Wimbledon Common parkrun 24 December 2011 Missing Results

One of the barcode scanners seems to have malfuntioned. Either the barcodes did not register or they got accidently wiped. If your results are missing, please email wimbledonPR@parkrun.com with your position and runner ID number and we will fill in the gaps. Please pass the word on as not everyone will read this.


Santa Run

Before you even think about Christmas shopping come along at 9 0’clock to join the mayhem on the common. There will be mulled wine and drinks and perhaps some of you would also bring along some mince pies. We have around 40 Father Christmas hats. If you have yours from last year, please bring it along. Someone from the Wimbledon Guild will be there together with their photographer so look your best – but then again you always do! In addition Peter Brunnen and his team are fielding three photographers to record the event. (Now if only we had some more red 50 Club t-shirts – and 10s and 100s come to that).


Results Problems 15.05.10

Unfortunately we had a problem with the technology last Saturday and one of our scanners appears to have lost the results it recorded. If you had your barcode scanned by Nick (as opposed to Carol) then please email your NAME, ATHLETE NUMBER and FINISHING POSITION and we will try to enter results manually later in the week. The email address is;



Ian Higgins, Event Director, Wimbledon Common parkrun


A Word from One of the Wimbledon Paparazzi

Contrary to popular myth, this last Saturday 17th April was most definitely not my last appearance as your Wimbledon Park Run photographer.


I am simply taking a few weeks off as I have a somewhat big operation coming up which involves bypassing quite a number of the arteries in my heart. Although the operation itself will keep me in hospital for around 5 days, I will be up and getting fit again over the coming weeks.


You have not, I assure you, seen the last of me! Over the last 18 months that I have been taking photographs for you, I have enjoyed every moment and quite consider that I have the best of all the volunteer jobs. Over that period I have amassed some 35,239 photographs which must rank as the best archived set of photographs for any of the Park Runs, although I would be interested to know differently. From a photographers point of view (I hope I’m not about to upset any of the runners here) they range from the funny, the dog stopping a runner who miraculously did not fall over, ok I have a warped sense of humour, to the incredible runs made by some of our more junior members like Charlie (left).  One of the more funnier would have been a shot of my dog Carlos  getting up on the bench, last Saturday, to say a few words to you, but I missed that one as he was being really spontaneous.

Sorry Matt” (our Lucozade Sports Sponsor) “he was quicker on the uptake than you were!”

Then there is a strange collection of footwear and this has to be the most interesting. Feet within feet.

At times the job feels a little lonely out there as it involves very little activity, except to keep pressing the trigger button to keep one warm, especially in the cold winter months, when quite frankly you runners have the best of it as at least running warms you up. I welcome the recent good weather and the blue skies makes photographing you a bit easier. I do try to capture the mood of the runners and also to highlight some sequences that make the run exciting. I make no excuse for placing a large number of photographs on the web site as I try to capture all the runners at one time or another on every run. To every runner whether fast or slow, young or old, I am totally impressed by your addiction to the Park Runs and to your own abilities. I am equally impressed by those of you who find it hard to do, those that come in last and those of you who seem to fly round with so little effort. Well done all of you. You make what I do very satisfying.


It is a pleasure to be able to supply many of you with original size copies of photographs that you request and it really is no trouble to do this. I have been able on several occasions, to make up a DVD collection that includes unpublished photos of runners. As you can probably now appreciate I take a lot more photographs that you see on the web site. Now you all know the size of the archive, if you want back copies you can reach me on: peterbrunnen@talktalk.net. Both Richard and David will be keeping copies of the photographs they take and they will be added to the collection as soon as I recover.


This year particularly, I have been aided by Richard Hurrell who is going to mainly take over my responsibilities for the coming weeks and to whom I am grateful for his assistance. Richard will be aided by David Symons from time to time. One thing I would ask of runners and volunteers is that, can you be mindful of NOT standing in front of the photographer when he (or she) is trying their best to get good shots? This week I have a brilliant collection of people’s backs, just when I had lined up a good shot!


I’ll see some of you over the coming couple of weeks before I get spliced and edited, but I look forward to getting better and seeing you all again soon.


Happy running






After a three month lead in period we have now moved to operating a barcode only policy. Ultimately this will help make it easier for us to operate the event and reduce the number of inaccuracies with the results.

To make it easier for you to download your barcode we have now placed a link at the top of the Wimbledon Common home page.

In future only runners who have their barcode will be entered into the results and those who don't will feature as "Athlete Unkown" so please remember to bring your barcode with you every time you run!

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