WB jpr 7/05/17

Wow what a morning we had! It was our first ever 'take over week' by Marine Park First School and an all time record attendance as well.

We normally have 80-100 runners but this morning we had over 270 runners (no wonder the core team looked frazzled!). So stats this morning were 273 runners all helped by 29 fabulous volunteers. The majority of our marshalls were first time helpers so they did a fantastic job.
Despite a strong wind there were 28 pb's and a record 111 first timers and there were 7 different running clubs represented. Well done to all our little runners (and we can say that as there were only 10 juniors in the 11-14 age category).

Our scanners struggled today (they really don't like sun and wind) so apologise for a long wait to get your barcode scanned, we will monitor numbers over next few weeks to see if a third scanner is needed to help with the finish funnel.

For the regulars - you will have noticed a slight change to our route this morning due to the ongoing regeneration work on the sea-front, we will update our map if this is going to be a long term change.

If you can help over next few weeks don't forget to email into our office, you would be made very welcome and very much appreciated.

Don't forget we also have a Facebook and Twitter page for photos and information throughout the week.