Run report 2 April 2017

Well done to Archie Baker who joins a select group of ultra marathon wristband winners. Congratulations to Ariane Benausse and Archan Price who received their half marathon wristbands.

Good to see first timers Charlie Deane, Ethan Kennedy, Eloi Giral, Joe D'alessandro and Milly Vaughan. We hope you enjoyed your run and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Lots of PBs again this week from Daniel Beech, Imogen Pughe, Izaak Haines, Tom Beech, Harry Galloway, Krishan Price, Jacob Touhysmith, Archie Robinson, Katie Beech, Daniel Hewett, Isaac Lomax, Aura Giral, Jacob Maul, Archie Maul, Charlotte Tarr, Patrick Mcgrath, Tallulah Yates, Laurie Vaughan, Kate Touhysmith, Rockingham Ooi-Griffiths, Felix Huertas, Ariane Benausse, Toby Robinson, Benjamin Mcelhinney, Violet East, Elia Paull, Madison Jennings

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen Shani Ali, James Almond, Jane Baker, William Bennet-Clark, Tim Constable, Ned Evans, Simon Evans, Taryn Fletcher, Richard Haines, Anna Hall, Rachel Hall-Green, Andrew Lear, Aaron Lee, Bernadette Lewis, Myriam Melot, Kenny Melot, Kate Mercer Gaunt, Jasmine Overall, Imogen Pughe, John Pughe, Mark Robinson, Matt Varley, Chris Whale, Paul White.