Help parkrun help the NHS in Whitstable

Friends of whitstable hospital and healthcare are a charity, they have been asked to fund the replacement of examination lights for the clinical examination room, the existing ones are broken and it is no longer possible to get support for the repair.
Whitstable parkrun have been asked to help in this very important local fundraising event, I really do think we all owe a great debt of gratitude to our local health workers, so please help with whatever you can.

Its easy to donate just type "Just Giving" into your preferred search engine then type "Whitstable parkrun" into the just giving search bar click go.
Please help if you can the local NHS have been there for all of us all through the crisis.


parkrun Food bank collection postponed..

parkrun Food bank collection postponed..
With the cancellation of parkrun I have decided to postpone our planned food bank collection until further notice.
You can still take food parcels to the food bank yourselves, as there are still many vulnerable people who need our help.
Thank you
Dave Ralfe


500,000km milestone

Look at this!
As long as we have at least 171 runners Saturday we will have reached 500,000km at Whitstable parkrun.
What a fantastic achievement, There will be a little something for the 171st finisher Saturday so be there and join in the fun
The information was kindly crunched for us all by the ever hard working David Sibley.
Justin is in charge this week, so make it a date
See you all there


Two lap course

The slopes have recovered sufficiently to get back to normal, It's fairly dry with a few puddles on the slopes but safe to run on if we are careful, It looks dry and windy tomorrow, so no pb's this week "maybe"
Don't forget Kim and co are on week two so good luck


Results of Double Day 01/01/2020

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Pos Name Time Whitstable Pos Name Time Canterbury
2 Cole_GIBBENS 16:54:00 Whitstable 1 Cole_GIBBENS 18:40 Canterbury
4 Henry_COX 17:48:00 Whitstable 3 Henry_COX 19:29 Canterbury
7 Tim_SCOTT 18:42:00 Whitstable 4 Tim_SCOTT 19:44 Canterbury
8 Nick_CLARK 19:02:00 Whitstable 5 Nick_CLARK 20:14 Canterbury
11 Chhai_CHHIM 19:30:00 Whitstable 75 Chhai_CHHIM 25:59:00 Canterbury
12 A_PRICE 19:32:00 Whitstable 12 A_PRICE 21:01 Canterbury
14 Jonathan_WELLS 19:44:00 Whitstable 8 Jonathan_WELLS 20:33 Canterbury
15 Alex_HORSLEY 19:45:00 Whitstable 18 Alex_HORSLEY 21:59 Canterbury
16 Steve_ANSELL 19:50:00 Whitstable 20 Steve_ANSELL 22:17 Canterbury
17 Steve_HOBBS 19:53:00 Whitstable 9 Steve_HOBBS 20:54 Canterbury
18 David_SADLER 19:54:00 Whitstable 15 David_SADLER 21:31 Canterbury
19 Philip_MARR 19:56:00 Whitstable 13 Philip_MARR 21:02 Canterbury
20 Stuart_GIBSON 20:01:00 Whitstable 32 Stuart_GIBSON 23:10 Canterbury
21 Luke_DUNMALL 20:02:00 Whitstable 40 Luke_DUNMALL 24:09:00 Canterbury
22 Henry_MORRISON 20:23:00 Whitstable 24 Henry_MORRISON 22:35 Canterbury
24 Tom_PASSEY 20:37:00 Whitstable 14 Tom_PASSEY 21:07 Canterbury
25 Alistair_CLARK 20:40:00 Whitstable

Saturdays Christmas jumper day

You know how I like banging on about the environment, saving the planet from global warming and all that stuff.
Well I have a nice simple one we can all do and its a bit of fun as well, Christmas Jumpers, most of us have at least one "Buy a jumper wear it once a year" That can't be good for the environment, so lets get some use out of them Get your Christmas Jumper out Saturday then again on Christmas day and on Saturday 28th as well, Lets make Whitstable parkrun the Christmas jumper wearing capital of the world.
If you fancy making Saturday even more festive feel free to bring something calorific to chomp on afterwards.
Happy Christmas


Another muddy run tomorrow

Good morning parkrunners
Kim Carter will be hosting the two lap course tomorrow all being well, as last week Please be aware there are a lot of puddles both sides of the shelter closest to the finish and it is very slippery at the back of the black and white cafe, Its also very muddy at the top of the slope where you start the second lap, but there will be marshal's there guiding you round the worst bits. as usual at the bottom of the slope "Be careful on the turn"
Last week I mentioned off road shoes would be a good idea, But evidently this has turned out to be a bit of a contentious issue! Hugh mentioned to me last week before parkrun that Trail shoes are not always a good idea on our course, as it is more hard ground than soft, shoes with thick thread tend to hold more mud, so when you are on the hard ground your shoes will be carrying and shedding quite a lot of mud.
Well! you can debate that one between yourselves, all I have to say in the issue is do whats safest for you.
Have a good run


Whitstable parkrun 2020

Whitstable parkrun 2020
It's our 10th anniversary next November 2nd, Jacky and I were thinking about hiring a hall for that Saturday lunch time to Celebrate, We looked into the Marine but decided it would be to expensive, Our reasoning behind the idea is that If we have a get together in the evening a lot of people are at Fireworks displays, so the numbers are not very good, We were thinking of an informal couple of hours just for a few nibbles and a general get together. We would love to here your comments and suggestions on the subject.
Give it some thought


Thank you from the food bank

Dear All,

On behalf of Canterbury Food Bank I would like to thank you for your recent very generous donation.

It is through such acts of kindness that we can continue to help the local families who find themselves in crisis and turn to us for emergency food supplies.

A lot of local families will be very grateful for your generosity.

Thank you all for your kindness and your support.

Best wishes

Marian Russell
( a Food Bank volunteer)


Armistice Day

As I'm sure you will know it's Armistice Day this Sunday, and 100 years since the end of the first world war, If you would like to wear a poppy or a red running top at parkrun this Saturday as a mark of respect that would be a nice gesture.

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