Windmill Hill junior parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-09 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Windmill Hill Juniors Christmas Day Parkrun

It's Christmas Day, the kids have been up since 3am, you need an excuse to get them out of the house....well here it is. This year Windmill Hill Junior Parkrun will be there on Christmas Day and we'll be starting around 9am.

Season Fancy dress, jumper as a minimum and you never know there may be some extra treats about for all those who want to.

Looking forward to seeing as many smiley Christmas running faces as possible


Run report 23 April 2017

Well done to Felix Huertas, Violet East and Laurie Vaughan who received their marathon and half marathon wristbands today.  The marathon wristband and one of the half marathon wristbands were found on the course this morning – we’ll bring them next week for you. Just ask Aaron, next week’s run director.

Good to see first timers: Henry Dodd, Henry Merrill, Joseph Morgan, Elsey Keeys, Lydia Goold, Bonnie Wilshire, Janey Goold, Lily Keeys, Emi Lucy Rose Huertas-Mason, Emily Barker, Eva Fletcher-Walsh, Henry Booth, Sophia Yandell. We hope you enjoyed your run and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Congratulations to everyone who recorded a PB: Tom Beech, Harry Galloway, Katie Beech, Martha Merrill, Redmond Ooi-Griffiths, William Underwood, Matilda Huertas – Mason, Samuel White, Elliot Corby, Thomas Bennet-Clark, Lauren Corby, George Salter, James Tinker, Benjamin Mcelhinney, Isla Kennett, Megan Harvey, Zoë Hills, Violet East, Menna Willis, Fraser Moore, Lottie Thomas and Chloe Stanton.

Grazie mille to the volunteers who made this event happen: Shani Ali, James Almond, Jane Baker, William Bennet-Clark, Darcey Burt-Lear, Tim Constable, Frank Firth, Taryn Fletcher, Gemma Glanville, Andrew Lear, Beatriz Lee, Aaron Lee, David Lewis, Bernadette Lewis, Robert Lomax, Jasmine Overall, Thom Ruane, Matt Varley, Paul White, Janet Wilkinson, Kelly Wood and Vicky Worgan.

Have a good week.


Run report 9 April 2017

What a beautiful day (hey hey)

Well done to Madison Jennings, Harry Galloway, Sylvie Moore, Felix Pearson and Archie Robinson who received their marathon wristbands and Audrey Gibbard who received her half-marathon wristband.

Another 21 PB’s this week for: Ishmael Bradley, Ronnie Wilmott, Felix Pearson, Kofi Allford Hutchinson, Floyd Evans, Lois Tiley, Isabelle Brice, Stanley Bailey, Tess Harris, Eloi Giral, Laurie Vaughan, Theo Burbridge-Kelly, Sylvie Moore, Isaac Day, Emma Honeywill, Audrey Gibbard, Esther Fripp, Madison Jennings, Fraser Moore and Jack Harris.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Shani Ali, James Almond, Josie Almond, Jane Baker, William Bennet-Clark, Louise Chetwynd, Tim Constable, Lisa Holden, Andrew Lear, Jasmine Overall, Christina Ransom, Oscar Reeve, Emily Reeve, Mark Robinson, Claire Tiley, Jeff Tiley, Amelia Varley, Matt Varley, Chris Whale, Bryan White, Paul White, Liz Wilmott.

We are currently very short of volunteers for next week so if you can help, we would really appreciate it.


Run report 2 April 2017

Well done to Archie Baker who joins a select group of ultra marathon wristband winners. Congratulations to Ariane Benausse and Archan Price who received their half marathon wristbands.

Good to see first timers Charlie Deane, Ethan Kennedy, Eloi Giral, Joe D'alessandro and Milly Vaughan. We hope you enjoyed your run and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Lots of PBs again this week from Daniel Beech, Imogen Pughe, Izaak Haines, Tom Beech, Harry Galloway, Krishan Price, Jacob Touhysmith, Archie Robinson, Katie Beech, Daniel Hewett, Isaac Lomax, Aura Giral, Jacob Maul, Archie Maul, Charlotte Tarr, Patrick Mcgrath, Tallulah Yates, Laurie Vaughan, Kate Touhysmith, Rockingham Ooi-Griffiths, Felix Huertas, Ariane Benausse, Toby Robinson, Benjamin Mcelhinney, Violet East, Elia Paull, Madison Jennings

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen Shani Ali, James Almond, Jane Baker, William Bennet-Clark, Tim Constable, Ned Evans, Simon Evans, Taryn Fletcher, Richard Haines, Anna Hall, Rachel Hall-Green, Andrew Lear, Aaron Lee, Bernadette Lewis, Myriam Melot, Kenny Melot, Kate Mercer Gaunt, Jasmine Overall, Imogen Pughe, John Pughe, Mark Robinson, Matt Varley, Chris Whale, Paul White.


19 March 2017


Today Harry Constable became just the third person to be awarded an ultra-marathon wristband in Windmill Hill junior parkrun’s short history. Keep running Harry.

Well done to Toby Robinson, Anya Thomas and Emily Leathwood who received their half marathon wristbands and Samuel White who received his marathon wristband.

 First timers

Good to see first timers: Oliver Draper, Jacob Taylor, Bethany Taylor, Eoin Crossan, Bella D'alessandro, Cai Gilmour, Eva Crossan, Anna Draper, Wesley Aston, Jack Dunn, Beatrix Rolls, Gethin James. We hope you enjoyed your run and look forward to seeing you again soon.

 Personal bests

Another impressive number of PBs – over 20% of runners. Congratulations to: Izaak Haines, Harry Harland, Zachary Cox, Archie Robinson, Katie Beech, Isaac Lomax, Harry Dunn, Leon Essam, Patrick Mcgrath, Oscar Reeve, Rafa Taylor, Samuel Coombs, Thomas Bennet-Clark, Megan Harvey, Iris Jackson, Wilf Ford-Roberts, Benjamin Mcelhinney, Archan Price, Madison Jennings, Ned Fayers.


Thanks to Josie and friends from Bristol University Athletics Club who did a mini takeover, they filled nine volunteer places this morning.

The other lovely volunteers who made this event happen are: Amelia Atkinson, William Bennet-Clark, Helen Bone, Harold Bright, Olivia Constable, Tim Constable, Will Davidson, Sally Emerson, Anna Hall, Rachel Hall-Green, Richard Harland, Josephine Harrison, Harry Leonard, Bernadette Lewis, Robert Lomax, Myriam Melot, Kenny Melot, Nicola Oldroyd, Catherine Oliver, Jasmine Overall, Phil Radford, Mark Robinson, Ryan Smith, Sean Taylor, Matt Varley, Claire Webster, Tracy Whale, Sandra Williams.

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