The parkrun Pavilion Cafe is Open

 The Pavilion Cafe Makes a Welcome Return 

Tomorrow is going to lovely weather for a parkrun followed by a cuppa and a chat with your fellow parkrunners.

So if you fancy a tea or a coffee then *bring a mug* and stay for a natter.


This was such a success last week that we really want to make it a habit. To do that we will need your support and generosity.


Things we will need on a weekly basis:

- milk (OK this week - thank you generous parkrunner)
- cofee (OK this week)
- tea (OK this week)
- hot chocolate (need)
- juice (need)
- fruit (need)
- cakes (need)
- teaspoons (need)


If you are happy to contribute something then bring it along. You can also let us know by sending a quick email to


Just to reiterate, you need to bring a mug as we a) dont fancy dong all the washing up and b) want to be as environmentally sound as possible.


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