing before the start comes a surprise for some!

For those of you interested in the statistics there were 363 finishers today, 185 male and 162 female with first place going to Paul Bullimore (whose new PB of 16:53 also produced today’s highest age-grade score of 84.6%) and the first female place going to Hannah Martyn.

As always the real heroes of parkrun are the volunteers, without whom it could not take place, so a big thank you from me to each and every one of you. Special thanks also go out to Phil Haddrell who today achieved a special volunteering milestone of processing the results for the 50th time which is not always an easy job when the results don't tally.
I haven't volunteered so much recently as I was striving for my milestone run today but that's something I will remedy and I've already signed up to marshal next week. Who knows, you might even see me keeping Mr Pineapple company in the banana costume we have at home!

Sarah Middlebrook


Weymouth parkrun #341 – 7th March 2020

Weymouth parkrun 341 was a remembrance of David Grimmett's life and also International Women's Day (#iwd).  EHH runners were out in force in club colours for David, whilst there was a good array of purple throughout the rest of the parkrun family to show support for International Women's Day.

Grimmett Family


This week's run report is brought to us by Samantha Childs, who has run with 8 times so far...  Thanks for the great report Sam and hope to see you again soon.

Today we had a field of 422 runners, joggers and walkers (little ones in pushchairs and dogs too).

19 of which was joining parkrun for the very first time, welcome to the parkrun family, 22 were visitors to Weymouth parkrun and 64 of you got PBs. Well done everyone.

Let’s not forget the amazing volunteers. Without them parkrun wouldn’t happen. Fancy volunteering? Just pop over the the volunteers page and pop your name down.  Today 30 of our amazing volunteers ensured that everyone had a safe parkrun.

I had my barcode scanned by a lovely lad today who was telling me it was the first time volunteering. He was doing a marvellous job. Well done young man.

Last time we was visiting Weymouth it was rather windy. Glad to say today was a lot calmer. In fact it was a rather pleasant morning along the Promenade. Spring is on its way. Won’t be long before the Lodmoor route has dried out and Weymouth parkrun will be back in the park (hopefully I haven’t spoken to soon!).

If all goes to plan my hubby and I be regular faces at Weymouth parkrun in the next few months. I must learn the words to the song, though hubby has been humming it all day so I don’t think it’ll take long before we are joining in singing with you all on a Saturday morning.

See you all soon. Happy parkrunning everyone.




Weymouth parkrun #340 – 29th Feb 2020 Leap Day parkrun with #stormjorge

This week's run report is brought to us by Nikki Channon who is a regular at Yeovil Montacute and tourist to Weymouth.


Today was a parkrun that could not be missed! I'm a self confessed parkrun geek and as soon as I found out that no parkrun had ever been ran on 29th February and that there wont be another one for 28 years I made sure I was running today (I'm sure I'm not the only one)!!


I started my love for parkrun back in November 2014 and at the time had no idea how much it would take over my Saturdays! I've ran solo, with my dog, whilst pregnant and now regularly with my 3 year old in the buggy - I'm also partial to the odd volunteering role (its my 25th today!)  My home run is Yeovil Montacute which is currently on holiday at Ninesprings country park and unfortunately is not suitable for buggies so the first few months of the year are when I get a bit of touring and volunteering in.
I was keen to get Weymouth in this year as I have not experienced the route along the sea front yet  and knew it wouldn't be on for much longer! I was then worried when I heard that yet another storm was on its way this weekend (I may just rename February Stormruary) and events were beginning to cancel/post about early morning checks but luckily Jeorge was relatively kind and the event could proceed! That being said Jeorge did not make it easy.... I definitely had some good resistance training today as we ran into the wind. Despite that I really enjoyed the route and enjoyed the pineapple and cone costumes even more!


First home today was Christopher Peck in 16:48 and first female was Alexandra Door in 21.22.


Congratulations to Paul Gower, Reni McPhail, Victoria Rowney and Richard Dale who all celebrated their 50th runs today!


412 people ran/walked/leaped their way around the course with 35 first timers and a fantastic 25 pbs all made possible by 47 volunteers. An extra special thanks to those pacers who I am sure helped many people achieve time/pbs they wanted today. Don't forget parkrun can only run by people giving up their time to volunteer, if you have never done it or not done it for a while be sure to get your name down on the future roster!


Don't forget to keep an eye out for those "leap" photos …. I am sure mine was a total fail!!

https://www.facebook.com/pg/KenHewittPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1595968277216838 (thanks to Ken Hewitt for anotehr set of amazing photos).

Here is the Mark, who provided a fine example (and was the reason for our Leap run)
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, sky, child, shoes, shorts, basketball court, outdoor and nature

The full set of results for this weeks run can be found here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/weymouth/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=340


Weymouth parkrun #338 – 15th Feb 2020 with #stormdennis

Today's run report is brought to us by Sam Childs, who is a regular runner at both Southend and Basildon parkruns, but also visits Weymouth quite frequently.

Let’s start with a huge thank you to all the volunteers who come out on this rather blowy Saturday morning to marshal and cheer us runners, joggers and walkers on.
And thank you to Storm Dennis for being kinder than expected. Although it was a “little” blowy along the Prom this morning the rain held off.

Today saw 6 first timers to parkrun, welcome aboard your Saturdays will never be the same again!

There were 17 tourists visiting Weymouth parkrun, thank you for joining us.

We had 5 PBs today too, hats off (possibly quite literally!) to you, running into that wind was hard work.

Eleanor Rule and Victoria James welcome to the 50 club.
Helen Brown welcome to the 100 club
Glenn Britton welcome to the 250 club

Remember parkrun is held together by volunteers, without them parkrun wouldn’t happen. Please check the future roster and see if Weymouth (or your local parkrun) needs you over the coming weeks.

Enjoy your Saturday, stay safe and see you all again soon.


We'll be on the seafront till the end of February, finishing with a pacing event, and after that we should be back to Lodmoor country park.

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