Run Report Event #74 – The sun shone!

Following a spell of really hot weather, we were delighted to see 78 people come along to join us on Saturday. We were unsure if the warm weather may deter people from running up a mountain but it seems not! The sun shone and everyone was in high spirits.

Despite the heat, 9 people achieved a new PB - incredible! Well done to you all!

It was another week for a high number of first time visitors to the forest - 37 in total, we hope you all had an enjoyable morning and that we see you again soon. Phillip Stones joined the parkrun family by completing his first ever parkrun.

We sent our celebrations to our friends in Whitehaven as Whitehaven parkrun marked it's first anniversary. We hope you enjoyed our video!

The story of the day though has to go to our incredible volunteer team who managed an incident out o the course very well. For the first time ever we had to deploy the 1st aid van to assist a parkrunner that had become unwell. Thankfully everything was ok in the end. This incident put to test our emergency plan and it was fantastic to see that it worked well. parkrunners please remember if you see the van coming towards you it is because there is a first aid incident that we need to assist with.

Massive thanks to the volunteer team for going above and beyond their usual duties this week- a round of applause to: Samantha AYERS • Megan STOTT • John SCRIVENS • Hazel DAVIES • Rachel JONES • Siobhan GASCOIGNE • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Tony DUNCAN • Elspeth JOHNSON • Ava MURRAY • Liam JOHNSON


Run Report Event #73 – The One With the Coach Full Of Runners!

We say it every week - but what a morning we had on Saturday - it was absolutely fantastic!

So many firsts.... Jo did her first stint as Run Director and was amazing, Josh Smiles completed his first ever parkrun - we hope you've got the bug now, Andrew Jones continues his PB streak and for the first time got a sub 30 time and for the first time in our short history there was a coach parked up in the car park that had brought a coach full of runners! Blimey!

Jo's run brief

The coach belonged to a group from Bishop Auckland and we welcomed Evenwood Road Runners to the forest. Two of them had been before and this time bagged themselves a new PB - congratulations Gary Atkinson who took finish token number 3 & Gail Richards!

Evenwood Road Runners - Bishop Auckland

The group from Evenwood clearly helped to influence the number of first timers this week. Out of the 93 people who came to run, jog or walk the course there were 58 who were visiting for the first time.


So much to celebrate - Simon Canning completing his 50th parkrun and therefore joining the red t shirt gang and 12 people in total gained a new PB - including Keswick Junior parkrun hero Peter Toes! Congratulations to you all!

Thanks very much to the all our amazing volunteers this week - you are the best and all the lovely comments on social media prove it. Without you all we wouldn't be able to do this amazing thing each week. Thanks this week to: Diana MITCHELL • John SCRIVENS • Jo GRUCHY • Rachel JONES • Tanya COATES • Siobhan GASCOIGNE • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • David WILSON • Andrew KNIGHTS • Janet KNIGHTS

All our volunteers, runners, walkers and spectators create such a brilliant atmosphere and with the forest surroundingS, hills and views, we really do have a spectacular parkrun.

Loop View

If anyone fancies joining us, you're more than welcome - all you need to do is register with parkrun UK.








Run Report #72 Nicola Tarrant did our run!

A smooth operation at the finish funnel as the Whinlatter Forest team stepped in, thank you to Adrian and Rob, and all the wonderful volunteers. Shout out to Robert Webster. We know you are out there and that you finished third, but we don't have your athlete number and your name is quite common! Sorry about this problem at scanning, please email in your athlete number and we will put you in.

We were delighted to welcome Nicola Tarrant, who completed her 340th different Parkrun and has the title of most travelled female Parkrun tourist! Nicola hails from Croydon and began parkrunning in 2011. Last week she did two runs in Sweden, one on Thursday because it was Sweden's national day. Nicola says that Whinlatter Forest is definitely the toughest she has done, with stunning views. Nicola was accompanied by four supporters who style themselves 'minnions'. We invited them back next week, but apparently they don't do that!

Anyone who filmed today for the upcoming Runners' World film is asked to send in their clips to the Whinlatter Forest email link on the home page.

Here's the official stuff.

This week 76 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 46 were first timers and 3 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 13 volunteers:

Ian HARVEY • Angharad COOLEY • John SCRIVENS • Hazel DAVIES • Jo GRUCHY • Rachel JONES • Andrew JONES • Tanya COATES • Andrea TIDY • Siobhan GASCOIGNE • Brendan CARLIN • Adrian JONES • Rob MALSOM

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Whinlatter Forest parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Chris ARTHUR who recorded a time of 17:48 on 31st March 2018 (event number 11).
The female record is held by Emma GOULD who recorded a time of 19:56 on 28th April 2018 (event number 15).
The Age Grade course record is held by Brian TAYLOR who recorded 76.76% (19:22) on 25th August 2018 (event number 32).

Whinlatter Forest parkrun started on 13th January 2018. Since then 3,084 participants have completed 5,769 parkruns covering a total distance of 28,845 km, including 944 new Personal Bests. A total of 150 individuals have volunteered 731 times.


Run Report Event #71 – another soggy one!

Summer - what can we say??? At least is was fairly warm and the rain at least washed away any sweat that may have been in your eyes. It's just such a shame that the rain was driving and hiding one of the world's most beautiful views!

parkrun tourists

BUT! The rain did not dampen our spirits and we were thrilled to welcome 56 people to the forest to join us for parkrun this week, 24 of whom had never visited us before. Despite the conditions 8 people managed to notch up a new PB this week, including Matthew Atkinson who was our first finisher - following on from his second place last week and a PB last week too - on fire! Joe Hudd was hot on Matthew's heels bagging himself second place & a new PB too. Whinlatter Forest parkrun volunteer Carol Harvey also bagged her self a new PB - well done everyone!

Matthew Atkinson 1st 3

Grace Walker joined the parkrun family this week and completed her first ever parkrun  - an amazing achievement and she was first back in her JW10 age category! Well done.

This week Jasper was our first parkrun dog back, along with his human Tanya!

Tanya & Jasper

All the fanfare this week, must go to our incredible volunteers who were prepared to stand out in the rain to make sure everyone could run safely and have a great time. We don't have enough words to thank you enough.

Volunteers Rachel - Volunteer





Run Report Event #70

Saturday was another fun morning in the forest for parkrun. 140 people came along to run, jog or walk the course with 71 people being new to the forest.

This week it was parkrun pledge day, where GPs and staff associated with GP surgeries pledged to come along to take part or volunteer at parkrun events in the UK. When the question was asked in the run brief it was brilliant to see so many hands go up to say that's why there were here. Our first GP back was Rose Singleton from Castlegate and Derwent Surgery in Cockermouth - our parkrun practice. Rose was also first lady and was accompanied by Gwen who was also the first dog back this week. In Rose's own words - her and Gwen narrowly beat a very speedy hotdog!

Speedy Hotdog

The hotdog in question was joining us for his stag do! It seemed weddings were the next theme of the day as we were joined by Chris Hare who later that day was marrying Caitlin Johnson. Chris was joined by some of his wedding party to make sure that he returned from running for the hills! Nerves or excitement clearly impacted well on Chris who achieved a massive PB - knocking 3 mins and 2 seconds off his previous best time! Chris was presented with a cake made by Rachel Jones to celebrate his wedding - we hope you had a fantastic day!


We met Maria from Oxford University who is undertaking some parkrun tourism research on behalf of the University. Our event is certainly one you'll remember and we're so pleased you could join us. We wish you all the best for happy parkrun travels and look forward to seeing your research!




An impressive 17 people clocked a new PB this week including Chris Crane and father in Law and GP Andrew Knights. Hazel Davies of Bodyfit Cumbria was keen to get to the finish to volunteer after her run that she also achieved a new PB.

Once again our volunteers were amazing, this week we thank: Samantha AYERS • John SCRIVENS • Hazel DAVIES • Jo GRUCHY • Rachel JONES • Rowan MATTHEWS • Siobhan GASCOIGNE • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Sally BURCHALL • Alan IRVING • Wendy SHILL remember parkrun only happens because of our volunteers, if you can help at any event in any role please do get in touch. All roles are easy to do and the team is very friendly!

Congratulations to everyone who took part this week and  to Ciaran Forde who took finish token number 1. Celebrations were all around for Esme Shattock who joined the red t shirt gang by completing her 50th parkrun. We also welcomed Lucy Andrews, Rosie Andrews, Josephine Hewson, Chris Jenkins & Ross Cleeton to the parkrun family as they completed their first ever run.

1st Finisher 1st 3

How fantastic is it that parkrun is for everyone? Run, jog, walk or volunteer we are here for you and we love celebrating all that happens in our Whinlatter Forest parkrun community.


#69 Whinlatter Family Affair

What a great parkrun this morning and a real example of how all ages and abilities are involved.  Today we had TEN of the Knights family either marshalling or running, including young Tilly, age 4, who was tail walking with Grandad Andrew and Imogen (age 8) who was scanning with Mum Laura.

We also had SIX Scrivens family members including Ben, (age 5) and brother Will (age 4) helping Grandad John at the marshalling point on the loop.  Well done everyone.

So the challenge is: Bring your family... can you muster three (or more) generations? What's the largest age gap between your youngest and oldest? Can you bring more than 10?  Either way - just do it and let us know!

The Knights Family

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Our three youngest marshals.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Sonia - have a great holiday and many thanks for letting me 'hold the fort' whilst you're away.



Run Report Event #68 by Faye Hemingway

Another week, another parkrun. I’m on an annual pilgrimage to Grasmere with my running club (NOTFAST RC, based in Newark-on-Trent), and some of us decided that we’d head to Whinlatter Forest for what promised to be a challenging route with stunning scenery, and, better still, we’d get a W for our Alphabeteer Challenge!

The day dawned dry and reasonably bright. We made our way to the forest, admiring the lakes and mountains as we drove - will we ever tire of the views in this amazing region? Upon arrival we were greeted by a few other parkrun tourists, and we shared their apprehension about what is rumoured to be one of the most difficult courses in the country. Ah well, when in Rome and all that!

All told, 86 participants congregated at the start line, 49 of whom were tackling the course for the first time. Of the 49, three were doing their very first parkrun... give them a medal, for this is definitely not one for the faint of heart! During the run brief, we radioed Rachel, one of the on-course marshals, to treat her to a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday... and then we were off!

I have to say that Whinlatter is the most breathtaking parkrun I will ever do, and I mean that in every possible sense of the word. There is almost no flat at all - as soon as you’re up, you’re back down again. It’s a fantastic technical course, though, if that’s your thing; I have to say that my thing today was getting around without the need for medical attention! I did, however, manage to make up some good ground on the long downhill section, which we did on both loops.

While ‘enjoying the scenery’ (aka walking) back up through the woodland for the second loop, I was completely alone and was enjoying the quiet, looking up into the trees in the hope of seeing a red squirrel. The silence was suddenly broken by the call of a cuckoo - trivial to some, but I’ve never heard one before, so that was a nice little bonus! It definitely made up for the lack of the elusive squirrel.

The views out on the course were nothing short of amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever find another parkrun as pretty as this, but feel free to recommend one if you disagree ;) I must have added a good two minutes onto my time with all the photo stops. It was simply too good an opportunity to miss, and the visibility was very good today.

I would highly recommend that anyone within a reasonable drive should visit Whinlatter parkrun. It’s definitely not easy, but just accept the fact that you’re going to be a bit slower than usual and go and enjoy the finest surroundings that Britain has to offer. I promise you won’t be disappointed, and the sense of achievement at the end was, for me, unrivalled in parkrun terms.


Run Report Event #67

This week the Global Gruffalo came to visit us at Whinlatter - celebrating his 20th anniversary. He clapped, cheered and stood for photos with everyone

Well done to the 75 people who ran, jogged or walked around the course this week. Lewis Hinchcliffe took finish token #1 and Nicole Frith was the first lady back and was 4th place overall.

Nicole Frith Lewis Hinchcliffe

Thanks as ever to our wonderful volunteers who enable the event to go ahead each week. This week's volunteers were: Howard SEAL • Peter TURNER • Robert FINCH • John SCRIVENS • Rachel JONES • Nicole FRITH • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • David WILSON • Andrew KNIGHTS • Janet KNIGHTS

Volunteers Robert & nICOLE - vOLUNTEERS

It was fantastic to see 8 people achieve a personal best time, congratulations to Martin Varey, Rachel Wilson, Nigel Duckworth, Xiaojuan McGurk, Susan Toal, Abby Wilkins, Brad Williamson & Robert Davis.

Jack Metcalfe completed his first ever parkrun and joined the parkrun family!

It was a great atmosphere on the hill next week - we can't wait to do it all again next Saturday at 9AM. See you there with your barcode.

Global Gruffalo Finiah


Run Report Event #66 – May The Forth Be With You!

The sun was shinning brightly this week on the forest, however, the temperatures had dipped in comparison to previous weeks. This meant a chilly run for the 98 people who came along to join the force for the Star Wars day parkrun.

Start Line

Run Director Sonia delivered the usual briefing - Younglings to be within arms reach of their accompanying adult, keep your wookie on a lead, don't go to the dark side - follow the signs and that sort of a thing!

The force was strong with the volunteer team this week and we thank: John SCRIVENS • Jo GRUCHY • Rachel JONES • Tanya COATES • Coral PRICE • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Nathan FOX • David WILSON

Half of the field this week were new to Whinlatter Forest parkrun and from the feedback at the finish line, I think it's safe to say our course lived up to it's beauty and the beast nickname. The views were phenomenal on Saturday and the hills brutal.

It was great to see 19 people achieve a PB this week including Ste Robson who knocked almost a minute off his previous best time, Catherine Evans who was first lady back and Richard Sykes who also completed his 50th parkrun and joined the red t shirt brigade! Congratulations to all of you.

There week 20 clubs represented this week and Steve Hebblethwaite of Keswick AC took finish token #1.

Steve Hebblethwaite Keswick AC

We welcomed the following to the parkrun family: Stu Cooke, Jennie Beechey & Janusz Holender well done for completing your first ever parkrun.

This week we began to profile the dogs of Whinlatter Forest parkrun as they mean so much to us. We love having all the 4 legged parkrunners with us and just like us they run, jog walk and volunteer - our parkrun just wouldn't be the same without them.

Luna - volunteer & runner


Vinnie - Running for the 1st time


Faye - Runner


Inca - Runner


Winston - Runner


Merk - Runner & Volunteer


Jasper - Volunteer (waggy) tail walker & Volunteer


Peri - Spectator & Chief Cheerer



Whinlatter Parkrun #65

A more typical Cumbrian day than last week still saw a great turnout of runners, with a group from BodyFit challenging themselves round the course. Training is clearly paying off for this group as many of them achieved a new PB! In fact there were 16 PBs achieved in total this week - well done to you all but a massive shout out to Andrew Jones who was 10 seconds off his best time last week but this week knocked a massive 20 seconds off his previous best!


Congratulations to Nick Evans for completing his 100th parkrun today. An amazing achievement! Welcome to those who completed their first ever parkrun - Archie Pheby-McGarvey & Rosie Wilkes.

In total 100 people came along to run, jog or walk the course this week with 21 different clubs represented. There was a large contingent from Victoria Park Running Club, we hoped you all enjoyed the course.

Victoria Park Running Club

Our volunteers as ever were amazing and this week we'd like to thank: John SCRIVENS • Hazel DAVIES • Jo GRUCHY • Rachel JONES • Rachel PIERCE • Janet EVANS • Maureen MIDDLEWICK • Sonia DRYDEN • Nathan FOX

Results processing

Good luck too, to our regulars who are tackling the London Marathon this week - we'll be watching for you on the television!