WITTON PARKRUN EVENT #206 – 8th February 2020

Witton’s 206th event very much felt like the calm before the storm, with blue sky, bright sunshine and barely a breath of breeze belying the impending arrival of Storm Ciara which was scheduled to arrive in the UK overnight on Saturday-Sunday. The course was in fine fettle, firm underfoot and little in the way of standing mud: perfect running conditions for the 122 people who came to run, jog and walk the Beast this weekend, an 8th attendance in a row in excess of 100!


 First to cross the line was Trawden AC’s Adam Holda in 19:29. This was Adam’s first parkrun at Witton and his 158th overall, with the vast majority (116) coming at Pendle parkrun in Colne. Witton became Adam’s 20th different parkrun venue, earning him the status of a parkrun tourist, too! It is the 5th different venue that Adam has achieved a first finish at, and he becomes the 28th man to be first finisher on his only appearance at Witton so far – great debut, Adam!


 Second to finish was recent Witton regular Matt Lovick in 20:57. This was Matt’s 19th run at Witton and was his 25th overall, halfway to a red milestone t-shirt! Matt was suffering a little this week with a sore knee, but after it eased a little towards the end of the week, he decided to give parkrun a go, wearing a knee brace for support. And he’ll be glad he did, as Matt achieved one of his 2020 goals just 6 weeks into the year as he earned a second new PB this calendar year to run sub-21 minutes for the first time! Matt is hopeful of earning a Witton first finish at some point but was unable to live with the pace of Adam up front this week, earning second for only the second time, after previously managing it at Event #196 in November. He’ll be missing the next couple of runs at Witton, due to his shifts as a fireman but hopes with a bit of rest his knee will be good as new and he can set about trying to capture that first finish – good luck, Matt!


Third place went to another Witton first timer, Ian Bibby in 21:23. This was Ian’s first ever parkrun and marks a very good debut, just pipping Preston Harrier James Kay, another Witton first timer, by 4 seconds to the podium spot – well done, Ian! We hope to see you again at Witton very soon!

Ian Bibby

First female was Witton 50 Club member Jane Magee in 10th position in 22:47. This was Jane’s 79th parkrun and 61st at Witton and marked her 32nd time as Witton first female and her third in a row. This is the 5th time Jane has achieved 3 or more first finishes in a row at Witton, only once going beyond a run of 3, at Events 173-178 in May and June 2019, when she achieved 6 in a row. This was Jane’s fastest parkrun at Witton since April 2019, when she set her latest PB, a time she was just 4 seconds off this weekend – so close! Impressive stats once more, Jane!


Second female was Jane Hodkinson in 21st position in a symmetrical 24:24. This was Jane’s 14th parkrun and 6th at Witton and was her first parkrun with us since the same week exactly a year ago! She was first female that day, but had to settle for second this week, while she has run 4 parkruns in the ensuing year, comprising 3 at Aviemore parkrun and one at Alness parkrun, both in Scotland. Welcome back, Jane, great running!


Third female was right behind Jane: Ribble Valley Triathlon Club’s Helen Read in 22nd position in 24:32. This was Helen’s 15th parkrun and 10th at Witton, with her remaining 5 all coming at nearby Hyndburn, and marked her first parkrun anywhere of 2020. It was her third-fastest run ever at Witton and marked her first Witton podium since she was first finisher at Event #192 in October – well done, Helen!


Milestone time!!! And this is going to take some time as there were an abundance of people running especially notable parkruns on Saturday, including 3 new Witton 50 Club members, a new Witton 100 Club member, a new red 50 t-shirt owner and a personal double century!

As is traditional, let’s start with our new t-shirt owner: step forward Lea Mellody who finished in 70th position in 34:17 to earn her red milestone t-shirt for 50 parkruns completed! Lea ran her first parkrun in February 2017, at Witton’s 68th event, finishing in 38:03. She quickly became a regular parkrunner, running 22 times in total in 2017, with 19 of those coming at Witton. The other 3 were tourist runs at Preston, Haigh Woodland and joining the Witton masses on tour at Hyndburn parkrun’s 3rd ever event in November 2017. After getting nearly halfway to her milestone t-shirt in less than a year, it’s taken Lea a further 2 years to achieve her 50th parkrun. This was largely due to just 6 parkruns during 2018, 4 of which came at Witton alongside first visits to Ormskirk and Clitheroe Castle, before stepping up to 17 parkruns in 2019. 8 of these came at Witton, with return visits to Haigh Woodland, Ormskirk and Preston accompanying first visits to Fell Foot parkrun near Windermere, Lytham Hall, Morecambe Prom, Skipton, Croxteth Hall and Delamere parkruns. That put her on 45 parkruns and Lea has already run 5 times in 2020 to hit her milestone, with 3 of those coming at Witton alongside a first visit to Ellesmere Port and a return to Ormskirk last weekend. She has run at Witton’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th birthdays as well as our 200th event at the end of December. Her Witton PB for a long time stood at 35:19, earned at her 5th parkrun in April 2017 but 2019 has seen an upturn in form for Lea, with a new parkrun best of 30:44 earned at Lytham Hall in July and a new Witton PB of 34:19, knocking exactly a minute off her previous best, earned in November. Last weekend, she earned her first PB away from Witton on her visit to Ormskirk, knocking 35 seconds off her previous best for a new mark of 32:15 and followed it up on her 50th parkrun with a new Witton PB, only her third ever, knocking 2 seconds off for a new best of 34:17. Overall, 34 of Lea’s 50 parkruns have come at Witton, one of 13 venues she’s visited. Lea becomes the 105th person to earn her 50 t-shirt at Witton – congratulations on your achievement, Lea, next to the Witton 50 Club!


Next up is our new member of the Witton 100 Club, Blackburn Road Runner Irene Slater! Irene finished her 125th parkrun in 102nd position in 40:31 to become the 14th person to have run 100 times at Witton. She joined the parkrun community at Witton relatively swiftly, first running at Event #25 in March 2016, finishing in 41:41, and she must have enjoyed it as she came regularly throughout the year, running 7 times by the end of April alone and recording 4 PBs in that time, before running another in her only run of May to reduce her mark to 36:38 after just two months. In total, she ran 19 times in 2016, recording one further PB in November of 35:29. A further 29 runs at Witton came in 2017 and along with a couple of tourist runs over her first two years this enabled Irene to earn her red 50 milestone t-shirt at Hyndburn parkrun in November, when Witton went en masse for our Bonfire Night cancellation. She joined the Witton 50 Club just a few weeks later, in January 2018 at Event #114, the second of 29 runs at Witton that year and after 3 PBs in 2017, a further 2 came in 2018, culminating in her best ever Witton time of 32:47 in June 2018 at Event #133! Hampered by injury, 2019 saw a further 19 runs at Witton, matching her total from her first parkrun year 3 years earlier, but it also saw her earn her black milestone t-shirt, this time running at Witton’s 176th event in June and 4 more runs in 2020 have brought up her 100th Witton parkrun. Irene has run at all 4 of our birthday events and provided the music in the form of the Slater Family Band to the past 3 birthdays, as well as running our 50th, 100th, 150th and 200th parkruns and all 3 of our New Year’s Day parkruns in 2018, 2019 and 2020, also running her first Christmas Day parkrun a few months ago! In August 2019, she earned her purple volunteering t-shirt for 25 volunteering stints completed, all but one of which were in non-running capacities largely during her injury layoff. Irene becomes the 14th member and 8th female to join the Witton 100 Club and the 5th to complete all 100 on our Beast route! Well done, Irene, welcome to the club and here’s to the next 100!


Astonishingly, the Witton 50 Club gained 3 new members in a single day for the first time ever, led by a surprised Mark Almond in 7th position in a symmetrical 22:22. Blackburn Harrier Mark had no idea Saturday constituted his 50th Witton parkrun since making his Witton debut at our inaugural parkrun in August 2015. Mark ran his first parkrun in February 2011, running 9 times over the 4 years before Witton started up and he doubled his total with 9 runs in 2015 all at Witton, improving from 22:03 on his first visit to 19:55 in mid-December as a result of 6 PBs in 8 events. Mark ran 9 times in 2016 and 6 times in 2017, including our 100th event in October. 12 more runs in 2018 followed, his highest ever yearly total at Witton, with 11 runs in 2019 close behind and 3 successive runs at Witton in January and February have led to his joining the Witton 50 Club. Mark has never beaten his time from mid-December 2015, which came on our old course, but it is not for the want of trying: at Event #163 in February last year, he ran 19:56, just a second short of his previous best! I’m sure it can still happen, Mark! Welcome to the Witton 50 Club!


Our other two new members cannot be separated in any way: Clayton-le-Moors Harrier Paul Thompson and son Oliver have been Witton regulars since Event #73 in March 2017 when both ran their first parkruns. They both rapidly improved their initial 28:38, running 5 PBs in their first 8 returns up to September 2017 to come down to 26:04, with Oliver having to run with his dad due to being under 11. They formed a close team and were almost always seen together, Oliver running 13 times in 2017 to Paul’s 12, with the roles reversed a year later, Oliver running 15 times in 2018 to Paul’s 16. Their joint 50th parkruns came at their last run of 2018, at Event #153 in December, while in 2019, Oliver ran 16 times to Paul’s 18, requiring Paul to volunteer for a couple of weeks in early 2020 to allow Oliver, by now over 11 and allowed to run on his own, to catch up with dad by running 5 times to Paul’s 3 to both join the Witton 50 Club at the same time. Both men are now on 79 parkruns and will likely get close to if not run their 100th parkruns in 2020 and earn their black milestone t-shirts. It was a family affair too, with Paul’s parents, grandad George and grandma Katy Thompson along with Oliver’s brother Alfie all took part at Witton too, as the Thompsons became the first father and son duo to join the Witton 50 Club and the 5th parent-child combination after Lynda and Matthew Vernon, Pat and Sean Procter, Sandra and Emily Snape and Sharon and Matty Cocker. Paul’s PB came in March 2019 on a non-Oliver visit, when he ran 19:19, a time he is yet to better as having got Oliver to the age of 11, he now often runs alongside Alfie instead! Oliver, meanwhile, has continued to improve now he can run on his own, running 4 PBs between October 2018 and April 2019 to run 24:50 at Event #169, a time that wasn’t bettered until his 50th run on Saturday, when running alongside dad Paul for old time’s sake, Oliver ran a stonking 23:53, bettering his Witton best by virtually a minute! It’s exciting to see what you’re capable of in the coming years Oliver, and it’s great you keep coming with your dad – Paul, thanks for being part of the Witton family and here’s to many more runs in the future!


Finally, a little personal milestone, as I ran my 200th parkrun on Saturday. Though still 50 away from an official t-shirt, this is undoubtedly a significant milestone and one I could barely have imagined when I came down for my first parkrun in September 2015 at Witton’s 4th event. I’d heard of parkrun a year later but had been waiting for one locally to start up and when I heard of one beginning in Witton Park at the end of August, I was keen to go along. I wasn’t in any way a runner though, and didn’t fancy going alone, so I had to wait for my friend, Scott Smith, to be free on a Saturday morning and we both nervously headed down, joining nearly 200 people at the old start line near the car park to await our first 5k. It was hard, it was long, and it took until Thursday before our bodies stopped aching! Nevertheless, we returned the following week and quickly became regulars. I ran 12 times in the last 4 months of 2015, recording 7 personal bests along the way from an initial 33:25 to an eventual 28:36 at the end of November. I ran my first tourist run at Preston in December 2015 and this has continued apace ever since. In 2016, I suffered my first injury, tripping on a tree root on the descent of the Beast in March and bashing my shin up. It was during this time that Michelle suggested volunteering to me (I was astonished she even knew my name!) and I marshalled for the first time before tail walking when my leg felt better. Parkrun was now a regular part of my Saturday morning routine and in the middle of 2016, I was able to get my parents involved, mum running and dad volunteering, and it became a family activity. Further tourism runs followed across the region, while in May 2016 I succeeded in bettering my PB on the harder Beast course, reducing my time to 28:17 at Event #33. It’s safe to say I’d caught the parkrun bug: 41 runs in 2016 was followed by 48 in 2017 and 49 in 2018 and another 44 in 2019. My PB gradually improved: at Witton, my best now stands at 26:32 at Event #168 in March 2019, while my parkrun PB came a year earlier when I ran for the first time at Ormskirk parkrun, astonishing myself with a time of 24:46, to date still my only sub-25 minute parkrun. Since mid-2018, I’ve been part of the Witton Run Directing team, which has curtailed my parkrunning ever so slightly, but I am still very lucky to be able to run as often as I do, while I am rapidly approaching a century of run reports now, another role I am happy to fill. I am currently tied with Anwar Khan for the most Witton runs of anyone, with 165 runs to our names, while my other 35 have come at 16 different venues: Preston (6 times), Haigh Woodland (5 times), Burnley (4 times), Cuerden Valley and Bolton (3 times), Heaton Park, Ormskirk and Hyndburn (twice) and Centre Vale, Watergrove, Bodelwyddan Castle, Pendle, York, Clitheroe Castle, Conwy and Worsley Woods (once). I’ve run all 4 of Witton’s birthday runs, our 50th, 100th, 150th and 200th parkruns and our first and second Runs for Norman. I’ve also been part of all 3 New Year’s Day parkruns, running a double for the first time in 2019, before barcode scanning at Witton on New Year’s Day this year. I was the second person to join the Witton 50 and Witton 100 Clubs (behind Anwar) and beat him to be first into the Witton 150 Club by a single week. I ran my 50th parkrun at Witton Event #60 in December 2016 and was able to have a major celebration on December 23rd 2017, running my 100th parkrun and earning my 25th volunteering credit all on my 29th birthday! I’m the 5th member of the Witton 50 Club to reach 200 parkruns (after Anwar Khan, Aimie Wormald, Jon Carberry and Sue Duckworth) and the third person who started their parkrun journey at Witton to do so (after Cameron Ashton and Janice Parker) but I’m the first Witton 50 Club member who STARTED at Witton to achieve the milestone, so that’s my little claim to fame! Parkrun is a huge part of my life now, I’ve made so many friends and created so many memories and I look forward to all the adventures and milestones to come in the future and hope to share them with as many of you as possible. Whew – milestones almost done!


Others who earned notable milestones on Saturday included:

Judy Alderson – 275 runs

Scott Smith – 180 runs

Bruce Elliott (Darwen Dashers) – 180 runs

Irene Slater (Blackburn Road Runners) – 125 runs

Bill Dwyer – 125 runs

Paul Jeffries (Blackburn Harriers) – 30 runs

Tiyra Slaam – 30 runs

Julie Graves – 30 runs

Matt Lovick – 25 runs

Shiobhan Rogers – 10 runs

Joanne Cordingley (Darwen Running Group) – 10 runs

Ian Bibby – 1 run

Iain Watt – 1 run

Fahad Hussain – 1 run

Howard Phillips – 1 run

Lian Frankland – 1 run

Lewis Chivers – 1 run

Chris Hibbert – 1 run

Steven Bedford – 1 run

Harry Bedford – 1 run

Karen Hibbert – 1 run

Lois Holden – 1 run


For the fifth time in 8 events, we had more than 10 first-time parkrunners join us, 11 to be exact. By comparison, the previous 5 occasions with 10 or more first timers took 41 events over the entire course of 2019! It’s great to see this recent spike of new visitors and I want to offer you all a warm welcome to parkrun! We hope you enjoyed your first experience and were excited to receive your first finishing times. You’re one run closer to your first milestone t-shirt, available after 50 parkruns, unless you happen to be a junior parkrunner, in which case you need to run 9 more before you earn a white milestone t-shirt! Hopefully, you saw how friendly and inclusive the parkrun community is and got plenty of encouragement on your way round. We hope to see you again soon! 23 of the 70 people who have made their parkrun debuts at Witton so far in 2020 have already run at least once more at Witton, with one of them (Graeme Dawson) already having run 4 times in 6 Witton parkruns in 2020! In total, 25 of the 59 people who had run their first parkrun at Witton in 2020 prior to Saturday have run again, whether at Witton or elsewhere, already completing 79 parkruns between them! Here’s to many more to come!


Others on the cusp of a milestone parkrun include:

Barry Shackleton (Darwen Dashers) – 459 runs

Darren Lamb – 259 runs

Paul Holloway (Bournville Harriers) – 229 runs

Matthew Jones (Rochdale Harriers) – 199 runs

Ian Goodliffe (Blackburn Road Runners) – 149 runs

Sandra Snape (Blackburn Road Runners) – 139 runs

Suzanne Ferrandino (Blackburn GroupRun) – 139 runs

Emily Snape – 89 runs

Jane Magee – 79 runs

Oliver Thompson – 79 runs

Paul Thompson (Clayton-le-Moors Harriers) – 79 runs

James Kay (Preston Harriers) – 39 runs

Terence Kennedy (Blackburn GroupRun) – 19 runs

Liz Lord – 19 runs

Tracy Slater – 9 runs

Keziah Bowlin (Community Church Blackburn) – 9 runs

Jane Pilkington – 9 runs

Hugh Snape – 9 runs (t-shirt alert!!!)


Another 22 wonderful people helped make Witton’s 206th event a success and almost every volunteering position was filled once more. This includes John Crellin and Neelam Hussain who both marshalled at Witton for the first time and Stacy Feeney and Karen Rishton, who both did so for the second time! This week’s full roster of hi-vis heroes includes:

John CRELLIN • Aimie WORMALD • Michelle SEARBY • Bryan SEARBY • Matthew VERNON • Scott SMITH • Lorna PICKUP • Lynda VERNON • Alan VERNON • Ian GOODLIFFE • Stacy FEENEY • Dean HOWARD • Jeanette HINDLE • John KEARNEY • Karen RISHTON • Lucy EASTWOOD • Clare EASTWOOD • Alice EASTWOOD • Niamh ROGERS • Niamh ROBERTSON • Emma HAYES • Neelam HUSSAIN


Remember, Witton parkrun cannot happen every week without people like you giving up an hour or so of your time on a Saturday morning to allow around 100 people to run, jog and walk 5k. We’re always looking for more recruits and, so far, we have had little trouble during 2020 in filling the volunteer roster week-to-week. That said, we’re still early in the year and there’s plenty more events ahead of us so please consider offering your services one week. There’s lots of roles available, particularly in the marshalling positions, where the only major requirements are to point people in the right direction, smile and be as vocal and encouraging as possible! It’s great to see parkrun from a different perspective and we have data from parkrun HQ that says it does wonders for your mental wellbeing too! If you’d like to offer your services, keep an eye out on our Facebook page (Witton parkrun) for volunteer requests, or simply contact us either through the Facebook page or via wittonhelpers@parkrun.com and we’ll pop you on the roster!


Remember, the more people offer up their services, the less we all individually need to do and the more we can all take part however we like! Our ED, Michelle, is keen to run at least once a month during 2020 and hasn’t yet taken part in February, so it would be great if we had so many volunteers that she could take part in one of the next few weeks. Also, this week, we need an extra little boost, as my dad – usually a reliable marshal – won’t be at Saturday’s parkrun, putting us one down from the get-go. He, like myself and my mum, will be on a coach by the time parkrun begins, heading down to London to watch Blackburn Rovers take on Charlton Athletic! It was a wrench to miss a parkrun, but sometimes needs must!


The round-up now, and as is becoming traditional, it’s another discussion of attendance as for the 8th consecutive event we had an attendance in excess of 100. This is now just 3 events shy of the record of 11 consecutive events above 100 set over our first 10 events. Our attendance of 122 was slightly higher than last week’s 117 and brings our cumulative total over the past 8 events to exactly 1200 attendees, at an average of 150 per event! Among them have been 313 people taking on Witton for the first time, of which 90 have completed their first ever parkruns! So many brilliant numbers!

Witton masses

Witton 100 Club member Scott Smith ran his 25th consecutive Witton parkrun on Saturday, a run dating back to Event #182 in mid-August last year. This is now the joint-2nd longest run in Witton history, alongside Bernie Johnson and 12 behind Anwar Khan’s all-time record of 37. If he runs next Saturday (spoiler alert: he will!) then he will overtake Bernie to take second outright, while simultaneously becoming the third person to join the Witton 150 Club! What a week it will be!


We saw no less than 4 changes to our Most Experienced parkrunners Seen at Witton table this weekend, starting with the first return of 2020 by Darwen Dasher Barry Shackleton, who extended his own record as the most experienced parkrunner ever to run at Witton, running his 459th parkrun on Saturday – an astonishing figure. To give some idea of how many parkruns that is, there are less than 250 parkrunners in the entire world who have run more parkruns than Barry. It was Barry’s 32nd parkrun at Witton, the most of any on the list.


Astonishingly, the other 3 additions to the list barely even make the top 20 anymore, despite all 3 having run in excess of 300 parkruns! In 20th position, we have Richard Barton, who was running his 322nd parkrun on Saturday. This was not Richard’s first visit to Witton but was the first to put him in the company above, as his only previous visit came way back at Event #26 in March 2016! Next was Red Rose Road Runner Matt Cartwright, who ran his 316th parkrun on Saturday, putting him in 24th position overall. Like Richard, this was not Matt’s first visit to Witton, although it was the first to count, with his previous visit being for Event #150 in November 2018. In total, Matt has run 7 times at Witton, an unusually high number on this particular list, with just Barry and Karen Shackleton (32 and 31 respectively) and Martin Brady (also 7) having more credits to their name at Witton. Last but not least was David Alderson, who ran his 314th parkrun at Witton on Saturday, the 26th most seen but the 19th highest by someone running at Witton for the first time, which David was. David has run a whopping 269 of his 314 parkruns at Gateshead parkrun in the North East, with a further 18 at Newcastle parkrun to his name. Witton becomes his 12th different parkrun venue, a list which also includes a pilgrimage to parkrun’s spiritual home, Bushy parkrun in London! We have now had exactly 30 people run at Witton who have completed 300 parkruns or more! I wonder how long before one of our Witton regulars joins the list..?


We had another 26 participants who were able to make use of the good conditions underfoot to earn a new PB on Saturday. This is the most at a single event since Event #199 on Christmas Day when we had 30, however that was over a bigger field. 26 out of 122 represents 21.3% of the field on Saturday, the highest percentage of the field to earn a PB in the same week since 26.1% of the 88 runners for Event #194 in November earned a PB! Well done to all those who boarded the PB Express on Saturday!


I am also pleased to report we only had 3 unknowns on Saturday, the lowest since our New Year’s Day event, when we also had 3, and the lowest for a regular Saturday since Event #197 at the start of December, when we had just 2. Perhaps we’re doing better at remembering our barcodes! I’ll make a confession too: for my 200th parkrun, I forgot to put my wristband on during the Saturday morning rush and only realised when we were turning in to Witton Park! Luckily, I was prepared, and had one in my wallet just in case, while in pulling my wallet out post-run, another barcode stuffed in the side pocket of my bag popped out instead! You can never have too many barcodes!


I hope you liked our new bibs on display for the first time this weekend. A notice came through a few weeks ago from parkrun HQ that new events were being given new pink bibs at startup and existing events were welcome to trade in their yellow vests for new ones too if they wanted to. Michelle said yes, and they arrived in time for Saturday's run. My initial trepidation, having seen a pink hi-vis vest on display at the school I work at proved unfounded, with these a deep pink colour in keeping with parkrun's sponsor Vitality's signature colour and I think they add a welcome splash of colour to proceedings!


Notices now, and I am forced to revisit a notice from a few weeks ago, as we are still having a few issues with junior parkrunners under 11 running without a responsible adult. It is parkrun policy that under 11s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times before, during and after their parkrun for their own safety. On a course like Witton, this becomes even more important, given our challenging terrain and plentiful woodland tree cover, both of which could cause issues for young people who could fall and hurt themselves, get lost or be at risk of abduction. I should hasten to add that in 206 events and 189 on the Beast, we have never had any issue with any of the scenarios listed above, but they remain real possibilities and it is important that young people are properly supervised during their runs, however familiar they may be with the course or the volunteers. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I repeat if we have instances of persistent offending, you may be contacted by the parkrun UK safeguarding team and results are liable to be deleted. It’s also important that no junior should ever feel like it is their fault: the responsibility lies solely with the designated responsible adult, and if no adult has been sought or found, the parent in question. With this in mind, we would appreciate it if under 11s could make it clear before the run who they will be running with, to remove any doubt and that person must be within arm’s reach of the under 11 throughout the run. It’s such an easy fix, so please can we all take notice of the requests please, for everyone’s safety. Thank you!

Hugh and Paul

Witton’s next special event will be on Saturday February 29th, 2020, when we will be hosting our first ever Leap Day parkrun. This is the first time that Leap Day has fallen on a Saturday since parkrun began in 2004 and it won’t fall on a Saturday again until 2048! At Witton, it’s an even more special event, as it marks Witton core team member Lorna Pickup’s 40th birthday (or should that be 10th?) and in her honour, we’re holding a special 80s-themed parkrun so dig out your leg warmers and shell suits and head down for a Witton parkrun like no other!


Then, a week later, on March 7th, we’re proud to say we’ll be part of the International Women’s Day parkruns taking place worldwide under the This Girl Can initiative. In a bid to increase parkrun uptake among the female population, we’d like to encourage all Wittoners to bring a female friend or relative to parkrun for the first time. So, if you’ve got that one friend who has point blank refused to do a parkrun because they think they’ll be too slow or look stupid then now is the time to tell them to stop complaining and come on down! It’s going to be a brilliant celebration: we’ll have some special goodies from parkrun HQ to have some fun with and it’s bound to be a wonderful event ripe for making memories!


Lots to look forward to in the coming weeks at Witton, but for now I hope you enjoy Witton’s 207th event on Saturday and that Storm Dennis follows Storm Ciara’s lead and holds off until Sunday at the least!

See you soon,

Matthew Vernon #loveparkrun #loveWittonparkrun