Run report 12 March 2017

An extra-special well done to Hannah BAKER who is the first to have completed 50 runs at Windmill Hill.

Well done to Ruben YATES, Manu ROY and Thomas BENNET-CLARK who received their half marathon wristbands and Ivy COURT who received her marathon wristband.

Good to see first timers: Brennan ELPHICK, Flora JONES, Spencer TARR and Ned FAYERS. We hope you enjoyed your run and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Congratulations to everyone who recorded personal best times: Kanye CHRISTIE, Louis COLQUHOUN, Isobel SPARGO, Eddie COLQUHOUN, Jasmine BENNEY and Lily HUTCHISON ROSARIO.


We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Josie ALMOND, James ALMOND, Jane BAKER, William BENNET-CLARK, Olivia CONSTABE, Tim CONSTABLE, Rosie EVANS, Amanda HALFORD, Aaron LEE, Bernadette LEWIS, Robert LOMAX, Myriam MELOT, Kenny MELOT, Kate MERCER GAUNT, Catherine OLIVER, Jasmine OVERALL, Emily REEVE, Annie TAYLOR, Theo TAYLOR, Matt VARLEY, Tracy WHALE, Chris WHALE, Paul WHITE, Gudrun WIESENTHAL, Thomas WIESENTHAL-SAUNDERS, Liz WILMOTT.