Witney parkrun # 80 - 12/10/2019

ClubNoteTotal Runs
1Matthew LOCK18:37SM20-2470.01 %M1Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:17:57123Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
2William COLE20:20SM30-3463.93 %M2Runhead ACFirst Timer!65Member of the parkrun 50 Club
3Alex SUTTON20:44SM30-3462.54 %M3First Timer!134Member of the parkrun 100 Club
4Richard TAYLOR20:53SM30-3462.49 %M4Kidlington Running & ACPB stays at 00:19:28113Member of the parkrun 100 Club
5Edgar EASTERBROOK21:09JM11-1468.56 %M5PB stays at 00:19:5142Member of the parkrun 10 Club
6Kiran RAM21:16SM18-1962.70 %M6PB stays at 00:19:0224Member of the parkrun 10 Club
7Liam WALSH21:26VM50-5468.82 %M7Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:20:0954Member of the parkrun 50 Club
8Fraser HOWARD21:54VM45-4964.76 %M8Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:19:29159Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
9Elias EASTERBROOK22:07JM11-1469.18 %M9PB stays at 00:20:4620Member of the parkrun 10 Club
10Nick CROW22:08SM30-3458.58 %M10PB stays at 00:21:2022
12Gordon FRANCIS22:20VM35-3959.40 %M12PB stays at 00:20:1588Member of the parkrun 50 Club
13Steve CROSSMAN22:48VM45-4962.65 %M13PB stays at 00:21:3845
14Lisa KAY23:20VW35-3965.14 %F1Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:21:4022
15Graham LE GOOD23:20VM65-6973.21 %M14Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:21:45247Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
16Ben EVANS23:25SM25-2955.09 %M15PB stays at 00:22:372
17Mark COLEMAN23:33VM50-5464.69 %M16New PB!41
18Lewi SHORTER23:33SM30-3455.70 %M17PB stays at 00:23:273
19Michael HUME23:34SM30-3455.16 %M18PB stays at 00:22:1235
20Mark CROSBY23:44VM45-4961.17 %M19Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:22:1847
21Oliver KLOTT23:52VM35-3956.77 %M20PB stays at 00:21:3010
23Chris GARDENER24:04VM50-5462.26 %M22PB stays at 00:22:3161Member of the parkrun 50 Club
24Nick JENKINS24:06VM50-5461.20 %M23PB stays at 00:23:0261Member of the parkrun 50 Club
25Stephen BRIGHT24:14VM55-5963.96 %M24PB stays at 00:21:2647
26Jon COX24:25VM55-5963.48 %M25PB stays at 00:23:1015
27Chris CONWAY24:26VM55-5962.89 %M26PB stays at 00:22:00115Member of the parkrun 100 Club
28Stephen JONES24:28VM45-4958.38 %M27PB stays at 00:23:535
29Ben ALEXANDER24:28JM11-1459.26 %M28PB stays at 00:22:409
30Chris ELLIS24:29VM40-4457.05 %M29Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:20:1934
31Julian MATHIAS24:30VM45-4958.78 %M30PB stays at 00:23:4221
32Antony HEY24:31VM50-5462.13 %M31PB stays at 00:23:44149Member of the parkrun 100 Club
33Toby SMITH24:36JM11-1460.43 %M32First Timer!1
34Rachel KIRKLAND24:39VW45-4966.40 %F2Interlopers Orienteering ClubNew PB!4
35Jonathan MARKS24:41VM55-5963.88 %M33Eynsham Road RunnersPB stays at 00:22:5962Member of the parkrun 50 Club
36Joshua RIPLEY24:42JM1066.19 %M34New PB!10Member of the parkrun 10 Club
37Colin STEWART24:43VM45-4958.73 %M35PB stays at 00:22:508
38Linda WRIGHT24:44VW45-4966.17 %F3First Timer!1
40Rhys WILLIAMS24:55VM45-4956.92 %M37Defence Sports & RecreationPB stays at 00:23:2358Member of the parkrun 50 Club
41Boaz MOSELLE25:12VM50-5460.45 %M38First Timer!1
42Rosina ISOM25:21SW25-2958.38 %F4PB stays at 00:23:4524
43Marta OMEDES25:23VW35-3959.62 %F5PB stays at 00:24:2124
44Paul AINSLIE25:25VM55-5962.03 %M39Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:21:1914
45Vicki HOWARTH25:43VW40-4460.73 %F6PB stays at 00:24:2336
46Grace SHAYLER25:44JW11-1461.08 %F7New PB!2
47Xander COLEMAN-DAY25:47SM30-3450.29 %M40First Timer!1
48Andrew SMITH25:50VM45-4955.74 %M41New PB!184Member of the parkrun 100 Club
49Anthony WARD25:56VM55-5960.28 %M42PB stays at 00:24:56219Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
50Adam ARMSHAW26:13SM30-3450.03 %M43PB stays at 00:23:3414
51Mark JESSEY26:15VM55-5960.57 %M44Lonely Goat RCPB stays at 00:25:1039
53Rebecca BOLT26:25VW45-4961.96 %F8PB stays at 00:23:3670Member of the parkrun 50 Club
54Harriet HOWARD26:29JW15-1758.53 %F9Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:22:07175Member of the parkrun 100 Club
55Paul RILEY26:36VM45-4953.32 %M46PB stays at 00:24:2021
56Chris SKINNER26:50SM30-3448.20 %M47First Timer!8
57Harry SIMPSON26:57SM25-2947.87 %M48PB stays at 00:24:313
58Paul JACKSON26:58VM50-5456.06 %M49PB stays at 00:25:01119Member of the parkrun 100 Club
59Anthony LOXTON27:12SM25-2947.43 %M50New PB!8
60Russell HOWARTH27:25VM45-4952.52 %M51PB stays at 00:24:4717
61Paul MOLYNEAUX27:29VM65-6962.77 %M52Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:25:4639
62Julian MARTIN27:32SM25-2946.85 %M53First Timer!1
63Tim WALKER27:37VM45-4952.56 %M54PB stays at 00:24:2512
64Adam MORRIS27:42SM30-3447.35 %M55PB stays at 00:20:4014
65Colin MORRIS27:52VM40-4449.70 %M56PB stays at 00:26:097
66Michael LEWIS28:03VM60-6458.70 %M57Fetch Everyone RCPB stays at 00:25:41113Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
67Chris HOWELL28:05VM45-4952.11 %M58Fordy RunsPB stays at 00:25:4931
68Malcolm HARDIE28:26VM40-4449.47 %M59PB stays at 00:25:3647
69Jamie TIMMS28:28SM30-3445.84 %M60PB stays at 00:24:2041
70Brendan VANNER28:32VM45-4950.06 %M61PB stays at 00:26:586
71Isla MITCHELL28:57JW11-1456.25 %F10PB stays at 00:26:1718Member of the parkrun 10 Club
72Fergus MITCHELL28:58VM50-5452.59 %M62PB stays at 00:23:3424
73Ben WARNES29:02VM35-3946.33 %M63RAF ACPB stays at 00:27:4416
74Mark STRATFORD29:06VM55-5953.72 %M64PB stays at 00:27:0118
75Louise GRIFFITHS29:18VW35-3951.88 %F11PB stays at 00:26:4513
76Bob SHAW29:21VM50-5451.90 %M65PB stays at 00:27:2842
77Natasha SMITH29:23VW40-4452.07 %F12PB stays at 00:28:1815
78Andrew SMITH29:32VM55-5952.03 %M66PB stays at 00:28:4528
79Bill READ29:38JM15-1746.96 %M67PB stays at 00:24:1119Member of the parkrun 10 Club
80Charles MCDOWALL29:43VM60-6455.92 %M68Defence Sports & RecreationFirst Timer!268Member of the parkrun 250 Club
81Judith Ann LE GOOD29:45VW65-6969.19 %F13Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:28:02176Member of the parkrun 100 Club
82Chris SMITH29:47VM50-5450.76 %M69PB stays at 00:26:47142Member of the parkrun 100 Club
83Jemima PEMBERTON29:51JW1057.17 %F14New PB!15Member of the parkrun 10 Club
84Siobhan FOSTER WESTON29:55VW35-3950.58 %F15PB stays at 00:22:2828
85Jacob HANSON29:58JM1052.67 %M70PB stays at 00:26:258
86Tim JONES29:59VM50-5449.97 %M71PB stays at 00:25:2919
87Rob SCOVELL30:04VM45-4948.67 %M72PB stays at 00:28:2021
88Neil MCINTYRE30:10VM65-6957.79 %M73PB stays at 00:27:5510
89Philip JAMES30:11JM1056.38 %M74New PB!7
90Richard MAWHINNEY30:12VM65-6955.52 %M75PB stays at 00:30:066
91John GWATKIN30:15VM45-4947.22 %M76PB stays at 00:27:046
92Kath WARD30:16VW55-5959.80 %F16Goyt Valley StridersPB stays at 00:27:40116Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
93Jessica MALIN30:23SW20-2448.71 %F17First Timer!1
94Kirsty YATES30:27VW35-3949.92 %F18PB stays at 00:29:0732
95Ben CAMPION30:36VM50-5448.20 %M77RAF ACPB stays at 00:25:3423
96Toby RIPLEY30:36JM1058.17 %M78PB stays at 00:30:3312Member of the parkrun 10 Club
97Bergljot NORNES30:37VW50-5454.76 %F19PB stays at 00:28:3384Member of the parkrun 50 Club
99Rebecca RIPLEY30:38VW40-4451.36 %F20PB stays at 00:25:559
100Helen HOLDEN30:45VW40-4451.17 %F21North Cotswold Tri & RunPB stays at 00:28:1048
101Rachel HENDERSON30:58VW40-4450.43 %F22PB stays at 00:28:3733
102Regina LALLY30:59VW40-4449.38 %F23Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:27:2873Member of the parkrun 50 Club
103Lucy KAVANAGH31:00JW15-1748.76 %F24First Timer!2
104Alan MORGAN31:16VM60-6451.28 %M80PB stays at 00:29:216
105Joseph FREER31:18JM1052.24 %M81PB stays at 00:26:4199Member of the parkrun 50 Club
106Mark FREER31:19VM45-4945.61 %M82PB stays at 00:26:4199Member of the parkrun 50 Club
107Amanda WILKINSON31:32VW50-5455.23 %F25PB stays at 00:29:4614
109Alasdair WILD31:46VM35-3942.34 %M84PB stays at 00:23:269
110Sara WILD31:47VW35-3947.04 %F26PB stays at 00:26:2316
111Oliver GILL31:49JM1053.48 %M85PB stays at 00:28:463
112Lynn WALLEN31:49VW65-6964.69 %F27PB stays at 00:29:5830
113Tom ENGLAND31:50VM55-5948.27 %M86PB stays at 00:28:487
114Thomas GILL31:53JM1055.83 %M87PB stays at 00:28:523
115Chris GILL31:54VM35-3942.16 %M88PB stays at 00:28:523
116Fran THURRELL31:56VW40-4448.17 %F28PB stays at 00:29:534
117Lottie FREER31:59JW11-1452.01 %F29PB stays at 00:29:1399Member of the parkrun 50 Club
119Jonathan SMITH32:08VM55-5948.24 %M90First Timer!1
120Rachel POLLARD32:15VW40-4447.44 %F30PB stays at 00:30:3014
121Millie FREER32:19JW11-1451.47 %F31PB stays at 00:27:4974Member of the parkrun 50 Club
122Lindsey MACFARLANE32:35VW35-3946.19 %F32PB stays at 00:30:1146
124Claire SOANES33:21VW45-4949.68 %F33PB stays at 00:29:3737
125James HARRIS33:26JM11-1444.47 %M92PB stays at 00:30:419
126Oliver HOWARD33:30SM25-2938.51 %M93PB stays at 00:28:558
127Catherine BARKER33:31VW40-4445.65 %F34PB stays at 00:30:1716
128Angus GODFREY33:32JM15-1740.26 %M94First Timer!1
129Dawn FRANCIS33:38VW50-5451.78 %F35PB stays at 00:32:196
130Vladimir CHORBADZHIEV33:46VM50-5444.37 %M95PB stays at 00:33:215
131Jo COOK33:49VW45-4947.41 %F36PB stays at 00:29:1534
132Kim MARSHALL33:50VW45-4946.95 %F37PB stays at 00:29:3238
133Chris GEORGE33:52VM70-7455.02 %M96PB stays at 00:30:387
134Craig LEACH34:08SM30-3438.09 %M97PB stays at 00:29:2816
135Kathleen WHITE34:10VW55-5955.22 %F38PB stays at 00:28:2614
136Harriet CROCKFORD34:11JW1049.93 %F39New PB!17Member of the parkrun 10 Club
137Caroline STEVENSON34:12VW35-3944.44 %F40PB stays at 00:26:0051Member of the parkrun 50 Club
138Sara BOLTON34:13VW45-4947.35 %F41PB stays at 00:32:2214
139Matilda PEARCE34:33JW1050.80 %F42PB stays at 00:32:3823Member of the parkrun 10 Club
140Kate HUDSON34:37VW40-4444.78 %F43PB stays at 00:30:3851Member of the parkrun 50 Club
141Marzena JAMES35:13VW40-4444.68 %F44PB stays at 00:31:309
142Rachel MACKENZIE35:14VW50-5447.59 %F45PB stays at 00:34:0236
144Graham SMITH35:33VM45-4940.51 %M99PB stays at 00:30:4917
145Lexi STEWART35:47JW1049.05 %F46First Timer!1
146Helena STEWART35:51VW40-4443.89 %F47PB stays at 00:32:5212
147Kris SILVESTER36:09VW55-5950.76 %F48PB stays at 00:33:5831
148Charlie MANNING36:22VM50-5441.89 %M100PB stays at 00:33:1210
149Nicky COLEMAN36:35VW50-5448.20 %F49PB stays at 00:31:0137
150Caroline KAY36:38VW35-3941.31 %F50Witney Road RunnersPB stays at 00:33:227
151Johanna GAUNTLETT36:43SW30-3440.49 %F51PB stays at 00:31:2013
152Laura COLEMAN-DAY36:44SW25-2940.29 %F52First Timer!1
153Emma HUME36:46SW30-3440.25 %F53PB stays at 00:36:057
154Lucinda CAMM36:50VW55-5949.82 %F54PB stays at 00:33:395
155Nicola CLAYPOLE37:22SW30-3439.70 %F55PB stays at 00:30:5526
156Hazel THRELFALL37:34VW60-6453.15 %F56PB stays at 00:33:3266Member of the parkrun 50 Club
157Stephen WILKINSON37:39VM50-5439.18 %M101PB stays at 00:35:4117
158Noah GARGAN38:12JM1046.60 %M102PB stays at 00:36:202
159Adie GARGAN38:12VM45-4938.00 %M103PB stays at 00:25:353
160Iain SIMPSON38:15VM40-4436.51 %M104New PB!3
161Anna WINTON38:21VW45-4943.20 %F57PB stays at 00:36:382
162Gillian MCFARLANE38:47VW50-5443.23 %F58PB stays at 00:36:404
163Liahm THURTLE38:48SM20-2433.25 %M105PB stays at 00:36:562
164Ruth TROUT39:42VW45-4940.81 %F59PB stays at 00:33:0643
165Andy HOWELLS39:53VM60-6441.29 %M106First Timer!1
166Emily CALCUTT39:56SW30-3437.31 %F60Run Mummy RunPB stays at 00:27:0629
167Wendy SMITH40:02SW30-3437.05 %F61PB stays at 00:31:5025
168Cody MCCALLUM41:26JM11-1435.88 %M107PB stays at 00:36:4313Member of the parkrun 10 Club
171Rhoda HOWELLS42:06VW60-6446.75 %F62First Timer!1
172Rachel CURRAH43:53SW25-2933.73 %F63PB stays at 00:35:253
173Maria FEILDEN44:51VW55-5941.47 %F64First Timer!1
174Kerry GILL45:05VW45-4936.30 %F65PB stays at 00:41:563
175Lindsay MCCORMACK45:06VW40-4434.37 %F66PB stays at 00:39:024
176Sarah CUSK45:11VW50-5439.03 %F67First Timer!1
178Rebecca EDWARDS45:41SW30-3432.54 %F68First Timer!1
179Phil EDNEY46:08VM40-4430.27 %M111PB stays at 00:31:3512
180Charlotte SMITH49:19VW45-4933.59 %F69First Timer!5
181Millie Rose STEPTOE49:20SW20-2430.00 %F70First Timer!1
183Louise MCDONALD49:48VW40-4431.59 %F71First Timer!2
184Anya NEWBROOK53:10VW45-4929.87 %F72CSSC Sports & LeisurePB stays at 00:33:0796Member of the parkrun 50 Club
186Joshua CALCUTT53:34JM1033.23 %M114PB stays at 00:34:1511Member of the parkrun 10 Club
188Lisa WARNES56:56VW40-4427.22 %F73First Timer!2
189Melissa BASTIN56:58VW40-4427.41 %F74PB stays at 00:39:1118
190Annie FREER57:37JW1035.44 %F75PB stays at 00:46:1113Member of the parkrun 10 Club
191Alice FREER57:37VW45-4928.41 %F76PB stays at 00:46:1213
193Peter SUDDABY59:45VM70-7429.87 %M117PB stays at 00:47:074
194Jill SUDDABY59:45VW65-6934.45 %F77PB stays at 00:44:1114

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Emma BYRNE, Jane COLBECK-MCKINNON, Martin CRABB, Guy DAVIES, Benjamin DAVIES, Cereta DREWETT, Harry EDNEY, Anna FLORY, Ian FOWLER, Chris GARDENER, John GREEN, John HONOUR, Fraser HOWARD, Sally HOWARD, Allan JENKINS, Ally JONES, Chris JONES, Felix JONES, Sarah LACKMAN, Julia LAWLEY, Callum MCKEOWN, Di MOORE, Punam OWENS, Alice PARSONS, Kiran RAM, Lisa ROLEFSON, Sandra ROSE, Ellie ROSE, William ROSE, Catherine SOMERVILLE TYLER, Jill SUDDABY, Peter SUDDABY, Ruth TROUT, Lee VANSTONE

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