WB jpr Sunday 21/05/17

Fantastic running conditions today, we all enjoyed it and hope you all did too. Well done to all our 144 runners today you were all brilliant. We had 42 pb's and 17 first timers from 3 different running clubs, our first finisher today (lead by our speedy volunteer lead runner Scott Ellis) was Harry (great running Harry, it was your first time as well!). Congratulations to everyone who collected their half-marathon wristband today and especially to Erin who collected her Ultra marathon wristband (don't forget to print out your certificates).

Full results http://www.parkrun.org.uk/whitleybay-juniors/results/latestresults/

Thank you to all 26 amazing volunteers, we couldn't stage our weekly event without you, we'd love to see more parents helping out so please consider getting involved... we promise it's fun and very rewarding and you don't have to help every week.

We also have our very first junior run report from Anna, it's a great report, Thanks!

Yipee it's Sunday park run day! After the warm up we set off along the flat bit. After the cone I see my sister Izzie so I give her a wave, but then it's the first hill! At the top I think phew! I look to the side and see the sea and I am nearly half way, I run down towards the skate park but then I have to run up a hill and I am tired now. I get to the top and think phew again! Not far to go now. I get around the war memorial, this is the bit where everyone around me gets competitive! One final hill and a sprint and then I'm crossing the finish line with a smile on my face. I love park run. Thank you to all the people who volunteer. See you all next week!

By Anna Johnson aged 8