Non Run Report April 4th, 2020. #gardenrun by Amy Thomas

Hello Witney parkrun family. How are you all doing?
It is Sunday and although we don't have a run report for you, we thought we would share this #nonrunreport from one our regulars Amy Thomas.

We think you will enjoy it:

"April 4th 2020 Witney Gardenrun #1

The weather was perfect for the first ever Witney Gardenrun.
The course inspection took place (didn't take long) and the grass section looked in particularly good condition, all 4 metres of it.
The washing line and footballs, dog poo and other garden debris were removed and cones put in place to mark the way (yes we have cones!)

We worked out that the lap was about 25 metres so 5k would be 200 laps.
It soon became apparent that my garmin wasn't a happy bunny, it didnt like the little loops or running so close to the house, my pace was registering at about 25min/miles ....not sure I can even walk that slow!

We decided to just keep going for 30 mins (mainly because I lost count of laps after 7)
When we reached 30 mins we decided to carry on because we heard our neighbour cheering from her bedroom window and didn't want to let her down.
The sun came out and we switched direction

I decided to stop at 1 hour which coincidentally recorded exactly 2.5 miles on my garmin (if you know me you'll know how happy neat stats make me, even if they are obviously inaccurate )
Thank you to all the supporters (my neighbour and my son, who rolled his eyes at me and went back to bed) and now I'm dreaming of my Ue coffee that I usually have after a parkrun, what would be a suitable post Gardenrun drink I wonder?........No, too early.

Anyone else doing a Gardenrun? I believe you can take part at any time of the week/day.
Enjoy #Gardenrun"

Thank you Amy!

If anyone else is inspired by Amy's #GardenRun, we would love to have some more submissions of your parkrun alternatives for a Sunday "non run report publication".

Please go ahead and send them in to us via social media or to

Enjoy the rest of your sunshine Sunday and stay safe. As always if your parkrun family can help in anyway, please let us know and /or reach out to Witney Land Army

Take care!