Winchester parkrun is cancelled on 2021-06-26 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Quick reminder about Adrian’s funeral on Tueday 9th March

Dear All

A quick reminder that Tuesday 9th March at 11:30 am is Adrian's funeral.

We are hoping that as many people as possible have a chance to be part of the day and to commemorate Adrian.

The most obvious way to do this is to join us in a (not)parkrun during the day.

Adrian would defintely have approved.

All you have to do is walk, jog or run a 5k (could be outside, could be on a tread mill); then log it as a (not)parkrun through your parkrun profile.

You can also post a quick message in the comments here to say that you are done, or something on his Much Loved site:

Please do obey all the prevailing social distancing guidelines and avoid the official Winchester parkrun course at North Walls Rec.

If you’ve not registered for parkrun the you can do it for free here:


Adrian’s Much Loved Website

Hello everyone

A very quick post with a link to the Much Loved website set up by Adrian's family:

There's a link to the webcast of the service, and links to donate to 3 charities close to Adrian's heart.

You can also send thoughts, upload pictures, add a story and even light a virtual candle.




Sad News about Adrian

Adrian RD

I very sad to tell you that Adrian Haughton, co-Event Director at Winchester parkrun, has died. He passed away peacefully at home with his family yesterday.

Adrian was a tireless volunteer and passionate supporter of parkrun and many other good causes around Winchester.

I didn’t know him before I started going to parkrun but he was one of the first people to stand out; primarily because he would always overtake me, but also because he introduced himself to me, when I didn’t know many other people, in true generous parkrun spirit.

Adrian seemed to have boundless energy. He loved running. He was always engaged in some challenge. His family holidays revolved around adventure. He also loved chocolate.

When I asked him to share the responsibility for the Event Director role with me, he didn’t hesitate. I relied on him for his clear insight, strong opinions, and down-to-earth approach.

My abiding memory of Adrian will be his relentless positivity and can-do attitude. Whatever the challenge we faced, Adrian took it on and saw it through with enthusiasm. For me that was most inspiring during his final months. Despite repeated set-backs in his fight against cancer he was, without exception, upbeat and looking forward. When I asked him how he was coping emotionally he would always brush it off - “Look, it is what it is. I can’t change it. But I can enjoy the time that I have”.

It’s sad that due to the pandemic we can’t remember him all together at a parkrun. We will get a chance to do that, eventually, but in the meantime maybe do an extra 5k in his honour, or aim for a new PB, or just lace up your shoes and get out when you might feel like staying on the sofa.

Adrian, I will always be motivated by your example, to enjoy life and keep striving. Although I’ve lost track of the number of times you beat me at parkrun, what abides is seeing you ahead of me, being inspired to dig just a little deeper, and, at least once or twice, catching up with you.



(not)parkrun Details


*** Hello all you lovely people ***

Missing Winchester parkrun?

Not done a 5k walk/run/jog for a while?

Or maybe you've upped your training and want to show off your new times to your parkrun pals...

Whatever the reason the new (not)parkrun initiative could be just what you are looking for.

Log a 5k run, walk or jog through your parkrun profile page and see the weekly results on the Winchester parkrun web page -
[We've already got two plucky participants ;-)]
1. See the parkrun blog post here:

2. Find out how to log in to your profile page here:

3. Get the answer to any questions you have here:

- avoid our usual course at the usual time
- adhere to all the usual and current Coronavirus guidelines
- it's just a bit of fun

#loveparkrun #lovenotparkrun


The (not) parkrun Initiative


A quick note to let you know about the *(not)parkrun* initiative starting very soon.

** Just to be clear from the start: This is NOT the restart of parkrun **

If like some of the core team, your running/walking/jogging adventure has slowed (or stopped) since lockdown, then *(not)parkrun* could be the perfect encouragement to get you back out there.

In short, you will be able to log a time for a 5k walk/jog/run that you've done at anytime during the week.

Importantly, this should not be on our usual parkrun course and should incorporate all the current guidelines for physical activity.

It works a bit like the parkrun ‘Freedom run’ – an opportunity for you to self-declare the date and time of a walk, jog or run and at the same time represent Winchester parkrun.

You can record up to one activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in a weekly results table.

Full details are here:

We'll be keeping you posted here as more details emerge. Do feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

The parkrun Core Team


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