Whitstable parkrun is cancelled on 2021-01-23 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Sad news

It is with great sadness that I must inform you, This morning Angie Wilkins lost her long battle with illness, on behalf of the parkrun family here at Whitstable we send John and his family our deepest sympathy.
If you were with parkrun in the early days you will remember Angie as one of our group of leading and most dedicated volunteers, she was our volunteer of the year just after I joined pr.
Rest in peace Angie


As 2020 draws to a close

For some of us 2020 will have been a bad year for any number of reasons, and some of us may have learned to enjoy life at a slower more reflective pace, learning new skills, knitting, painting, all number of challenging stuff, at one time I even considered training my lateral thinking dyslexia challenged brain to work normally, but decided it would be easier to go running instead.
Some of you seemed to have been seriously effected by the latest lockdown, resorting to throwing yourselves into the freezing cold North Sea!.
Moving on, all in all it’s been a challenging year.
I was talking to jacky the other day about parkrun and she reminded me that if it was a normal year we would have pr on Christmas Day then the next day (Saturday) then New Year’s Day the again the day after. Unfortunately we can’t offer you anything like that this year but you can still do four not parkrun’s
I hope it won’t be to long before we can all meet up again on a Saturday morning in a safe covid free world, and have nothing more to moan about than Fraser Hill.
Have a lovely Christmas everyone
Stay safe keep running and get the covid vaccine when it’s your turn.


Lockdown part 2

Hi parkrunners, following up on Jacky's recent post, please make time to register your not parkrun results, it's easy and another way to keep parkrun going even if only virtually. All you have to do is run 5k make a note of your time then log into your parkrun profile, click on add a time, its as easy as that, you can add your times for every run not just your Saturday run, if you run further than 5k just add your time from a 5k section of your run.
During the first lockdown most of the people I spoke to said that they were missing parkrun and couldn't wait for it to return, I have been asking people the same question over the last couple of weeks and found most are saying they are not really missing parkrun, At first I was a little saddened by this. When I thought about it I started to realise that it was inevitable that this had to happen, people move on, it's a fact of life.
I'm sure parkrun will be back at some point and I'm also sure that it will continue to grow for many years to come, But will it ever be the same for those of us that remember the early days?. As parkrun grew it became more and more commercialised "it had to" every time I get a message from parkrun these days there seems to be more adverts than content, Sign of the times I suppose, sorry to be a moaner enjoy your second lockdown.
Your comments are always appreciated by us all


Whitstable parkrun’s 10 Anniversary update

Whitstable parkrun's 10 Anniversary update
Unfortunately we have had to cancel the foodbank collection scheduled for next Sunday, because of the national lockdown that comes into force this coming Thursday.
As I said in a previous post it's Whitstable parkruns 10th Anniversary on the 7th November 2020. Unfortunately we are running out of ways that we can celebrate, I was thinking it would be nice for as many of us as possible to enter (not) parkrun this coming weekend, this is just a bit of fun and we can all do, on our own,.
Just go out and run a timed 5k, then download your time to (not) parkrun, lets see if we can have the highest turnout in the country for our anniversary, right here at Whitstable, It's fun, it's safe and we can do it when it suits us.
Looking forward to seeing your results
Stay safe


10th Anniversary

I know its been a while since we last got together for parkrun, our last parkrun just happened to be Whitstable's 500th.
Fast forward, on the 7th November it will be the 10th anniversary of our parkrun.
Unfortunately for reasons we all know, we won't be able to have a big get together to celebrate, so Jacky thought it would be nice to have a foodbank collection, we had one back in February and it was a great success, It was in conjunction with parkrun, so was easy to organise and easy for everyone to donate food, This time we have decided to make the collection on Sunday 8th November, In the shelter opposite the toilets at the normal parkrun meeting place (between the Marine hotel and the tennis courts) I know you would have to make a special effort to come out on a Sunday morning but there are a lot of people who rely on foodbanks especially at this unusual time.
We will be there to collect any donated food between 9 & 10 am on Sunday 8th November, come and have a chat with some parkrun friends (at a social distance) once you have dropped of your parcel please remember the rule of six and enjoy the slopes. I will let you know the sort of food they need nearer the time, so please pass the message on help us celebrate our 10th anniversary.
Stay safe
PS if you want to help with the collection let me know ( sit in the shelter and arrange the donations)

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