Third Birthday for WB jpr

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our 3rd Birthday on The Links this morning..... to our 25 fabulous hi-vis volunteers a special thanks and to everyone who brought / made cakes to share with everyone. We hope you all enjoyed a cake after all your running.

Well done to all 102 runners - an amazing 25 of you got a pb! We also welcomed 10 first timers we hope you had fun (sorry we don't have cake every week!). We also enjoyed seeing lots of teddies running with you as well this week.

As it's our birthday parkrun HQ have given us below stats for 2016-2017 and our most frequent 11 and under runners.. Well done everyone!

Most frequent runners aged 11 and under

Runner Runs

Darcy 31
Jessica 28
Erin 26
Max 26
Jamie 26
Anna 23
Aidan 22
George 22
Hiro 22
Adam 21
Chloe 21
Connor 21
Luke 21
Oscar 21

Look forward to seeing you all next week, as always if you fancy helping fill our volunteer roster do let us know on FB or by email.