Weymouth parkrun #306 6 July 2019

Many thanks to Elizabeth Morris for this weeks run report.  Hope you had a great time at the Moreton Weekend at the Races.
I’m a self-confessed parkrun tourist (my home parkrun is Southwick Country Park in Wiltshire) and I love running at different parkrun events. It’s always great to run at a different course for a change of scene as well as meet new people. This Saturday myself & some friends were taking part in the White Star Running Unicorn Frolic (a 12hr team relay race) in Moreton, being only 20 minutes drive away from a parkrun was too good of an opportunity to miss! Offering to write this weeks’ run report meant I was also able to give something back to the Weymouth parkrun team.
Firstly what a beautiful day! This particular Saturday ended up being a beautiful summers day and was already very warm at 8:40 when we gathered for the first timers briefing. I particularly liked that Weymouth parkrun have a volunteer role for a parkrun buddy who will run with you and offer you encouragement. For new runners, and those nervous about taking part in parkrun, we thought this was an excellent idea. I, and I’m sure many others, have had times when they need a little extra encouragement to get those miles done. The organisation at the start was great, runners lined up in the funnel in order of their expected finish time to help ease congestion at the start.
Out of the 412 parkrunners who finished there were an incredible 53 new PB’s and a special congratulations to the 27 first timers to parkrun too - welcome to your new Saturday morning addiction!
The course itself at Weymouth starts off in Lodmoor Country park with 1 and a half laps around the miniature train track and 9 hole golf course leading to an out-and-back loop around the “pineapple” monument back to another loop and finish! The course is predominantly on tar and gravel paths being virtually pan flat, definite PB potential. Myself and my friends were running together, as we had an event later that day we were tying to keep to as steady a pace as possible and did stop for a few photos. We particularly enjoyed the pineapple fancy dress worn by the marshal at the “pineapple” monument turnaround point, couldn’t resist getting a photo of Carrie there. There was also a photographer taking photos at the start and finish, which are uploaded onto the Facebook group afterwards.
When you went through the finish tunnel there were jelly babies and jelly beans, perfect for some post-run sugar. All of the marshals were brilliant and were so encouraging to all of the runners, I cannot say enough good things about this parkrun - please check it out!
A big shoutout to the 39 high-vis heroes who made this event happen: Rachel ABEL, Matthew AMES, Marian ARNOTT-WEEKS, Nigel ARTHUR, Simon ARTHUR, Gregory BAILEY, Jonathan BAYLIFF, Riley CHURCHILL, Liz CLARKE, Stephen CLARKE, Clint DANCE, Thomas DAVISON, Elaine EVERSON, Graham FOSTER, David GRIMMETT, Ashley GUTTERIDGE, Graham HALDWELL, Ken HEWITT, Helen JOLLIFFE, Ruth KIRBY, Hector KNIGHT, Paul LEWIS, Liz LEWIS, Martin LITCHFIELD, David LLOYD, Gareth MANNING, Heather MASON, Michael MCDOWELL, Elizabeth MORRIS, Karen PERRETT, Chris PERRETT, Steve PULLAN, Celia ROBERTSON, Norma SMART, Alison SPERRING, Catherine SWAN, Jackie TOMLIN, Kelly TUPLIN, Norman WHITE
Don’t forget if you’ve not volunteered before or haven’t in a while get your names down on the future roster!
Number of events: 306
Number of runners: 11,917
Number of runs: 78,581
Number of first finishers: 195
Number of clubs: 957
Number of PBs: 13,471
Average number of runners per week: 256.8
Average number of runs per runner: 6.6
Biggest Attendance: 696
Average run time: 00:28:30
Total hours run: 4Years 96Days 0Hrs 30Min 27Secs
Total distance run: 392,905km
Female record holder: Ruth BARNES - 17:09 - Event 243 (21/04/18)
Male record holder: Phil WICKS - 14:47 - Event 190 (15/04/17)
Age graded record holder: Lone KRYGER - 92.71 % - 20:21 - Event 191 (22/04/17)