Wilmslow parkrun is cancelled on 30 May 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Achieving Milestones

parkrun paused runreport #10


"Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about" - Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe

Yeh, we have reached the 10th milestone for our paused parkrun reports. We keep producing our paused run reports to keep our parkrun community in touch with each other and to offer a hand of support for those who want to reach out to us. We enjoy seeing what our parkrunners have been upto, all the comings and goings so to speak and this week we haven't been short of stories to share.

In the week we passed 60 days in lockdown, parkrun regular John Yates celebrated his 50th Birthday with a massive show of support, we saw the talent of Ian Rankin in an international acoustic performance, Styal Running Club smashed their 2600 mile target and Bev Denby (one of our core run directors) went purple for a good cause.


One of our parkrun regulars, John Yates celebrated his 50th birthday this week, he was set to hit his 50th parkrun and red t-shirt milestone around the same time, but due to parkrun being paused, the red t-shirt will have to wait. However, his wife Helen Yates was not going to let his 50th birthday pass without a few surprises. Helen set out on bringing together 50 friends in a virtual run of support -'5K - Doing It Your Way - For John's 50th Birthday'Helen managed to keep the arrangements a surprise and it was only on the day that John saw just how many friends joined in by walking, running and cycling.




We spotted a number of our own parkrun regulars surprising John, including Ian & Linda Morton, Tony Collier and Mandy Winckworth amongst just a few. Well done Helen, in total 60 people were out showing their support.


In our other news we have seen a number of our fabulous friends raising money for great causes.

We knew we had some talent amongst our parkrunners and this week, Ian Rankin, took it to another level! He was one of the support acts in a Live acoustic session in support of Epilepsy Action. A number of acts from the UK and Australia joined force for one good cause, the headline act was Pixie Lott, and Ian was certainly in good company. Well done Ian, great performance.



One of our core Run Directors, Bev Denby, joined four of her work colleagues this week in raising funds for improving mental health and the charity MIND. The theme was to put their hair in the safe hands of friends and family and face the scissors or hair dye. Bev let her husband Ian loose with the hair dye and what a good job he did. In keeping with our milestone t-shirt theme, Bev chose volunteer milestone 25 purple. A perfect match! Bev and her friends have raised over £5900.


Back in April our friends at Styal Running Club, set themselves a target of 2600 miles in 26 days as part of the London marathon 2.6 challenge. They were raising money for East Cheshire Hospice. In just 17 days they surpassed their 2600 mile target, and they all kept going, by day 26 they completed over 3600 miles. Well done everyone, amazing! To date, the club have raised over £1500.


If you have any articles, announcements or just for fun quizzes you want to publish, please let us know. Send them to our wilmslow parkrun email.

I couldn't resist a cute picture to finish!


Have a safe week, and we will be back next week. SM


Don is the quiz Godfather!


"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"

CS Lewis

parkrun paused runreport #9

Lockdown continues, still no going out, thank goodness for these video meet ups!


Last Saturday saw the second Wilmslow parkrun zoom quiz night. Organised once again by quiz maestros Emma and Derek Hillesdon, a dozen competitors tuned in to see if Don could retain his (virtual) trophy.

Being the evening of the cancelled Eurovison Song Contest, there was also a Eurovision themed round as well as Flags, General Knowledge and American States.

With Sarah Morton both playing and also the official scorer, there was always the possibility that she would announce herself as the winner! But no, that didn’t happen.

Instead there was a very close race for the first place, with less than a point separating the top two. Sadly, for Vicki and Simon Atkins, not only did they spill red wine all over the carpet, prompting another quiz question “what’s the best way to clean up red wine off a cream carpet” but there was also the heartache of being pipped to the post by the Don. Hard lines, well played, though we will never know the true impact that spillage caused!

So for the second consecutive time, Don Burroughs is our quiz champion, well done Don!


Thanks again to Emma and Derek for organising; we will let you know future dates for quizzes or any other zoom meetings we are considering in the future.

Here is a one off quiz question for those who used to come to Nourish for a post run coffee or breakfast, who can name this drink?


In the meantime, we can now meet up with one other person, socially distanced of course. Better still; employ a friend as a cleaner and you can invite them inside your house!

We have been lucky with the weather and with the bank Holiday weekend coming up, the weather is looking reasonable, for a bank holiday weekend!

With the current easing of restrictions, you can exercise more than once a day, which has been great for those missing their regular parkrun, Café Azul is now open in the Carrs with new social distancing measures in place.


Did anyone see the Carrs on BBC news a week last Monday? A short report on based around meeting up in parks etc. remember, if you do have a picnic, take your refuse home with you!



picture from Friends of the Carrs

Finally a very happy birthday to my fellow runreport writer, Sarah Morton, who is celebrating today!

Thanks for reaching this far. If anyone has any articles or quizzes they want to publish, please send them in to us.

Thanks for reading WJ


Salute to our nurses





parkrun paused runreport #8

On Tuesday 12th May, we celebrated our nurses on International Nurses Day, it coincides with the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Back in the 1870s, Florence wrote in her personal diary,

"It will take 150 years for the world to see the kind of nursing I envision ..."

This year it seems more poignant than ever to remember the amazing work all our nurses do, and as we continue to clap for the the NHS, our carers and key workers on a Thursday night we can all continue to show our appreciation.


This week also saw celebrations for the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. Whilst the celebrations may not have been as elebaorate as planned, many of our parkrun community showed their appreciation for a generation who gave their lives. What did you do to mark the occasion?

IMG_5413    IMG_5373


We also heard this week that daily outdoor exercise was to become unlimited, so we would love to hear about how you are all getting on with the goals each of you set yourselves. Style running club members continue their 2.6 charity challenge by running 2600 miles in May. Tony Collier has contributed an amazing total 50 miles so far!

This Saturday 16th May at 8pm, Emma and Derek Hillesdon will host the second Wilmslow parkrun Quiz Night. Please join us, our first one was so much fun, and its great way to catch up with all your parkrun friends. Look out for the zoom link which will be published on all our social media platforms.

To get those grey cells working ready for the quiz, our legendary pacer, Colin Davies sent us some photos of key landmarks in local parkruns. How many can you guess? Ready, Set, Go!




We will reveal the answers on Saturday at the second Wilmslkow parkrun zoom Quiz Night! See you all on Saturday. Take Care SM



Zooming along!


A day without laughter is a day wasted

Charlie Chaplin


Paused runreport #7: World Laughter Day 2020


We are about to enter the 7th week of lockdown! We might hear about an exit strategy later on this week which will no doubt be most welcome. Many of us want to know when parkrun will start up again. That is the biggest question on everyone’s lips at the moment. It will only happen when it is deemed safe to do so. But this weekend we had many questions on many lips, as it was the first Wilmslow parkrun Zoom quiz night special!



It was just great. Our quiz masters Emma and Derek Hillesdon, along with scorer Sarah Morton, arranged a really fun event with 6 rounds of questions, 10 marks a round.

So a huge thank you to the organisers, lots of work and very well hosted. We offer big congratulations to Don Bullough who was first placed. Also medalling, please note the spelling, were Sara Harris and Dave Baxter, our paramedics, just ahead of Catherine Wells, by a tie breaker!

A shout out to all the others who partook, Ian Rankin, with his guitar collection, Si and Vicki Atkins, Tracy and Tony Collier, Colin Davies, Nicky Mowat, Ian and Bev Denby, Pippa Price, Sandra and Wayne Jaffe.

Why not join us for the second instalment in a fortnight, on May 16th, assuming we aren’t all down the pub celebrating the end of lockdown?


Just like in the Eurovision song contest, there was a brief intermission whilst the scores were collated. As well as hearing Ian Rankin tell a few yarns with his G-string tales, we also heard some wonderful news from Tony Collier, secretary at Styal Running Club. They have been taking part in the 2.6 charity challenge. Runners from Styal Running Club are hoping to run 2600 miles in May, and raise valuable funds for charity.

Dave Clark, who sadly had to pass on the quiz, gave me an exclusive interview!

Hi Wayne

You might have seen the 2.6 Challenge in the news last weekend. One of our members, Celia (Wimlsow PR )suggested we should do something to support this. The idea is simple, with all the races being cancelled there are many charities going to lose out. So do something around 2.6 and raise funds. Celia suggested we run 2600 miles as a club in 26 days and asked if someone could organise it, so I stepped forward.
We selected the East Cheshire Hospice as our charity. It is local and we knew that with Beat the Bounds being cancelled it would help to replace the funds from this.
We now have over 40 runners involved and have so far covered over 1021  miles in 6 days. The great news is we have raised over £900 for East Cheshire Hospice.
We have added some fun elements, giving them daily mileage in a briefing complete with graphs!
We also managed to generate some good press, in the Wilmslow Express etc.
Please ask your hundreds of readers if they could donate.

Donate here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/styal-running-club-2-6-challenge?utm_campaign=lc_frp_share_transaction_transactional_%7C%7C_donation_received_%7C%7C_nth_donation&utm_content=a9abecf1-ca6a-45ef-a7a9-4d96262b687e&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1588410427295

IMG_6028 IMG_6027
Kind Regards,
David Clark

Thanks Dave, as we go to press Sunday night, they have already completed 1200 miles, meaning they have run nearly half the distance already, raised £1000 and they are only a few days into the challenge. That is amazing! One runner, Daniel Malcolm, has already run three marathons! Please donate to this worthwhile cause.

We hope you are enjoying these Paused runreports. We felt it was important to remain connected to you all during these difficult times. Please look out for friends and neighbours who might need support.

Please also send us your lockdown tales. Or tourist runreports from the BC era, that is Before Covid!


Finally, a personal thank you to Linda Morton and Nicky Mowat who have donated more items for NHS workers, which are always so well received.


As it is World Laughter Day today, I thought I would share a personal story with you.

We are all wondering how we can get through during this current pandemic, I was reminded how I coped back when I was just a kid.

I was actually raised by a pack of wild hyenas, life was tough, food was scarce. There was no end in sight. But boy did we laugh…..



Thanks for reaching this far. As ever thanks for reading. WJ





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