Run Report 4th September 2021 – Event No. 372

Thanks very much to Christine Rowley, who has again written a run report for us, as well as doing our First Timers’ briefing and canvassing more support as Volunteer Co-ordinator. Three roles in one! Thanks also to everyone who offered to volunteer in future weeks.

“It was overcast but quite warm for this morning’s run. Those of you who walked across the park will have seen how splendid the flowerbeds look, the Council’s gardening team doing an excellent job as always.
As I was Volunteer Co-ordinator, I thought I’d focus on the volunteers today. Had a chat with 18 of them and found out that between us we had volunteered on at least 344 occasions, that’s getting on for 20 each. Some people prefer volunteering to running, others volunteer when injured or for other health-related reasons. This week a special mention is due to Veronika Foster who was combining marshalling with being 36 weeks pregnant!
The majority of volunteers however are runners who have given up their own run to make a contribution, often responding to a late email when there are gaps in the rota. What a difference it would make to the core team’s job if everyone who ran volunteered even just once or twice a year.
As the runners streamed in, clipboard at the ready I sallied forth to seek out more volunteers. Some runners looked straight through me, others just gave a shake of the head or muttered something inaudible. One woman, when asked if she would like to volunteer, replied “No,” abruptly, while glaring at me as if I had suggested something quite inappropriate and possibly immoral!
Several people told me that they couldn’t volunteer as they came from Telford. For a while, I thought that maybe this had become an all-purpose excuse whose arrival I had missed; the modern equivalent of “the cheque’s in the post”. However, it transpired that the Telford run had been cancelled, the route being blocked due to heavy rains. This was quite ironic as several of our regular runners had gone off to get Pretty Muddy in Birmingham. They probably had to import the mud there.
One man said that he couldn’t volunteer as he ran marathons. I wasn’t entirely sure how the one precluded the other. To be fair, he did begin a complicated explanation but I had to excuse myself to gather more names...
But in the end, it was very heartening that a good number of people came forward for the next few weeks. Being a glass half-full sort of person, I am sure that all those who promised to volunteer when they had checked their diaries will also be in touch…. And finally, if you have never volunteered and have racked up a fair few runs, why not consider giving it a shot? “

Congratulations to Laurence Shakespeare, Steve Warrilow and Kevin Hever, who all ran their 50th parkruns today!!

This week 339 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 56 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 23 volunteers: Jonathan HARPER • Anna BARRELL • Nerys JONES • Tim RICHARDSON • James ELSBY • Bruno MUSTONE • Philip EVANS • Martin NELLANY • Veronika ULICNA • Philip EVANS • David SMITH • Bertie SWIFT • Tony TAVERNOR • Peter YEUNG • Victoria SMITH • Sandeep RANDHAWA • Christine ROWLEY • Joshua SMITH • Darren QUINN • Sharon WRIGHT • Sondesh KUMAR • Zoe SMITH • Sharon ELSON
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Wolverhampton parkrun Results Page.