Run report 12 February 2017

Brrr, that was chilly.

Good to see first timers: Kanye CHRISTIE, Harrison LAZENBY, Benjamin HAYDEN, Dominic GLYDON, Sebastian LAZENBY, Elliot BELL, Henry BELL, Thandar GLYDON and Fraser MOORE. We hope you enjoyed your run and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Well done to Luc MAURIER-LAMB, Jude RICHARDSON and Tallulah YATES who received their half marathon wristbands and Seth Mitchell who received his marathon wristband.

Congratulations to everyone who recorded personal best times: Daniel BEECH, Jacob CROSSAN, Jonah HALFORD, Toby CROSSAN, Niamh HALFORD, Beth GREATOREX, Sylvie MOORE, Scarlet TOMLINSON, Benjamin MCELHINNEY, Ariana LAYTON, Thomas BENNET-CLARK, Sasha PENMAN, Lottie THOMAS.


We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Nicolas ALPI, Jane BAKER, William BENNET-CLARK, Rosie EVANS, Taryn FLETCHER, Meryl GRIMSHAW, Amanda HALFORD, Aaron LEE, Beatriz LEE, Bernadette LEWIS, Jasmine OVERALL, Craig ROE, Richard SHELDON, Sean TAYLOR, Amelia VARLEY, Jasmine VARLEY, Matt VARLEY, Paul WHITE, Sandra WILLIAMS, Melanie YOUNG.