Moan, moan, moan

Whitstable parkrun report number 460
It was a beautiful Summers day with very little breeze to speak of, I did noticed after the run there were a number of runners moaning about how hot it was when they were running, I did think to myself if these were the same individuals that moan about the cold in the winter? Luckily enough parkrun rules don't include "no moaning" otherwise we would be in trouble, I think the moaners still love parkrun despite the weather, hopefully they enjoy it as much as they enjoy moaning. We had 353 runners this week which is nicely manageable, Could I bring your attention to an article Jacky posted on Facebook, It states one of parkrun's rules that seemed to have been broken this week, No wheeled vehicles, except Buggies, this includes things like micro scooters skate boards and the like, this rule is not there just to be a kill joy, it's there for the general safety of all our runners and the general public alike, We take safety very seriously. Enough moaning! What a glorious day fantastic weather stunning scenery the worlds best looking volunteers (probably) and organisation second to none.
Sorry my report is a bit late, as you know I try ang get it out on a Saturday, but unfortunately I was called in at the last minute to take the helm due to circumstances beyond my control, I had people staying with me at the weekend, so thought I should really devote the lion's share of my time to my guests. Thank you to all our volunteers for making it all go so smoothly and thank you all for coming along to run, as all the volunteering would be such a waste of time without the runners.
Enjoy what's left of the weekend and I hope to see you all again next Saturday
Your stand in RD
Dave Ralfe


Plethora of PB’s on the slopes

Whitstable parkrun 459 welcomed 342 parkrunners and 42 volunteers, which was great considering many of the regulars were taking part in the Saxon Shore Relay event We missed you all and trust you all had as good a time as we did on the Tankerton slopes.

Whitstable parkrun continues to generate new parkrunners every week, with this week being no exception, we welcomed 24 first timers, hoping you all enjoyed your first parkrun and hoping you will be back next week. We also had plenty of tourist from as nearby Ashford and Gillingham to a little further afield from Gunnerbury, London and Brockenhurst. A few making a longer journey from Sheffield and Crew and finally we had three parkrunners from almost as far away as possible these being from NSW Australia, great to have you all at Whitstable and many thanks for the “awesome” feedback in the visitors comments, it’s really appreciated.

We celebrated a number of milestones, Bene Stokes made it to 50 runs and celebrated with a PB, well done Bene! Bethan Lee made it to 100 runs and Maggie Johnson-Blunt (one of our RD’s) reaching 200, so well done to all for reaching these milestones.

Conditions today were almost perfect, we had some fantastic running today with a plethora of PB’s, 56 in total (that’s 16% of the field). The Robinson family who between them have run almost 700 parkruns and volunteered over 300 times had 2 very well deserved PB’s well done to Fiona and Lucy with Ellie just being 3 seconds off her PB, many thanks to Tim for the fabulous timekeeping

Being six months into 2019 a quick note on stats so far this year. Once again Whitstable parkrun has seen an increase in our numbers with an average to date of 345 parkrunners and a maximum not only in the last six months but the highest number ever was 525, the trend continues month on month to increase. With the continuous increase in numbers we are always on the lookout for volunteers, so anyone who would like to give it try please contact the office. It’s always great fun, and every event is an inspiration to see our fabulous volunteers motivating and encouraging all of our runners – A big thank you to all the volunteers today – you all did a fantastic job as without you there would not be a parkrun.

So, with an incident free parkrun, that’s all for now.
Many thanks to all the participants and especially the volunteers, wishing everyone a great week ahead and see you all next week.

David S


Wonderful Whitstable

I was on my prayer mat on Friday hoping that the predicted weather of heavy rain and 50 mile an hour winds would be delayed. I partially got my wish, the winds came earlier and the rain later after parkrun. Whew! Gabi Kay joined me today getting to know the ropes ready for her role as Run Director for the Isle of Sheppey parkrun, although no set date yet.
Me and gabi

We welcomed tourists from London, Sittingbourne, Poole and Medway and we had eight new bodies join us for their inaugurals. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for the comments in our visitors book.

Three of our favourite Duke of Edinburgh Award students were on their last stints today for the completion of their Silver awards. Laura, Eleanor and Daisy, we will miss you after putting in more than six months of volunteering, and we wish you well for the future. Anytime you want to drop by...... we can always find a job for you!
laura, ella and daisy

We also had Kim Pegg and Peter Ash in full wedding regalia ready for their marriage later today. They did look smart, although Kim did lose her headdress in the full force of a head wind! I hope they remember to change out of their trainers! They also brought some of their guests! Huge congratulations from Whitstable parkrun, and we look forward to welcoming you as Mr and Mrs in the future.
Wedding day - Edited

Four teams of 5 are taking part in the Saxon Shore Relay next Saturday so if you are along the prom between 2.30 and 5pm you'll be able to welcome the teams home at the Continental, also, one of the many teams that take part and dress up for the occasions. Good luck all.

The milestones today were Bob Davidson 100 and Gavin Knight on his 250th. Look forward to seeing the new t-shirts boys!

When its' your watch as Run Director, you hope against hope that everything will go OK with no emergencies. Well, we had a message to say that somebody on a bench, on the upper course, was feeling very unwell. We put out a radio alert for first aiders to help and three were available.....except nobody could find the victim! We presume that he felt unwell for a while and then either carried on or went home. We also had a conversation with a runner to say a boy was being sick and wasn't being attended to. If you see somebody is not well, please see to them, you are never far from a marshal with a radio (tell another runner to do this) and we have free running first aiders with two first aid kits on the course and a defib if needed.

Thank you everybody who came, took part, volunteered, took photos to make this another week of 'Wonderful Whitstable'



A very healthy parkrun

jacky and maggi

What a beautiful, sunny morning we had for Whitstable parkrun number 457!

Out of 525 runners, joggers and walkers, an impressive 47 of you achieved a new PB, despite the heat and humidity.

There were 57 First Timers and we welcomed tourists from Southampton, Manchester, Chelmsford, Winchester, Hackney and Surrey.

Saturday was the first anniversary of parkrun’s partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners, who are using parkrun as a means of promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise. For this reason I was joined in my role as Run Director by Dr Jackie Buchanan from Whitstable Health Centre, who with her husband and son, demonstrated CPR and familiarised runners with our defibrillator. Seventeen members of staff from Whitstable Medical Practice are taking part in a sponsored bike ride from London to Brighton later in the month and they also joined us, as well as a good sized group from Herne Bay Medical Practice. It was lovely to see them all. Dr Buchanan has sent us more information and is attached as a footnote.

We had a large group of vegan runners, who brought leaflets about the health benefits of a vegan diet, as well as a fine array of tasty vegan cakes to try. They were delicious, thank you!

The following parkrunners reached Milestones on Saturday: George Redman 50, Lisa Dixon 100,
David Sibley 200 and Max Bodimeade ran his 350th! Well done to all of you!

Big thanks as usual to all the volunteers /pacers, without whom parkrun couldn’t take place. Please consider volunteering if you haven’t yet, it’s good fun and very rewarding (25 volunteers and you can have a nice purple t-shirt!)

Happy Birthday to Lucy Clarke (Thanks for the prosecco!) and massive thanks to Dave Ralph and Jacky McDonald for supervising me trying to do the results afterwards in the Marine! It gets more complicated as our numbers increase and the timer only goes up to 500…. but luckily we have Jacky who knows what she’s doing. (We nearly had our first finisher on a time of 44 minutes which probably wouldn’t have gone down well!!!)

Finally, thanks Dave for the cuppa, and well done to me for writing all of the above without once mentioning Liverpool’s fantastic 6th Champions League win on Saturday!... oops!!! (I nearly managed it!)

See you all next week.


“On the 16th June a Team of 17 cyclists from the Whitstable Medical Practice will be undertaking the London to Brighton Bike ride raising funds for the British Heart Foundation and the work it does in the research of heart disease.

20 years ago when a group from the practice cycled this Dr Lakshman (David) Kangasooriam was a member of our team. This year, as Team Kana, we are cycling again in his memory. links to our Justgiving page which gives more details. If you do wish to donate but not via Justgiving, donations can be left with the reception staff at any of the Whitstable Medical Practice Surgeries or the Estuary View Medical Centre Urgent Care Centre.”

Thank you

Dr Jackie Buchanan


Feaser What?

When I awoke this morning I had a strange feeling something wasn't quite right, nothing tangible, just different, Breakfast tasted the same, journey to parkrun seemed the same, all the usual regulars were setting up just as expected, but something was different, when I gave the brief I had the strangest feeling the World was just not as it was when I went to bed last night, It was like I had been transported to a parallel universe that was an exact copy of ours, " paranoid or what" well I think not even the smartest aliens slip up, just one tiny mistake gave the game away!
Who was at the top of Fraser hill?
Well it certainly wasn't Fraser.
This morning was Whitstable parkrun number 456, and we had wall to wall sunshine, 370 runners and loads of fantastic marshals, even if we have all been abducted by aliens it was still great fun, Don't forget next Saturday is NHD day so please make sure you turn up to show your support for our wonderful doctors and nurses, and you can have a go at CPR if you like, it's a great skill to have, and one day you might even save a life, Maggi is in charge next week so the run report should be a bit more sensible, If Jacky our fantastic volunteer organiser reads this. " Its not called Fraser hill for nothing"

Have a great bank holiday

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