Run report 9 April 2017

What a beautiful day (hey hey)

Well done to Madison Jennings, Harry Galloway, Sylvie Moore, Felix Pearson and Archie Robinson who received their marathon wristbands and Audrey Gibbard who received her half-marathon wristband.

Another 21 PB’s this week for: Ishmael Bradley, Ronnie Wilmott, Felix Pearson, Kofi Allford Hutchinson, Floyd Evans, Lois Tiley, Isabelle Brice, Stanley Bailey, Tess Harris, Eloi Giral, Laurie Vaughan, Theo Burbridge-Kelly, Sylvie Moore, Isaac Day, Emma Honeywill, Audrey Gibbard, Esther Fripp, Madison Jennings, Fraser Moore and Jack Harris.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Shani Ali, James Almond, Josie Almond, Jane Baker, William Bennet-Clark, Louise Chetwynd, Tim Constable, Lisa Holden, Andrew Lear, Jasmine Overall, Christina Ransom, Oscar Reeve, Emily Reeve, Mark Robinson, Claire Tiley, Jeff Tiley, Amelia Varley, Matt Varley, Chris Whale, Bryan White, Paul White, Liz Wilmott.

We are currently very short of volunteers for next week so if you can help, we would really appreciate it.