Run Report Event #95 Jo & Tanya do the 100!

What a brilliant day of celebrations we had on Saturday. Event number 95 at Whinlatter saw two members of the team complete their 100th parkrun together!

Jo & Tanya

Congratulation to Jo Gruchy & Tanya Coates who have had the double milestone achievement planned for some time so that they both reached 100 parkruns on Tanya's birthday! Ever the selfless duo they were prepared to give this up to volunteer instead when we thought we'd be short of volunteers, but enough volunteers came forward so they were able to run.

To celebrate there was cake, balloons, a birthday gift and naturally a Whinlatter poem...

Jo & Tanya have Jasper the dog, he likes to run, especially in bogs!

A huge part of the team, they volunteer & run, but most importantly they bring lots of fun!

Jo holds the record for the longest tail walk, a role where she's met loads of nice folk!

It's a special day for Tanya, so we'd just like to say... A very happy birthday hip hip hooray!

The planning is complete & no more can be done, congratulations to you both on your 100th parkrun!

Jasper Picture

The course and volunteers were all decorated to celebrate this special day and everyone enjoyed the cakes at the end.

Van Volunteers

Here's the stats for this week:

This week 98 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 29 were first timers and 13 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 9 volunteers: Diana MITCHELL • John SCRIVENS • Anthony GAGG • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Nathan FOX • Kate BAIRD • Suzanna CRUICKSHANK • Ailsa HARRISON






Run Report Event #92

We had a super morning on Saturday at Whinlatter Forest parkrun. An impressive 92 of you turned out to join us in the forest, despite there being a major sports final at the same time! Thanks to everyone who joined us this week, we were so pleased you did!

We welcomed 34 people to the forest who had never been before, one of who was Emil Pruden who took the first finish token in an impressive time of 19.50. Closely followed by Bruce Hardy who gained a new PB. In total there were 12 new PBS - well done to you all.

Emil Bruce

Alison Scott completed her first ever parkrun on the same day Alex Reed completed his 50th and joins the red tshirt brigade, well done!


Huge thanks to this week's volunteers who made it possible for the event to go ahead: Sarah HAMILTON • John SCRIVENS • Rachel JONES • Tanya COATES • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Becca DUNLOP • Sally BURCHALL • Suzanna CRUICKSHANK • Molly DUNLOP • Parker DUNLOP










Run Report Event #91 Jodie hits 100!

There was so much going on this week at Whinlatter Forest parkrun. We were all prepared for heavy rain and although it did rain, magically it cleared up just as we started.

It was fantastic having the Dunlop family join us again to volunteer with children Molly (5 and a bit) and Parker who has just turned 4 and bagged himself his first official parkrun volunteer credit. Well done both of you, as you can see volunteering can be hard work....

Parker Molly

It was an exciting morning all round, there was talk of an important rugby game but more exciting than that was Jodie Gray completing her 100th parkrun! The Singelton family really went to town to help everyone celebrate with Jodie, the cookies and fantastic cake were very well received! We can't wait to see you in the black 100 t shirt that will be on its way to you.  Well done from everyone at Whinlatter! Jodie even bagged herself a new PB!1st 4 ladies Jodie Cake Jodie 100


There were 15 PBs in total this week, congratulations to everyone, including Matthew Atkinson who took the 2nd finish token.

1st 3

The excitement continued as we realised we had Groom Andrew joining us, who was getting married later the same day in Lorton. We hope you had a brilliant day and we are so pleased that the sun came out from you. We wish you both all the very best for the future.

Groom Andrew

We all sang Happy birthday to Ian Crane who came to Whinlatter to celebrate his 69th birthday! We hope you had a super day!

Thanks to this week's volunteers, there were lots of you today who helped to make the event happen for the 116 of you that came to join us. The dream team this week were: Charlotte DYER • John SCRIVENS • Jo GRUCHY • Rachel JONES • Tom DUNLOP • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Becca DUNLOP • Pauline SINGLETON • Molly DUNLOP • Janet KNIGHTS • Alex LATHAM • Parker DUNLOP

Due to a dodgy stopwatch, the results were a little strange, so if you notice that anything is amiss, please let us know and we can rectify it. A new stopwatch is winging its way to us!



Run Report Event#90 ParkRun goes Pink

This week we supported Breast cancer awareness, along with our Castlegate and Derwent GP takeover, with a huge range of pink clothing and accessories sported by our volunteers, runners and dogs!

Pink ParkRunners set off

North Cumbria Breast care team

North Cumbria Breast care team

The event was proposed by Sue Black, who ran Whinlatter as her first Parkrun after completing her radiotherapy and is now two years post treatment.

We were joined by a number of people from the local breast cancer unit, including Sue's surgeon Ludger Barthelmes who spoke to the crowd at the start to explain that all money raised will go to our local breast cancer unit who are raising funds for radio frequency seeds. These are little pellets introduced into the target lesion well before surgery so that there is no need for a guide wire procedure on the day of surgery. ( a difficult procedure when you are already feeling anxious and vulnerable).

The weather was kind and a huge contingent of 152 runners and walkers, plus dogs and buggies headed off into the forest. After the finish they were greeted by cakes, biscuits and hydration provided by Sue, Ludger and friends where there was a lovely supportive atmosphere.

Phoebe HAYASHI was the first female home and a first timer at Whinlatter. Shortly behind her was Rachel KANE, who has just completed her treatment this month, and her first ever Whinlatter ParkRun. Hazel DAVIES was our third lady, representing Castlegate and Derwent GP surgery.

1st women 19thOct1st men 19th Oct

For the men, both our first two ran PBs, well done to Ian DOUGLAS and Nick BRIMACOMBE with Luke HAYASHI, also a first timer finishing 3rd.

The event here raised a storming £347.61, which combined with online fundraising means that currently Sue has raised almost £700.

Thanks to everyone who came along to run, walk, volunteer or support. We hope you will come back soon!

This week 152 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 71 were first timers and 25 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 12 volunteers:

John SCRIVENS • Hazel DAVIES • Jo GRUCHY • Tanya COATES • Andrew KNIGHTS • Christopher CRANE • Sue BLACK • Laura CRANE • Janet KNIGHTS • Imogen CRANE-PARR • Elspeth JOHNSON • Matilda CRANE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Whinlatter Forest parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Chris ARTHUR who recorded a time of 17:48 on 31st March 2018 (event number 11).
The female record is held by Emma GOULD who recorded a time of 19:56 on 28th April 2018 (event number 15).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lyn THOMPSON who recorded 77.19% (25:52) on 5th October 2019 (event number 88).

Whinlatter Forest parkrun started on 13th January 2018. Since then 4,274 participants have completed 8,198 parkruns covering a total distance of 40,990 km, including 1,278 new Personal Bests. A total of 197 individuals have volunteered 937 times.


Run Report Event #89 Results Mania

Saturday turned out to be another beautiful autumnal day in the forest with the sun shining to enhance the magnificent views.

This week 125 of you came along to join us in the forest, with 50 of you visiting us for the first time. There were no milestone runs this week but we did have 6 people join the parkrun family by completing their first ever parkrun! Welcome to: Ali Dixon, Paul Hopton, Gary Tomlinson, Nik Turner, Esther Livesey & Geoff Hrds - it does get easier!

There were some quick times out on the course possibly encouraged by volunteer John who said that if you wanted to feel part of Eliud Kipchoge's sub 2 hour marathon attempt you'd need to be running at 4.58 pace! We don't know how many of you tried but we did have 17 people record a new personal best. 

1st finisher

Thanks to this week's volunteers -without them we wouldn't be able to do this every week. We were delighted to have the Dixon family join us to volunteer this week and they did a marvellous job scanning everyone's barcodes! This week's team were: 
Leon BOND • Lorna GOLD • John SCRIVENS • Jo GRUCHY • Lyn THOMPSON • Rachel JONES • Jo DIXON • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Grace DIXON • William DIXON

Dixon Family

There was mild hysteria in the cafe when we discovered a bit of a problem with the results. Thanks to the brilliant brain of Jo, they were all sorted out with everyone next to their actual time. It did take a while to sort out so thanks to Jo for her hard work. Mysteriously then they didn't upload to the website - this has now been resolved and you will be able to see the full set of results displayed.

Jo at work

A reminder that next week we have Castlegate & Derwent Surgery joining us, they are our parkrun practice and are bringing a mix of people from the surgery to join in. We are also turning the event pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Sue Black explains why we are doing it:

October is breast cancer awareness month, I am inviting you to wear something pink at Whinlatter parkrun Saturday 19th October and perhaps donate a pound or two. All money raised will go to our local breast cancer unit who are raising funds for radio frequency seeds. These are little pellets introduced into the target lesion well before surgery so that there is no need for a guide wire procedure on the day of surgery. ( a difficult procedure when you are already feeling anxious and vulnerable)

Several members of the breast cancer team will be running including the surgeon who removed my cancer.

I have almost reached the two year post cancer mark, but also running is a close friend who is in the middle of treatment - but who can also still run considerably faster than I do!

Whinlatter parkrun was the first parkrun I ever did and I did it just before starting radiotherapy.

Thank you whinlatter parkrun for letting me hijack  next week's run, and thank you to everyone who comes in support.

It would be fab to have lots of you join us - we also need a full volunteer team to make it happen, so contact us if you can help.




Run Report Event #88 Our first bride!

This week 113 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 44 were first timers. This included Callie VANDEWIELE who brought her Bride tribe to complete the course the day before her wedding. Excellent prep work girls! Everyone at Whinlater Forest parkrun hopes you had a lovely day and we wish you well for the future.

Team Bride

The day saw 16 new Personal Bests of which Lyn Thompson bagged a new setting breaking her own VW 60-65 record, congratulations!

Andrew Knights has waited patiently to be able to complete his 50th run, wanting to achieve that at Whinlatter. Andrew and his family are a huge part of the parkrun family here at Whinlatter and he was rewarded with a lovely chocolate cake which was shared at the end.Andrew

The event was made possible by 9 volunteers:

Nick EVANS • John SCRIVENS • Rachel JONES • Janet EVANS • Rose SINGLETON • Iwan FLETCHER • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Janet KNIGHTS

The male record is held by Chris ARTHUR who recorded a time of 17:48 on 31st March 2018 (event number 11)The female record is held by Emma GOULD  who recorded a time of 19:56 on 28th April 2018 (event number 15).

The Age Grade course record is held by Lyn THOMPSON who recorded 77.19% (25:52) on 5th October 2019 (event number 88).

Whinlatter Forest parkrun started on 13th January 2018. Since then 4,153 participants have completed 7,921 parkruns covering a total distance of 39,605 km, including 1,236 new Personal Bests. A total of 194 individuals have volunteered 914 times.


Run Report Event #87 Siobhan does the 100! by Siobhan Gascoigne

100 Parkruns!

Firstly, I want to thank all the volunteers who help at Whinlatter Parkrun and every other Parkrun not just countrywide but worldwide. What a fantastic thing they all do. Without the volunteers this brilliant scheme could not run so a really big THANK YOU! This event was made possible by 13 volunteers:

Lew • Jo GRUCHY • Rachel JONES • Janet EVANS • Kevin ROBINSON • Joanna ROLLS • Siobhan GASCOIGNE • Sonia DRYDEN • Gwenno HENLEY • Brendan CARLIN • Nathan FOX • Evie ROLLS • Pauline SINGLETON

3 years ago, I had never even heard of Parkrun and now here I am celebrating running (and sometimes walking – especially here on the hill at Whinlatter) 100. Folk thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to do my 100th at Whinlatter. “Isn’t that the one with all the hills?” “I did that one once and vowed, Never again” “Why Whinlatter?” were just a few comments but having said that I have a second big thank you to all my friends who came to celebrate with me! The blue and orange of my running group “BodyFit Cumbria” were much in evidence plus one more who claimed his top was in the wash!! Come on John, maybe you need to buy another! Two of my friends, Lesley and Nicky recorded PB’s, Well done to you, and for four of my Bodyfit buddies it was their first time at Whinlatter. I hope you will go again. First time too for my friend Caron from work who I introduced to Parkrun recently and to my friend and neighbour Jackie who came with her dog Ben and did her first ever Parkrun. My son, Stephen ran too but he was way ahead of me! He did manage to take a few photos though and cheered me on at the end so thanks to him too! Of course, there are all my Parkrun friends too. It was lovely to hear lots of them shouting “Congratulations” as they ran past me! Having been volunteering at Whinlatter while I had a foot injury, I have got to know many of the volunteer team and some of the regular runners there. What I like too about Whinlatter is the number of tourists we get coming to see if the hills are as bad as everyone says they are. They are, I can vouch for that although hills are possibly stretching it a bit. It’s not hilly – There’s just one very big hill!! Today I met Julie Dean who also chose to “DO” Whinlatter for her “100”. Results show that she came in 99th place and I was 101st. Neither of us obviously wanted to take the 100th!!! Well Done to Julie. A new black t-shirt for you and me. So, a really big THANK YOU to all my fellow Park runners today. I hope you all enjoyed a cake at the finish. Sorry they weren’t bigger! I didn’t want to run out and hadn’t a clue how many to bake!! Thanks to my hubby who handed them out for me. Hopefully some of you managed to have more than one as there were plenty.

Balloon Siobhan & Julie Cakes Cake


This week 125 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers and 23 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Whinlatter Forest parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Chris ARTHUR who recorded a time of 17:48 on 31st March 2018 (event number 11).

The female record is held by Emma GOULD who recorded a time of 19:56 on 28th April 2018 (event number 15).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lyn THOMPSON who recorded 76.94% (25:57) on 7th September 2019 (event number 84).

Whinlatter Forest parkrun started on 13th January 2018. Since then 4,109 participants have completed 7,808 parkruns covering a total distance of 39,040 km, including 1,220 new Personal Bests. A total of 193 individuals have volunteered 905 times.

I look forward to my next time at Whinlatter. My aim is to run a little further each time getting further up that hill and achieving a PB. Not to be this week. I blame the balloon I was given. Running with a balloon on a long string is not to be recommended, especially in trees! My final thank you has to be for my balloon though. I loved it and it has pride of place in my house now.

See you all again soon




#86 – “That’s the bestest parkrun ever!”

Today, I made the worst mistake ever as a parkrun tourist.

No I didn't forget my barcode; I always have a spare under the sole of my shoe just in case I misplace the ones in my phone case, parkrun shorts and the two in my car!

I didn't arrive late and have to play catch the tail walker…  although with the amazing pink 5km run route signs, getting lost would be hard (however the hilly route would make for a frantic and tough start if I had to make up 10 minutes!).

Run Brief area

Even picking one of the toughest and the hilliest parkrun in the UK to 'run' with Achilles issues and under physio instructions to walk up any hills - I walked a lot today - wasn't that big an error.

The error was bringing my wife with me to run Whinlatter Forest parkrun!

I have been a totally disorganised parkrun tourist now for over three years. Thankfully my super-kind, report proofreading wife humours me in my parkrun adventures; travelling with some sufferance to far-flung places around the UK as I go to yet another new, different event, always questioning me…  'Why are we travelling so far to run a free 5km event?'

This week after dropping my son off at the World Scout Jamboree catch-up camp, we kept heading up the M6 to parkrun in the North!  Only when we set off we had no hotel booked and I had no idea where we were going to run. All my wife said was, "I want to parkrun somewhere with trees."

Although we stopped at a Travelodge just off the M6 by Lancaster with 50 parkruns that I hadn't run very close, by the demand (to get it past the proof reader it did originally say request!) for trees was still fresh in my mind as I fell asleep last night.  Having seen fellow parkrun tourist's pictures of Whinlatter Forest I had an idea… It did mean another early Saturday start but my long-suffering other half is now used to that!

As we drove along the final stretch of our journey, ears popping along the A66, the sight of soaring hills and tree-covered slopes vindicated my selection.  This was a run would earn me star-husband points, of which, after leaving my smelly parkrun kit in a warm car for 5 days last week, I was in much need of. I do know how to use the washing machine but after a slight error washing a shower gel bottle with bubbles foaming out of the powder drawer, I am rarely allowed.  And never unsupervised!

As well as running lots of different parkrun events I love to write the run report.  So on arrival I quickly sought out this week's RD, Sonia DRYDEN to grab the chance to write the report.  Thankfully for me she said "Yes.". although after reading my stream of consciousness both you and her might just regret it!

At the run briefing Sonia advised all of how tough the course was…  3 times harder than you had been told! She wasn't lying. I recorded a personal worst time at a parkrun while running on my own (my only other slower times were when I was running with my young children or as a tail walker).

My wife and I walked together to the start and 91 other runners.  Normally we self-seed - as I have the accolade of being the fastest in the family, I normally start a head of my wife - however since my injury I have been relegated from the number one spot!  So we started together.

With the countdown from 3 starting the parkrun, the gentle downhill start led me into a false sense of security - surely this wasn't going to be quite as bad as it had been made out?

During the first half kilometre I matched my wife step for step. Well actually two steps of mine to every three of hers as she has shorter legs.  My gentle easy pace, nicely matching her hard efforts, this wasn't going to be so bad I felt - until the hills started.

Without a care in the world my wife ran off and left me in the middle of the woods as she gracefully glided up the hill. I resorted to a walk, definitely under physio advice.

As I watched my wife ran off into the distance I noticed a stream of runners zigzagging up a huge great hill.

From the run briefing I knew that Rachel was waiting at the top of the hill and she marked the halfway point and finally a downhill section - I could run again.

As I passed Rachel fast runners shot past me  - I was being lapped by speedy runners before I was even halfway! In fact I didn't even see today's first finisher, Kieran COOPER (SM18-19) because he was so far ahead of me, finishing in 19:05! Great running.

Father & SON

As I approached Lyn holding her hi-vis lap arrows, for a millisecond I was tempted to sneak behind Striders of Croydon AC's Jodie GRAY (SW30-34) who finished in 25:09, 14th place and first lady.  But knew that I was only cheating myself and if my wife hadn't seen me overtake her it would be the only topic of conversation on the four + hour drive home!

So I turned to face the technical woody section that we had been warned about on the run briefing.  Taking care to lift my feet, I followed the path and weaved between the trees, enjoying the downhill for all 200m before again the path went up. And UP!

Passing Rachel for the second time I gasped out my thanks.  This was especially heartfelt as she pointed me in the right way!

One of the reasons that I like to offer to write the run report is that it gives me a record of my travels and the other is to offer thanks to the marshals who make these events possible. As just like today my shouts of thanks to the marshals on course are lost as all the effort goes into breathing as I move.  So a huge thank you to:- Kate BAIRD, Brendan CARLIN, Sonia DRYDEN, Carol HARVEY, Rory HODGKISS, Rachel JONES, Hannah Elizabeth METCALFE, David SANDERSON, Jessica SMITH & Lyn THOMPSON; today's team who made this event possible for all us 93 runners. As with parkruns around the world if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please look on the roster and e-mail - Don’t worry if you are unsure what to do, there is always someone on hand to talk you through the role.  You can even write the run report. I promise they don’t all have to be this long!

As I started the road section for the second and final time I spotted the orange hi-vis of the tail walker. With a light run, jog and a bit of brisk walking I soon caught them up.  As the route again turned slightly uphill I had a chat. I would love to mention the lady's name as it was her first ever parkrun, as her daughter had bought her along. But scanning the results I noticed she was down as an unknown so I am going to guess she didn't have a barcode.  What a shame. But the great thing is there are parkruns on all over the country every Saturday at 9am so don't worry, register and you can parkrun again next week either here at Whinlatter Forest or at any other parkrun. I'm sure most will be a lot easier than this one, although not many as scenic.

Passing Lynn and her yellow signs for the second time I remembered the run briefing - it was 200m all downhill and I could look like a god.

I would like to think I ran in like a bronzed Hermes, messenger of the gods, winged trainers flying across the ground however my wife tells me I was more like Dionysus, the god of wine and entertainment after a heavy night staggering out of a taverna.  A dreadful look for teetotaller.

Collecting my token I was greeted by my wife, the lady who has proofread over 100 run reports and who has turned my inarticulate prose into English of a decent standard, spotting my typos, spelling mistakes and lack of punctuation within seconds of scanning a report.  Even highlighting parts in red as nonsensical rubbish with, "That's the bestest parkrun ever!". High praise indeed from someone who has run 92 different events.  Even FabbyAbbey (Fountains Abbey!)

Although the elevation across the course made it a bit of a beast, the amazing views down the Valley with the low-level autumn sun shimmering off the lake, the giant pines stretching skywards made it an absolute beauty.

As has now become a tradition, a great parkrun tour always involves a trip to the café for a chat over coffee.  And at Siskins you get a parkrun special! So as the team packed up, we scoffed egg sandwiches and tea.

Results & finish token sorting Siskins Cakes

By the time the team arrived in the café to sort tokens and process results we had started on cake and coffee! Maybe my injury isn't the only reason my running is getting slower!

Chatting to the team I was pulled up by Rachel on my comment.  The first time I saw her on course she said, 'You're halfway.' I checked my watch, only to respond, 'We are definitely not halfway!'

My wife wants my result expunged from the official results for arguing…  as she knows this means I would have to break my 3 year streak of new parkruns by visiting again!  As she said if she lived closer she would be running here every week and the hills would be amazing training.

As the core team packed up to leave the café we took the chance to explore more of the Forest, especially the Gruffalo trail.  What a wonderful natural area to enjoy and lots of amazing playgrounds for youngsters and a GoApe for those a little older and a mass of mountain biking trails.


Getting in the car my wife's final words as we drove away were, "You've really raised the bar on parkruns this week…  How are you going to top it next week?'

Thank you for a superb parkrun today.

Happy parkrunning.



Run Report Event #85

This week the locals just outnumbered the number of first timers to the forest. 108 parkrunners total with 46 people parkrunning at Whinlatter for the first time. What a glorious day you all had for it too. The sun decided to join us after a long absence in August! The sunshine enabled to beautiful views to be admired as people made their way around the course. The mild temperature made getting round that little bit easier as could be seen with the 21 personal best times that were achieved this week! Well done to everyone who bagged themselves a new one. Especially well done to Sue Simpson who made it a hat trick of 3 PBs in a row!

We had milestones a plenty with Cara Organ (who also gained a PB) hitting the milestone of 100 runs at the same time as her father Martin Organ who completed his 50th parkrun. Thanks for choosing Whinlatter as the setting for this! Well done also to Lucy Owen for completing you 50th parkrun today - enjoy wearing that red t shirt!

Cara & Martin Organ 100 & 50

There were two people joining the parkrun family this week by completing their first parkrun - welcome to Dominic Young & Alex Hickin - we promise it only gets easier from here on in..

Alex Hickin 1st parkrun

Congratulations to Robin Regan for taking finish token #1 and well done to first lady back this week Elizabeth Watson  - impressive running!

Robin Regan 1st finisherElizabether Watson 1st Female1st 3 finishers

Huge thank you to this week's volunteers: John SCRIVENS • Rachel JONES • Sonia DRYDEN • Brendan CARLIN • Nathan FOX • David WILSON • Pauline SINGLETON • Elspeth JOHNSON • Liam JOHNSON we just couldn't run parkrun without you. If anyone fancies volunteering please just get in touch via Facebook or email us all the roles are easy to do and you will be with the most supportive group of people who enable others to achieve great things! 





Run Report Event #84 by Anthony Howe

Along with the majority of runners this Saturday, I was a visitor to Whinlatter Forest. In fact, 57 out of the 122 finishers were running here for the first time. I can’t speak for any of the others, but this one definitely wants to return!

The 84th running of Whinlatter Forest parkrun saw good running conditions – not too warm and not too cold – and no rain. There was even a mention of an orange ball in the sky making a brief appearance. All of these may have been factors in 18 people obtaining new Personal Bests. First finisher Robin Regan of Eden Runners also only missed out on his PB by 1 second, while the next two finishers both ran their fastest times at this event. Well done Stephen Walker and Tom Dunlop.1st 3 finishersJust 3 seconds separated the first female finishers, where Natalie McCarron just pipped Nadia Shaw. I’m sure they will discuss their new PBs at their next Cumberland AC meeting. Third female home was Bethan Everson, ninth finisher overall. The highest Age Grading obtained was 76.94% by Lyn Thompson of Keswick AC, another person running a PB.

The sole milestone run this weekend was Paul Sibert’s 100th run. Paul has ran 83 times at Beeston parkrun, twice at Canon Hill and once at 15 other events. Congratulations Paul, the black T shirt will hopefully be on the way soon.

In amongst the tourists were visitors from Rosliston, Worsley Woods, Wimbledon Common and Chipping Sodbury to name a few. Most prolific parkrunner was Zoe Dennison who has run 417 times, including 242 at Bushy at 110 at Bath Skyline. At the other end of the scale were two people registering their first runs. Congratulations to Rachel Bauer and Daniel Grisdale and welcome to the parkrun family.

This week’s event was brought to you by the following heroes, many thanks go out to these as without them, well you know…

Samantha AYERS, James CONLON, Hazel DAVIES, Anthony GAGG, Ben GRUCHY, Jo GRUCHY, Rachel JONES, John SCRIVENS, Wendy SHILL, Debs WHITE, Scott WHITE


Finally from me, wow, what an amazing run. Of all the different events I have run at, it is right up there with my favourites. The views are stunning and the forest is fantastic, and the volunteers are so helpful and encouraging. I don’t think there is much else that I’d want from my run on a Saturday morning, and I’m thinking of how and when I can get back again sometime soon.

Anthony Howe