Not a run report “Teaser” Edition

Hey there, how are you all doing? Lovely to see many of you (safely) out and about  this week hitting your "not a parkrun"  5K's or taking up other activities such as cycling in our beautiful countryside.

A big well done to everyone who joined the Great Big parkrun Quiz. A PB or not, great fun! And for those of you who guessed the RD in the photo, it was indeed RD Bertie!

This week we have a special edition "Teaser" not a run report for you ahead of a little bank holiday surprise! Kindly written by RD Ally. Can you guess what she is talking about:


After some initial chit-chat and warming up in preparation, we made our way to the familiar starting point up at West Witney. Eager faces listened to the run-briefing, ready to hi-five the hi-viz heroes and pay attention to the hazard areas around the course. Then 3-2-1, we were off!


Imagining the volume of happy faces through the trees, we each swiftly made our way through the out & back. Not surprisingly Tegs made a quick getaway on the small lap, while the rest of us were relying on the hi-viz heroes to boost our efforts. Hilarious cries of ‘No way - He can’t lap me already!’ were shouted by Bethany, but thankfully she held him off and Ally was giving it everything she had to be hot on his tail.  Once we’d made it past the clubhouse on the small lap, we seemed to have found our rhythm and a consistent pace was maintained for the first of the larger laps.  A boost from the hi-viz heroes, saw Rhys edge ahead of Ally, while Bethany spent a fair amount of time finding those hazards!


Once through the woods we were heading for the final lap and the gap was closing.  Tegs had found a surge of energy as the volunteers with their pom-poms and cowbells cheered him on, and the rest of us needed to dig deep to get round that final loop. The kids were closing that gap as they came down Deer Park Rd, but Ally was determined to dig deep! This was the only time she’d ever been in this position and Tegs was in her sights. From nowhere, Rhys came sprinting past to take the lead, and Tegs appeared to have run out of energy as he was pretty much stationary for the next couple of minutes.

A sprint finish ensued between Rhys & Ally, with the 10 yr old being the first through the finish funnel in a time of 23.30, Ally 2nd in 25.00, Tegs just behind in 26.30, and we all cheered Bethany in at 28.00


Needless to say Tegs was not happy with that result and would rather have run the actual course for real!! Roll on Witney parkrun's return!

Watch this space for more clues coming this week. In the meantime, #staysafe, #stayhome #loveparkrun


Non Run Report for Saturday 25th April 2020

What a wonderful response we had this week when we asked you to share your plans for your #notparkrunday.

We had incoming on all platforms and here is a compilation for your Sunday evening parkrun fix:

Martin Crabb:

"I participated in the Not the Oxfordshire Road Relays 5k organised by the Witney Roadrunners Club last weekend.
The event had 9 teams of 8 including one walker to accommodate no running Crabby.  It was a fantastic event on your own but knowing others are with you all the way.
I smashed my target to get under 40 minutes speed walking by 34 seconds. Two members Lyn and Steve Hopkins we’re faster walkers than me. Lyn did say before the race if I can’t beat an old boy with a hip replacement she’d eat her trainers! Photo after finishing wearing my Cotswold Classic Shirt.
Can’t wait to Tail Walk at Witney parkrun. Love and hugs to you all"


Graham Carter:

"well I’ve done it, (the parkrun course) 4 times in the last week and a half. Course is best it’s ever been as no-one has been on it. Forest section is great with all the chippings put down. Easier to run round the corners. All grass sections are repaired very well. All in all a pleasure to run. It’s just missing the competitive edge of everyone else!"

Maria Fielden:

"I am going to run ....well walk/run/walk/run as I am on week 4 of Couch to 5K App so by the time I get to week 9 I will be running 5k´s....again hopefully with you all - I can social distance from the rear" (Editor's note: Well done Maria!)


Anthony Beardsley:

"Did a Zwift Run meet up with Dan Wymer and a couple more running friends. Really enjoyed it. Anyone else who has got a treadmill and uses Zwift is welcome to join us next Sat at 09:00"

Rob Gilkes:

"#noparkrun thanks for getting me out of bed to go and do a lovely 3 mile run!The cat saw me off, and a slightly chilly run around Ducklington lake, always a pleasure to run around"

95137037_10156911466066034_9221728163892035584_n 94608791_10156911464936034_580667410776850432_n

Deborah Jackson:

"Been for a chilly 5 Km at the same time as my friend in Farmoor. Just about to have coffee with her via FaceTime"

Catherine Somerville Tyler:

"5k in the lean-to!"


Jody Smith:

"I’ve tried making a route on Strava to spell out parkrun using Witney roads... omg, this could well be the ultimate isolation challenge!"  (Editor's note: we understand Jody might still be working on this challenge and we can't wait to see it!)

Dan Wymer:

Via Instagram: "Another #parkrun day in lockdown. Should have been RD at @witneyparkrun again today. Instead met up with Jenny & Jonathan from Alchester and Tony from @witneyroadrunners to do an inaugural #notaparkrun in Watopia.

Lovely one lap course - some beach, a causeway, mountains in the background and the deer were a surprise! Played around with the cameras too. I especially liked the helicam and moto cam to feel the action!

Next week we're heading to @gozwiftInnsbruck so if you have a treadmill & footpod (or Garmin 245/945) get signed up to Zwift, follow me and I'll send you the Meetup invite for next Saturday. #loveparkrun #missparkrun"


(Editor's note: we understand Dan also partook in 54 ascents of the stairs (equivalent of 2.6 times the height of the biggest hill on The Cotswold Classic course) in aid of African Children's Fund. We look forward to hearing more about this next week!)

Karen Rebecca:

 "Matt, Fraser and I have been for our parkrun and I think we may have a few pbs in the bag. Obviously lock down is helping our fitness!! X x"

Tamsyn Wymer:

"Holy moly. 2.6 Challenge done!  26 planks for 26 seconds each. Abs, arms and legs all feeling that. I can still fortunately walk and not in too much agony. It hurt though! All in aid of the African Children's Fund" (Editor's note: well done Tamsyn, that is a feat indeed!)

94772546_10218672737593900_4285971706041860096_o 94104857_10218672738353919_583460062937219072_o

Michael Lewis:

"No running, as usual, but thirty minutes aerobics,and tomorrow I plan to do the 2.6 challenge. 26 miles on my cycle turbo trainer in aid of Kidney Research`"

Punam Owens:

"I took the #pelofondo challenge with 490 other ladies and combined it with the #twopointsix challenge. Raising funds for the NHS together charities. Kept me busy! Meanwhile, Mr O continues to sport his #parkrunUK t-shirt while walking the dogs."


And last but not least via Twitter


"I created a run called Two Lap Tango here in Fox Bay, West Falklands. Each lap is 3.3k, so encouraging people to time it and then try and improve each attempt. There's only two of us at the moment but you have to start somewhere I suppose" (Editors note: We hope to add the history to this story next week.)


@upyrbike (Shaun Scott):

"#sleeping in after a night shift. Did my solo #notparkrun at work" Shaun is a front-line worker -  a big thank you to you from us all!

So, there we are. An incredible community making the most of the the current lockdown. Stay safe everyone, stay home and #loveparkrun.

Until next week :)


“Not” a run report special compilation 18th April 2020

A big thank you to everyone who has submitted content for this weeks "not " a run report compilation. We love seeing what you have all been up to.

Mandy Lucas:

"The Lucas Lockdown parkrun is now in its Fourth week! I've been tailwalker every week and Kayleigh Lucas has been placed first each week! Might even make myself a tail for next week!"


Ruth Trout:

"Just did 5k round Burwell/Deer Park. Part of one of our Tuesdays night routes. I hadn’t intended going that far but allowed some peer pressure from my neighbour to spur me on for the final half K!"

Dan Wymer (RD):

"I should've been RD at Witney this week so instead I virtually parkrunned in Central Park, NYC. Two laps of the Onassis Reservoir, pan flat and beautiful views!"


Nikki Shaw:

"Morning - we did a beautiful 5k around Alvescot and Black Bourton this morning - we can’t wait to be back at parkrun soon! xx"

Trish Davies ( volunteer parkrun photographer)

"Well I have taken on a new challenge... couch25K and am making hearts to say thank you to my staff as I work in the NHS. Stay safe everyone x"


Karen Rebecca:

"Morning, Matt and I enjoyed an early morning 5k along the meadow and river with Alfie the dog.. We managed around 34 minutes which is a steady improvement"

Punam Owens (Co-ED)

"my husband Lewis  and I were due to tail walk this week as part of our 28th wedding anniversary celebrations. So we walked the dogs instead!"

IMG_3581 IMG_3582 3

Graham Carter:

"I’ve been doing the parkrun quite a bit on my own. Nice and quiet."

Claire Soanes:

"Gorgeous bluebell woods near us are replacing Deer Park woods"


Cereta Drewett ( volunteer parkrun photographer)

"I am scanning all the family photos over nearly 80 years in order to make a book AND since lockdown I have taken up running again and completed my 162nd mile"

Michael Lewis:

"I’m having to shield so no running for me. I’ve bought a turbo trainer for my bike, so I’ve done several rides in my garden.
On the craft side, I’ve made a bug hotel"


Deborah Jackson:

"Did the online quiz and posted a miserable score of 5/15. Must do better!"

Andrew James Grundy Lyons:

"Took the opportunity to discover an empty central London on the run today."


And last but not least, many of our parkrunners have been volunteering for the Witney Land Army to help those in our community most in need - well done to you:


We know its going to be a long walk, jog or run until we can be back, so its been fabulous to see what you have been up to. We'd love to do it all again next week, so please do send in your snippets and fun facts!

In the meantime, take care everyone!

#staysafe, #stayhome #loveparkrun



12th April 2020 “Not a parkrun” run report x 2

Happy Easter Sunday. What a fabulous few days of sunshine we have had!

We are just loving everyone’s creativity so this week we have two “non” run reports for you…it is a holiday weekend after all!

Our first #notaparkrun run report is by our very own RD Dan Wymer who successfully held the inaugural Zwift Constitution Hill parkrun yesterday morning:

“The weather at the start was terrible with the rain so heavy you could hardly make out Buckingham Palace! After the briefest of briefings the crowd of 3 set off up The Mall - well 2 of the 3 did. Jonathan had volunteered to be Tail-walker at the last moment and took his role very seriously!


Fortunately the rain stopped by the time we got onto Birdcage Walk and the sun was shining as we neared Big Ben. Jenny and Dan kept taking it in turns for the lead throughout the course.

The turn at the bottom of The Strand meant only 800m to go and Jenny took and kept the lead to be first finisher under Admiralty Arch and the beaming sunshine”


Next week Dan will touristing at Zwift Onassis Reservoir parkrun! We look forward to hearing all about it!

Our second #nonrunreport is by Beth Soanes, one of our junior parkrunners. We shared some of her Logo creations yesterday and here they all are combined, just brilliant!

lego 1 lego 2 lego 3

Can you spot the "ditch dancers" and John "mind the wire" ?

first runner finsihing Barcodes please! Cakes being bought from UE Coffee Roaster. Tail walker just coming down Deer Park Road

First finisher finishing, barcodes please!

D entering results. Footballers still playing

RD entering results and footballers playing!

Well done Beth, this was a wonderful depiction of Witney parkrun and thank you to RD Dan too for sharing another way to keep active.

We would love to keep sharing your "non" run reports, so please let us know what you have been up to.

In the meantime, we wish you a great rest of the weekend,

Stay safe, stay home.




Non Run Report April 4th, 2020. #gardenrun by Amy Thomas

Hello Witney parkrun family. How are you all doing?
It is Sunday and although we don't have a run report for you, we thought we would share this #nonrunreport from one our regulars Amy Thomas.

We think you will enjoy it:

"April 4th 2020 Witney Gardenrun #1

The weather was perfect for the first ever Witney Gardenrun.
The course inspection took place (didn't take long) and the grass section looked in particularly good condition, all 4 metres of it.
The washing line and footballs, dog poo and other garden debris were removed and cones put in place to mark the way (yes we have cones!)

We worked out that the lap was about 25 metres so 5k would be 200 laps.
It soon became apparent that my garmin wasn't a happy bunny, it didnt like the little loops or running so close to the house, my pace was registering at about 25min/miles ....not sure I can even walk that slow!

We decided to just keep going for 30 mins (mainly because I lost count of laps after 7)
When we reached 30 mins we decided to carry on because we heard our neighbour cheering from her bedroom window and didn't want to let her down.
The sun came out and we switched direction

I decided to stop at 1 hour which coincidentally recorded exactly 2.5 miles on my garmin (if you know me you'll know how happy neat stats make me, even if they are obviously inaccurate )
Thank you to all the supporters (my neighbour and my son, who rolled his eyes at me and went back to bed) and now I'm dreaming of my Ue coffee that I usually have after a parkrun, what would be a suitable post Gardenrun drink I wonder?........No, too early.

Anyone else doing a Gardenrun? I believe you can take part at any time of the week/day.
Enjoy #Gardenrun"

Thank you Amy!

If anyone else is inspired by Amy's #GardenRun, we would love to have some more submissions of your parkrun alternatives for a Sunday "non run report publication".

Please go ahead and send them in to us via social media or to

Enjoy the rest of your sunshine Sunday and stay safe. As always if your parkrun family can help in anyway, please let us know and /or reach out to Witney Land Army

Take care!



Event #89 – a Special Day ❤️

We have a special Run Report this week, written by Witney regular Liam Walsh. Thanks to Liam for taking the time to write these lovely words. All our love and thoughts are with the Walsh family ❤️

Thankfully our weather fairy sprinkled some magic and allowed us to go ahead this weekend, for Witney parkrun #89 was a special and a sunny one for me.

Last week our Witney parkrun team posted a request for volunteers to help at a Celebration Service for my son Patrick on Friday.

We know that parkrun prides itself on community, inclusiveness and wellbeing, and the way that you have embodied those values to support at such a tough time is humbling and heartwarming.


parkrun is so much more than the effort of a 5k or the volunteering itself: it’s about the friendships and spirit and connections that develop from it. And I’m so so grateful for that. That so many people have said that the service was beautiful is such a credit to our parkrun helper heroes, working alongside other community friends from Witney Music Festival and Libfest.

It simply couldn’t have happened without you.

So special thanks in no particular order to the following Witney parkrunners (and to everyone else with a hug or message or smile), who kindly gave their time on Friday:

John Honour
Peter Rose
Gill Sherwood
Punam Owens
Tamsyn Wymer
Dan Wymer
Kate Prinsep
Fraser Howard
Sally Howard
Ruth Trout
Matt Keeble
Eric Marshall
Marli Buckridge
James Field
Rupert Macfarlane

Roll on to Saturday and after our stop-start winter it was lovely to see so many familiar hivis heroes catching up and preparing for action - 30 heroes this week. Soon Run Director Bertie was in full flow with his familiar ‘not on my watch’ refrain sending us cheerily and safely on our way.


After the usual first lap dance through the mud and puddles, we had our much awaited woodland surprise to look forward to. And, as if the sight of snowdrops and the promise of daffodils wasn’t enough to raise spirits and hint of spring, there before us was a glorious woodchip carpet. Thank you so much indeed to the tremendous Witney Woodland Volunteers - there’s our fabulous community in action again - not only does it look fantastic, it made struggling through the woods that much more bearable! I almost looked forward to the final lap and visiting again!

For me it was also special to see friends, some old, many new in a familiar comforting place amongst the 214 finishing faces, with Ruth ensuring no-one finishes last at parkrun. There were 47 first timers, and somehow, pretty miraculously 13 personal bests. If getting our parkrun up and running 2 years ago was a 1,000 piece jigsaw, it was special to be able to introduce one of those pieces - all the way from Brisbane. Special to welcome visitors from Bury St Edmunds and Sheffield and special to share our story with others from Leeds and Woking and Newport and Ashbourne.


Fingers crossed that the weather fairy is back on duty this week, and that between us all, we’ll find new reasons to feel special at parkrun next week.


Run Report: Liam Walsh

Photos: Derek Hall, Trish Davies


Run Report: Event #85. Great to be back, dry weather and milestones galore…

Well, thankfully the weather fairies were much kinder to us this week, blessing us with crisp, cold days allowing the course to dry out enough for us all to get our parkrun fix in Witney again, albeit with a few slight route tweaks.

(Editor’s note: Thank you to John Hickman and Witney Town Council for spending time out on the course this week to help with said tweaks.)

As part of the core team setting up Chipping Norton School parkrun, I have been spending most of my Saturdays in the last few months getting volunteering experience rather than actually running and suddenly realised that my quest to run my 50th parkrun in 2019 was -ahem- running away from me.  Well, in that case, I thought, I’ll go for my 25th volunteer milestone instead!

So, this morning was volunteer stint number 22, barcode scanning using the very user-friendly new app.

First Timers Briefing was delivered by Dan to possibly the smallest group ever – two people!  Followed few minutes later by a second briefing as a few more people arrived.


Run Director Fraser then gave his briefing and we welcomed tourists from Newcastle and Bristol.  Congratulations to Stephen Bright and Sarah Fry who were celebrating their 50th milestone and two of our young parkrunners who achieved their 10thmilestone today. Also, congratulations to Ruth who did her 25th volunteer stint today.

79256029_507174356558980_6325764636847112192_o 79868436_507174243225658_5893022973555638272_o 78408506_507174456558970_3837068123765211136_o 79286918_507174309892318_2698422987371053056_o

Martin Crabb then paid touching tribute to Andrew Simpson, one of the founder members and dedicated committee member of Witney Roadrunners who sadly passed away this summer.  This run was dedicated to Andrew and his family.

Then event number 85 got under way.  We applauded runners streaming past us after completing the first short lap and marvelled at the array of Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and Milestone t-shirts.  After just under 20 minutes of chat with the lovely Martin, Phil and Julia (AKA the Barcode Queen!) our first finisher arrived at the finish line and scanning could commence!

Over the past few months I have discovered that not only can you get the endorphins flowing by running but also by volunteering.  Having now tried my hand at all the volunteer roles at parkrun (Run Report writing being the last box to tick) I can honestly say that there is not one role which is “difficult” and it would be hard to pick a favourite role.

Volunteering at parkrun has given me so much more confidence, particularly when speaking to larger groups of people, something which I have always actively tried to avoid in the past. I’ll never forget the nerves I felt before delivering my very first First Timers Briefing , but I can now do this with only a slight quiver of trepidation, which will hopefully stand me in good stead when I take on the Run Director role for the first in time in Chipping Norton!

There is a wonderful community feel here at Witney parkrun and I have met so many lovely people in the past few weeks – I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has welcomed me and the rest of the Chipping Norton team and we very much look forward to welcoming any of you who would like to pop over and visit us for a bit of local “tourism” in the near future!

79134841_507315996544816_8933830523151712256_o 78514173_507319659877783_2294272131095068672_o 79753333_507320746544341_4400900151799971840_o 78474109_507276789882070_3209489263410282496_o 78036463_507173929892356_2166520618093117440_o 78455557_507276659882083_7541289339947319296_o

This week 146 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 17 were first timers and 7 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Fraser HOWARD • Ian FOWLER • Dan WYMER • Sarah WHATMAN • Sarah LACKMAN • Philip HALL • Chris COLBECK • Tamsyn WYMER • Tracy LAWRENCE • John ABRAMS • Punam OWENS • Martin CRABB • Jacob LILL • Trish DAVIES • Jacqueline HATHAWAY • Chris GARDENER • Kate PRINSEP • Guy DAVIES • Julia LAWLEY • Ruth TROUT • Christopher WALTON • Ally JONES • Benjamin DAVIES • Allan JENKINS • James O'BRIEN • Neil O'BRIEN • Cereta DREWETT • Jill SUDDABY • Peter SUDDABY • Callum MCKEOWN


Author: Tracy Lawrence

Photography: Trish Davies


Sunny, chilly, dry with a hint of mud…Event #84 run report

After the muted determination of last week, excitement was in the air for event 84. The parkrun weather fairy had even been out overnight and sprinkled fairy dust across the football pitches, leaving them glinting beautifully in the early morning sunshine.


Whether it was the blue sky, itchy feet, the thought of post-run treats from UE or the return of normality as the England rugby team finished a valiant second, 294 park runners including an amazing 56 first timers and tourists were buzzing as we gathered for the brief. Runners welcomed and milestones celebrated, we were on our way to the start, shivering and chatting.


A blast from the horn and we were off. Despite an overnight lull in the rain puddle levels were high and mud levels moderate, still swallowing the occasional shoe.

Out and back and once round the field as the footballers arrived, adding to the buzz of Saturday morning, and onto the longer loops. On rounding the corner, the bare trees on Deer Park Road were looking striking silhouetted against the sky, as was the red and gold carpet of leaves over which we were running, providing some respite from the mud below.


Over the ditch and past the bubbles, into the woods and the real mud, with the sun glinting through the branches; up the hills and down the slopes, with obliging trees for balance as necessary, and back into the open space of the field with the finish in sight.

Except... there’s still 2k to go before the actual finish. 2k can feel an awfully long way at this moment. We all have a low point, for many it’s Deer Park Road, for me it’s leaving the field for the third time.

But this is where the parkrun magic kicks in. Running on your own you could give up and go home. But the marshals cheer louder, the bells and the bubbles make you smile, and the shouts of other parkrunners keep you going. And the next time you see the finish it’s for real, with the cheery “well done” as you hand over your finish token and barcode.


So well done to the 56 first timers and tourists, the 18 who set pbs and the 4 who ran milestones - 10, 50 & 100.

74432638_486846821925067_2346421989075320832_o 75419103_486846948591721_5509337842603524096_o 74602076_486847055258377_6661254831669248000_o

Well done to the volunteers and unofficial support crews. Well done to the runners, joggers and walkers. Well done to everyone who got up, saw the temperature was subzero but decided the sun was shining and there was adventure to be had. And after adventure, breakfast.



Run report: Rachel Pollard

Photography: Cereta Drewett




Event #83 – a blustery affair

Witney parkrun 83 was a very wet and blustery affair but a special one for me none the less.

Today we got the chance to take over the running of Witney parkrun for the day as part of our training for the upcoming Chipping Norton School parkrun. Dan one of the regular run directors at Witney, Tamsyn the volunteer co-ordinator and the whole Witney parkrun have been incredibly generous with their time and knowledge to help myself and the rest of the Chipping Norton team learn the ropes for running our parkrun.


It was a nerve wracking experience to be run director for the day and perform the briefing before the run, thankfully it all went well and the true community spirit of parkrun was shown by how welcoming the regular Witney runners were of us and all the kind words of encouragement we were given and the interest shown in our new event.


It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet and speak to so many people today and a special mention must be made to Graham Le Good for completing his 250th parkrun, congratulations on an amazing achievement.


Despite the weather and the rugby world cup, 80 people ran, jogged and walked parkrun today of whom 8 were first timers and 5 recorded new personal bests.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can find the full results and a complete event history here.

A special mention must be made today to Skye McKinnon who not only came and volunteered the day after her birthday but also got her 25th volunteering milestone. It’s important to remember that without the volunteers, parkrun wouldn’t happen. If you haven’t volunteered before, I urge you to give it a go.

Thank you Witney for letting us come and take over and we look forward to seeing you sometime in Chipping Norton when we get going.


Run Report: Adam Lawrence

Photos: Cereta Drewett


Event #82 – Splish Splash Splosh – Liam Walsh

“The sun really does seem to shine at West Witney sports ground on a disproportionate basis.”  So wrote Gill Sherwood in her Run Report just a few weeks ago.  Well, there are always exceptions to prove the rule, and it’s fair to say Witney’s parkrun #82 was one of these.  However, whilst the course may have been slippy and muddy, the wind gusty and the sky threatening, the actual rain, the stuff that had been relentless the evening before and would be throughout the day to come, pretty much held off for parkrun hour.  So maybe, just maybe, we must offer our weather fairy, our secret volunteer you’ll never find on the roster, some appreciation.


Anyway, Chris and then Dan welcomed 16 newbies to Witney – nine tourists – I heard Poole and St Albans mentioned – and seven doing their first parkrun.  You seven: Corey, Richard, Miriam, Angela, Jack, Kyle, Maria – well, of course welcome to parkrun but…what on earth were you thinking!?  What a morning to choose! Let’s hope you return very soon in kinder conditions.  For the rest of us, our numbers were understandably far fewer – but it was reassuring to overhear a couple of pre-run not a race conversation snippets…”not too many here, I might finish in the top 100 today” and “I’m on my best run of consecutive weeks coming, I’m not losing it for a few puddles.”  I’m not the only one to think like that then!

75282322_477391946203888_4613467880099414016_o 73139163_477394639536952_5053126377767698432_o

For those 140 of us running, it was a right splish slash sposh of a morning.  I witnessed a couple slipping over, a few close calls and plenty of mutual support.  And, somewhat miraculously, six of you somehow managed a PB – and whether it’s your second or seventy second, a PB’s a PB, right?  So high fives to Callum, William, Grace, Jessica, Emily and Charlotte – and feel free to share your conditions defying secrets with the rest of us.

Well done too to the hardy souls out to support family and friends – getting their own parkrun fix through encouraging others and offering smiles.  Or maybe it was the temptation of Ue's gorgeous offers that lured you from your beds?


Days like today though really are all about the volunteers – 31, yes 31 of you (32 including our fairy) made this possible.  Isn’t it amazing that they all turned up, some choosing not to run themselves, some because they’re injured, some because that’s just what they do.  The volunteers, I thought, went the extra mile in support today with all those reminders to mind the wire, watch the ditch, enjoy the bubbles, be careful on the slope and a million well dones and keep goings – and finally, broad smiles to greet us at the finish.  Thank you all so much.


Those couple of weeks ago Gill also wrote “this morning was no exception – it was a truly glorious start to the weekend.”  Sunny? Perhaps not, but I’m sure we can all agree on the glorious point.  See you next week.

Run Report: Liam Walsh

Photos: Trish Davies

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