Run Report Event #75 – the day of 1000 midges!

We need to start this report by saying sorry about the midges! Wow they were biting this week! They made you all move about before the start of our parkrun, which at least may have helped you to warm up! Fair play to the volunteer team who had to put up with them for the duration of the event. Talking of volunteers thanks this week to: John SCRIVENS • Rachel JONES • Siobhan GASCOIGNE • Stuart DRYDEN • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Nathan FOX • Tony DUNCAN • Helen WESTWOOD

This week 80 people came along to run, jog or walk the course and a staggering 49 people were new to the forest. We had Alan Raven visit us from Aveley parkrun in Perth, Australia who completed his 240th parkrun and has now completed 54 different parkruns around the world. There was also large groups from London & Newcastle as well as a team of teachers from Spawling Grammar School.

Alan Raven Spawling Grammar School

Suzanne Peters hit the milestone of 50 parkruns completed and timed it beautifully so that she took finish token 50 on her 50th run! Well done Suzanne.

Suzanne Peters

An incredible 7 people joined the parkrun family this week - welcome to: Jordan Palmer, Tim Cook, Thomas Allbrook, Charlotte Mullen, Tom Bott, David Falcus & Amy Fisher!

With the weather being warm again, there were not as many PBs but 6 of you bagged one including Matthew Atkinson & Gary Stephenson who took finish tokens 1 & 2 respectively.

Matthew Atkinson 1st three finishers

Now we've mentioned taking finish tokens... number 38 is still missing in action, if anyone has accidentally put it in their pocket, please can we have it back as we really need it again for next Saturday!

Just to finish on a cheery note, here's George, Sonia our RDs dog - this really does prove how much fun and enjoyment there is to be had at parkrun!

George Sonia & George