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Run Report – 21st August 2021

Whitehaven parkrun

Event number 93

21st August 2021


A tourist account


My husband and I started the Coast to Coast walk yesterday doing 5 miles, to allow us to parkrun today.  This morning was event 249 for me, and another opportunity for us both to wear our Cow Cowell (a buff which shows we are tourists).  It was a fine drizzle as we ran to the destination, which quickly became a heavy downpour. There isn’t a lot of shelter around, but a few of us gathered under a tree and had a chat.


The ED was very cheerful and focused on her intro and brief to us. I’d like to thank her and all the Marshall’s for their time and support today. It is very different to be stood getting wet, than to run and get wet. I’m very grateful today’s event went ahead.


The course is a narrow out and back route. Seeing runners on the way back is a boost to keep going. A shout out or thumbs up to anyone on the other side is much appreciated by me.


Well done to Anna a fellow tourist. Who was on her 245th run, and finished First Lady.

Congratulations to two youngsters completing their first parkruns. Checking the results there were 65 runners, spanning the age range. I hope I can still be out there running in my 80’s.

I am sure the weather improved as our positive mood post parkrun moved into mid morning. Whitehaven you will be remembered!


Run Report – 31st July 2021

Whitehaven parkrun #90 report 31 July 2021

Almost back to normal 

After the previous week’s senior parkrun restart in glorious sunshine, this week’s event almost felt like things were back to normal even if it was the proverbial ‘new normal for parkrun.

The team of enthusiastic volunteers turned up as they do at all parkruns, the specific roles allocated and the start and finish area marked out to help everyone keep to social distancing guidelines. Then the parkrunners turned up. There was a 25% increase of those taking part including at least 28 Whitehaven parkrun first timers with 6 ‘unknown’.

Even the ‘traditional’ Whitehaven parkrun weather was just about back to normal – grey clouds with a forecast of rain. But parkrun is back up and running, proverbially and literally and in the end the rain stayed away.  Hey-ho, let’s hope we can carry on with Saturday morning parkrun from hereon in.

This week’s parkrun was made possible by 8 volunteers:

Gail BONE, Emma GRAHAM, Adrian HADLEY, Philip HAWLEY, Ellie KRUKOWSKI, Alan McKEE, Joseph RITSON and Ian ROBINSON. A big thank you to all of them.

Well done to the 82 finishers who walked, jogged or ran this week’s parkrun. The first three male finishers were:

Michael HAWLEY, Cumberland AC (18:41), Daniel CURWEN, Washington Running Club (19:03) and Graeme FOX (19:21).

The first three female finishers were:

Karen SMITH, St Bees Striders (20:37), Kathryn BRADLEY, Penny Lane Striders (20:56) and Indie PROUDLOVE, Beverley AC (21:29).

Looking at age graded times, the top three finishers were:

Indie PROUDLOVE, JW10 (79.44%, 21:29), Mike JAMES VM 60-64 (74.17%, 21:37) and Andy WALKINGSHAW, VM55-59, 21:24). Indie PROUDLOVE’s  time was also a new JW10 age category record.

This week’s full results and a complete event history can be found on the Whitehaven parkrun results page.

Whitehaven parkrun started on Saturday 30 June 2018. The male record is held by Marc BROWN, Salford Harriers, who recorded a time of 15:20 on 4 August 2018 (event #6). The female record is held by Tiffany PENFOLD, Copeland AC, who recorded a time of 17:46 on 30 June 2018 (event #1). The age category record is held by Paul DODD, Chepstow Harriers, VM60-64, who recorded 85.48% (18:56) on 14 September 2019 (event #63).

Whitehaven parkrun 31.07.2021 (1) Whitehaven parkrun 31.07.2021 (4)

Written by Joseph Ritson


Run Report – Saturday 24th July 2021

Whitehaven parkrun #89 report 24th July 2021

The dawn of a new era for parkrun

The new dawn at Whitehaven on Saturday 24 July 2021 did not only lead on to a new day of warm sunshine on the west coast of Cumbria but also the dawn of a new era for the town’s parkrun. After 71 weeks of senior parkruns being suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic, this was parkrun relaunch day at Whitehaven and at most other parkruns throughout England.

The French have a saying, "The more things change, the more they remain the same", and so it is with parkrun wherever it takes place. In the post pandemic world the ‘new’ parkrun has inevitably seen a few changes introduced to help ease it into this rapidly changing situation so it can continue to be enjoyed by everyone, such as social distancing, no ‘high fives’, and adapting to the local situation and guidelines.

For example, Whitehaven parkrun amended the start and finish funnels slightly, while for the most part the parkrun exercise was as enjoyable as ever. Long may it continue like this day, although it’s unlikely that there will be warm sunshine at 9 o’clock every Saturday morning!

Details of this week’s relaunch parkrun are as follows:

There were 66 people who walked, jogged or ran the course, with 11 recording a new “personal best” for this parkrun, at least 17 “first timers” to Whitehaven and 10 who will forever remain “unknown”.

First male finisher was first timer Samuel PALMER (18:15) and first female finisher was Karen SMITH, St Bees Triers, in a new PB time (19:13) and also 4th overall finisher. The best ‘age grade’ for this parkrun was Des Morris, Tri Lakeland, VM 55-59 (79.35%, 19:22) in yet another course PB.

This week’s Whitehaven parkrun was made possible by 9 volunteers:

Andy BROCK, Paul DENYER, Paul DYE, Emma Graham, Adrian HADLEY, Ellie KRUKOWSKI. Nancy LAWTON, Alan McKEE and Joseph RITSON.

Today’s full results and the complete event history can be found on the Whitehaven parkrun results page.

The current male record is held by Marc BROWN, Salford Harriers (15:20) on 4 August 2018 (event #6). The current female record is held by Tiffany PENFOLD, Copeland AC (17:46) on 30 June 2018 (event #1). The age graded record is held by Paul DODD, Chepstow Harriers (85.48%, 18:56) on 14 September 2019 (event #63).

028. Whitehaven parkrun 24.07.2021 063. Whitehaven parkrun 24.07.2021


Run Report 04-08-2018

Whitehaven parkrun report 4th August 2018; Run 6 - The day the records tumbled


As usual, we eagerly anticipated the arrival of this weeks parkrun day (formerly known as Saturday) as we were visiting Whitehaven parkrun. It’s a bit of a trek from our home parkrun at Bolton however Whitehaven is well worth the journey. The course is a flattish out and back all on tarmac but for a bit of grass as you head into the finish funnel. There were several other tourists running there on Saturday including visitors from Cambridge, North Yorkshire, Salford and Pennington Flash. I have to mention Sharon Gayter, a visiting runner who we met for the first time today. Sharon is a record breaking ultra runner. Her achievements include breaking the Guinness world record running from Lands End to John O’Groats in 2006 and becoming the Commonwealth champion in 2009 running 140 miles in 24 hours! I asked Sharon what she was doing after parkrun and she told me she was setting off to cycle from coast to coast. When I asked her how long it would take her she informed me she only had the weekend! Inspirational!

Thankfully the weather was a little cooler than some of the recent parkrun days which must surely have helped to promote the high number of record breaking performances. In first place was Marc Brown in a stunning time of 15.20 which beats the previous course record by a huge one minute and 40 seconds. Equally exciting is the fact that Marc recorded the second fastest time in all the UK parkruns on Saturday, we were truly in the presence of greatness. Marc was a first timer at Whitehaven and he has gained top 2 finishing positions in all of his 13 parkruns. In second place was Paul Coon and his finishing time of 16.56 also smashed the previous course record. These are the only two runners to finish under 17 minutes ever at Whitehaven. In third place was junior Zak Anderson in 17.28 who beat his previous personal best time by 47 seconds which was achieved at the Whitehaven inaugural event.

All of the ladies who gained podium places on Saturday ran personal best times too. The first lady was Karen Beckwith in 20.14 and in eighth place overall. Second lady and eleventh overall was Natalie McCarron in 20.37 and hot on her heels was third lady junior Eve Riley in 20.44 who was twelfth overall.

Top three age gradings of the day went to Marc Brown with 84.13%, Paul Coon with 78.35% and Zak Anderson with 77.29%. In total 12 runners broke the 70% barrier at Whitehaven this week.

98 parkrunners completed the course, of which 50 were male and 48 were female with 2 unknown runners; don’t forget your barcode! There were 32 personal bests, 44 first timers including 14 undertaking their first park run ever.

Appearing this week were 4 junior white T-shirts, 6 red 50 T-shirts, 10 black 100 T-shirts, 3 green 250 T-shirts. The top 3 attendances were Sharon Gayter 385, Barry Shackleton 374 and Karen Shackleton 316.

The following category records were smashed this week:

JW 11 Eve Riley 20.44

JM 15 Zak Anderson 17.28

SM 25 Marc Brown 15.20

SW 30 Karen Beckwith 20.14

VM 35 Paul Coon 16.56

VW 55 Karen Shackleton 23.58

There’s been a lot of talk in this report about the fast runners but equal respect must go to all those who completed the 5k this week who have achieved personal goals.

The event was made possible by the high viz volunteer heroes who all of us must give grateful thanks to, because without them, our weekly parkrun fix wouldn’t happen.

So, until next week, happy running everyone.

Karen Shackleton


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