Whiteley parkrun is cancelled on 2021-09-25 – no RD team, training new team for few weeks

International Women’s Day – Saturday 7th March 2020

Whiteley parkrun are delighted to be one of many parkruns around the world that will celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday 7th March 2020. In England, #IWDparkrun is supported by This Girl Can, a campaign created by Sport England.

These days there are many barriers that hold people back from participating in social events like parkrun. For some reason women are less likely than men to take part and to continue participating in parkrun, this is despite women making up 54% of overall registrations. parkrun are taking the opportunity that International Women’s Day (#IWD) presents to encourage more women and girls to participate.

We would love you to join in the celebrations by bringing along a female friend, colleague or family member and walking, jogging, running or volunteering. You could even just come along to watch or cheer.

Don't panic guys, everyone is welcome at parkrun on International Women’s Day. Please come along and support International Women's Day whether it is running, walking or volunteering.

The team at Whiteley are looking forward to supporting this event and we would love for you to join us and wear purple if you are able to do so.


Special events at Whiteley parkrun

Hi everyone,

It may only be the middle of October but we're already planning for Christmas and New Year. The good news is that we will again be holding events on both Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Our Christmas Day event will be at 09:00 on Wednesday the 25th of December.

The New Year's Day event will be at 09:00 on Wednesday the 1st of January 2020. We're starting at 09:00 so that you can take advantage of the once a year opportunity to do a double by visiting another local parkrun later the same day. There should be plenty of time for you to safely travel to a nearby parkrun starting at 10:30.

You can find the full list of Christmas and New Year's Day events on the following page: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/special-events/

Our regular Saturday events will take place as normal over the Christmas and New Year period.

Just in case it's a little early to start feeling festive, on Saturday the 26th of October we invite you all to run in your best Halloween themed fancy dress.

As always, we'll need help from our wonderful volunteers to help out with each of these events so please contact us at whiteley@parkrun.com if you would like to join in the fun.

Thank you from everyone at the Whiteley parkrun team.


Whiteley parkrun #117, 22 June 2019 – Run reporter Gareth JONES

These days, my typical Saturday morning routine goes something like this: 8:00, cycle round Southampton Common setting up parkrun signs; 8:55, give the first timers' briefing; 9:00 start Southampton parkrun; 9:33-35, finish Southampton parkrun; 9:45 cycle round Southampton Common, clearing up signs. (Those familiar with my local parkrun will understand that the ten minutes or so between finishing the run and getting on my bike are not spent recovering from the run, but rather queueing in the funnel and waiting to be scanned, a slightly frustrating consequence of having 1000+ attendances!

This weekly bike-run-bike duathlon is enjoyable, and it keeps me fit (or at least, fitter than I would be without it); however, it doesn't give me much opportunity for parkrun tourism, which is a pity since there is such a great variety of courses in and around Hampshire. Nevertheless, a couple of times each year Southampton parkrun is cancelled because of another event on the Common, leaving me free to explore fresh fields and parkruns new (to doubly misquote Milton). Today we had such a cancellation, and I decided it was time for a second visit to Whiteley, partly to meet old friends, and partly in the hope of a first-250 finish (something I have not achieved for a while!).

Two years ago I used this excuse to visit a newly founded Whiteley parkrun, and just missed my target of a sub-30 minute finish by an agonising 3 seconds. Since then, injuries have slowed me significantly. After a chilly and damp June, I found today's warm conditions quite difficult, and had to be content with plodding around in just under 36 minutes.

Someone who clearly thrived in the conditions was Jordan WINBOURNE, first over the line in 17:02, a PB by 18 seconds. The previous week he finished 4th at Southampton in 17:27, perhaps reflecting the hillier course there. Over a minute back, Simon BITTLESTONE finished just ahead of Iain CROSS for the minor honours, while Carla O'GRADY led the women home in 22:24, only three seconds outside her PB. Top of the age-graded table was Colin TRIGG, a fraction ahead of Sonia CLUITT, with Jordan WINBOURNE not far behind.

Remarkably, given that there were 257 finishers, there were no significant milestone runs today. However, Eleanor COWAN earned a T-shirt by volunteering for the 25th time, helping Bryan NEWELL with the position tokens. Clearly volunteering is a family activity at Whiteley, with Natasha COWAN as Run Director, Abigail scanning, and Alan looking after the finishing funnel and equipment. Running is also a family activity, with Mark and Susan SMALLWOOD and their buggy-propelled daughter all completing the course, in addition to plenty of other senior and junior family running pairs.

There were no age-category course records today, but we had 36 PBs, in addition to the 39 first timers. A PB is always satisfying, and particularly so if you are a junior: among these, Alice and Thomas SAVILL both achieved PBs, as did Alfie RODWAY and Thomas DAVIES, while James HUXFORD, with father Jon in tow, also showed a great turn of speed to streak past me in the last few hundred metres.

Back at Southampton, there is one column on the results page where I usually finish top, namely number of runs. However, here I have to give way to Keith WHITAKER, marching inexorably towards his 500 Club T-shirt. It was good to see Keith again, as it was to see Geoff COLLINS, with whom I used to share set-up duties at Netley Abbey. I was also glad to see Jack GOOZEE again, and to pick up some useful  tips from his first-timers' briefing.

Finally, many thanks to Natasha and all her volunteers for a really enjoyable run. I hope it won't be another two years before my next visit to Whiteley.

Gareth JONES


Stephens Story – 50 parkruns later!


You'll be aware that as the popularity of parkrun grows the mission has been to attract people from all walks of life and all ages for whom exercise might be of benefit. At Whiteley we have watched as Stephen DOHERTYs recovery has gone from strength to strength and he recently completed his 50th parkrun.
We are delighted that our event has been part of his journey and Stephen has kindly provided his story to us and to parkrun UK. Enjoy....
In August 2016, after a weekend of feeling unwell with dizziness and sickness, I was eventually admitted to Blackburn Royal Hospital. Two days later, scans diagnosed me as having suffered a Stroke, in effect a Left cerebellar infarct plus multiple small recent infarcts in the right cerebellum.  As a result of these I was left with severe weakness in my legs and struggled to actually stand without going dizzy.
Over the following days I was given treatment to help me learn to stand and walk with the aid of a frame and after eight days I was discharged to the on going care of the local community stroke team in our home.
At that time we were living in Lancashire and the East Lancashire Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team provided my aftercare.  This consisted of exercises to build up my core strength, balance and weakness in my legs. This lasted for about 10/12 weeks with the team visiting our home twice a week at the beginning then once a week as I progressed.
So how did I get involved in Whiteley parkrun and especially 250 miles away from our home in Lancashire?  The simple answer to this is we have been coming to visit two of our daughters in Whiteley over the last 10/12 years and we always liked the area. So we moved to Whiteley in May 2017.
Our eldest daughter regularly took park in parkrun and suggested I could do it as I could walk round with the Tail Walker in my own time. So in September 2017 I completed my first walk in a time of 53+ minutes and I was a little self conscious at first as I thought I was holding everyone else up.  But in all the time I have been doing it I have received wonderful support and encouragement from both the organisers and other participants.
I have now completed over 50 parkruns here in Whiteley and reduced my PB to just over 38 minutes.  It has also become a Saturday morning family outing with two of my daughters, my son in law and my granddaughter regularly taking part as well as my daughter’s partner. Occasionally we’re also joined by my other daughter and son in law when they are visiting.
I’ve also done my first stint as a marshal at one of the events as I wanted to give something back to the event for all the support I have received.
parkrun has been a tremendous asset in my recovery from stroke and I would encourage any one recovering from illness of almost any kind, after taking medical advice, to seek out their local run, and walk/jog/run at their own pace as I do.
I also applaud the setting up of the Junior parkrun here and our grandchildren have started taking part in that on a regular basis. Our eldest grandchild who is eight years old has also done the adult run on several occasions and was very proud to receive her Junior 10 t-shirt.
I recently took park in my first ‘race’ the 5k Resolution Run at Netley Abbey in aid of the Stroke Association where I raised over £300 for the Stroke Association.
We are so happy that Stephen and his family have joined us each week and have become firm favourites of the team and runners.
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Whiteley parkrun #95, 19 January 2019 – Run reporter Helen REES

I think we can all agree that the first few weekends of 2019 have been blessed with unseasonably mild weather, contributing in part, I am sure, to some fantastic high attendances at parkruns across the land.

So we come to 19th of the month, and January is starting to play more to form. A chilly 5 degrees on the weather app, and damp grey skies overhead, off we set for Whiteley – wearing a noticeably higher proportion of the running gear I own than I needed last week! We arrived not long after 8:30am (to check in with the RD team, as both my son and I were volunteering – him on barcode scanning, and me for the opportunity to write this report) and the car park was already filling up. The signs were good for another strong attendance – perhaps the New Year’s Resolutions are strong this year, and the good word of parkrun is spreading and taking hold across the country (and quite probably beyond).

Our RD Martin gave an uplifting and inspiring run briefing, welcoming tourists (from as far afield as Scotland this time!) and newcomers alike, generating enthusiastic support from the gathered runners. I have particularly high regard for those who start their parkrun journey in these cold damp months of winter – it’s one thing to get out there when the weather is warm and sunny and inviting in the summer months, but it takes some serious dedication to decide to embrace the parkrun phenomenon when the degrees are in single digits, your own digits should be in multiple layers of gloves and you can’t feel your face by the time you get to 2k. So an extra special round of applause for all the January first timers please. May you all be bitten by the parkrun bug and become regulars!

Having re-met some lovely parkrun regulars from Portsmouth who’d made me very welcome there back in early December, and a good friend from my regional PA network (who is in training for this year’s London Marathon, raising money for the Zurich Community Trust – go Nadine!), I felt primed with the parkrun spirit, and ready to run.

And with a very understated “3, 2, 1 – go!” from Martin, we were off! The start location and route at Whiteley have been adapted slightly in recent weeks to better accommodate the increasing numbers taking part, and take better account of other park users. The event has some wonderfully attentive marshals all around the course, and also now some ‘running marshals’ – a new addition to help support us all navigate the narrow sections of the course especially (with two way traffic on all three laps, so lots of runners heading in opposite directions at very different speeds, nimbly adapting to overtaking, and the variety of running companions involved – including under 11s, buggies, and dogs). We were all careful to ‘keep right’ and watch our step as we switched from the tarmac to the short muddy grass section on each lap. The sections where runners pass each other are a lovely reminder of the supportive atmosphere of parkrun, with lots of words of encouragement passing between faster and less fast runners, and walkers alike.

And so with the third and final lap complete, it’s in to the finish funnel, where the RD and other volunteers were on hand to encourage us all across the line, capture that all important time, hand out the finish tokens and generally supervise an orderly completion of the run, keeping us in order in the funnel and helping us get our barcodes scanned. It’s always a friendly one, and many runners, supporters and volunteers always head to the nearby Costa Coffee for well-deserved post-run refreshments (and that’s where the RD and team sort the tokens, collate and publish the results and sort out any other post-run administrations).

All in all, one of the friendliest and most supportive parkruns on the Hampshire circuit, the warmest of welcomes even in the coldest of temperatures. I look forward to seeing you all again, team Whiteley!

I have been filming some of my recent parkruns on a GoPro, with time-lapse footage, so that potential parkrun participants can see the various courses and terrains before they visit and get some idea of the variety of events. Here’s my GoPro timelapse from Whiteley this morning: https://youtu.be/KYtVN-F4JOc (and all the others I have uploaded are on the same playlist).

Helen REES


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