Woodbank parkrun is cancelled on 18 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Run Report 15/02/20 – #546

Having decided to brave Storm Dennis we (Vikki, Tracey & Jan) travelled from Northwich, arriving safely after having to take a detour off the M56.
Arriving at the parkrun we hoped the rain would stay off but unfortunately not and as we waited on the start line we debated whether we should just find the nearest Wetherspoons and forget the run but we all had challenges we were looking to complete.
The RD made a couple of sad announcements of Woodbank parkrun enthusiasts who had passed away recently (Dave Ardern A43127 & Eric Normansell A55699) and both were given a fitting round of applause. On a happier note one couple who had met at Woodbank were running today before their wedding. Congratulations to Dave Wild A187651 & Vicky Taylor A5654547.
So we and 203 other parkrun addicts set off in the wind and rain, with one poor runner losing his shoe in the mud and made our way round the first loop. Making our way through the small woodland section and through a gate to meet the hill for the first time. And what a hill!! The views were amazing and the hill was steep!! Not good for my knees. Not sure what was worse - going down or going back up. Under an arch, along the slippery cobbles past the bowling greens, out of the gates, past the carpark and back towards where we started but looping round in the opposite direction this time. Back round and down the hill again following the route as before and finishing just through the woodland section with some sweet treat rewards.
207 runners completed the course today including 35 first timers and 16 new personal bests.
The Marshalls and fellow runners were very friendly and very supportive. Well done Woodbank. We will be back!

A1306869 Jan Whalley
A2692332 Vikki Casey
A759172 Tracey Greer


Run Report, 16/11/19 – #533

This morning we had a brief break from the rain which enabled all of the runners, joggers and walkers to remain dry. In fact, personally I think the weather was fantastic for running in – not too cold where your toes are about to drop off but not too warm either.

This week we had 179 people join us at Woodbank. We had 4 people completely new to parkrun (Andrew Whittaker, James Shone, Madeline Hill and Jessica Parr) – welcome! I hope you enjoyed your run today and you will soon join us again. We also had 11 running at Woodbank for the first time including some tourists from Norwich and Lincolnshire. I hope you love this park as much as I do. This parkrun consists of 1 small loop around Woodbank park, then 2 larger loops around Woodbank park and into Vernon park. Woodbank park is absolutely stunning at this time of year when the leaves start to turn golden. There is a large incline which you complete twice but once you have done it the rest of the route is quite flat…until you reach the hill once again. It’s a wonderful route if you enjoy a challenge.

Congratulations to the 23 participants who bagged themselves a personal best today. I hope you celebrate your success.

A special mention to our top 3 finishers:
  1. Stephen Crook (18:41)
  2. Chris Turner (20:10)
  3. Frank Tota (20:36)
  1. Alice Davies (21:15)
  2. Ellie Wright (24:47) PB
  3. Abby Harman (24:56) PB

Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to our volunteers! These events would not be made possible if it wasn’t for these wonderful individuals.

Alan MELVIN • Amy HARRIS • Andrew HODSON • Ann SINGLETON • Brian HOLLAND • Carl RYDER • Christine HAWLEY • Donald FRASER • Helen Elizabeth TODD • Margaret MEAKIN • Michael THIRSK • Stuart BELL • Susan HOLLAND.

This event is run by volunteers who love running; if you want to join us, find out more on our volunteering page.



Run Report, 19/10/19 – #529

This week we had 186 runners– congratulations to everyone who got out of bed and attended Woodbank parkrun today. I’ve ran at Woodbank a few times in the past and it is one of my favourites due to its beautiful location. Luckily, the rain stayed away today and it was a nice crisp autumn morning. Thank you very much to Woodbank for allowing me to write this run report, I am grateful for being granted this opportunity.

An astounding 20 people were new to Woodbank today and a special mention to Martha Whitehead, Ben Bland, Allie Addey, Faye Birkby, Kate Jones, Liam Eccles, Jake Stothard, Zoe Crick, Katy Tetley, Craig Robinson, Dylan Mistry, George Hibbs, Kate Sanderson, Jessica Egan, Trevor Egan, Siobhan Powner, Oliver Eadon, Michael Powner, Seana Towey and Robyn Whittaker – I can guarantee you will get the parkrun bug! Today marked 50 parkruns for David Sykes and 250 parkruns for Jill Clayton-Smith, congratulations these are huge milestones, I hope you enjoyed your run today and enjoy celebrating your achievements.

The course is situated in a scenic park and allows runners to explore the beautiful memorial park – there’s also a superb view of Stockport at the top of the hill. It consists of two large loops and a smaller loop. There is a large incline but.... it’s quite a nice one (if that exists!!) and you do this twice in total. Overall, I really enjoyed this course. I really enjoy this parkrun because I find it very spacious. A lot of parkruns are quite tight and busy at the first kilometre but this one isn’t like that. Thank you to all the marshals who offered lots of support and kind words.

There was a staggering number of personal bests (23 RUNNERS!!) today, a huge congratulations to everyone! You should all feel extremely proud of yourselves.

A huge well done to our top 3 finishers


  1. Oliver Bernstein (19:23)
  2. Thomas Egan (19:33)
  3. John Williams (21:11)


  1. Faye Birkby (19:56)
  2. Clare Finch (26:32)
  3. Lj Woodward (26:50)

A special mention to Owen Chen who achieved the first under 10 position in an impressive 32:47. This was his 13th Parkrun – well done!!

As usual, parkrun could not have happened without its volunteers and the team at Woodbank are fantastic and very welcoming! I highly recommend putting this parkrun onto your parkrun bucket list especially if you’re looking for a scenic route with the element of a challenge. I look forward to returning to this event in the future!



Run Report, 05/10/2019 – #527

This weekend saw me revisit a local parkrun for my third visit to Woodbank parkrun. I must firstly thank the core volunteer team for granting me a volunteer role that still allowed me to run the course. Thankfully, the weather held out and we had a dry run. The park is looking fantastic as the trees change for autumn and as usual, there are excellent views over Manchester. There was a party atmosphere to celebrate parkrun’s 15 th birthday! The course is 3 laps (but only 2 goes at the hill!)

This week 178 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Well done to everyone who took part! Nine people visited Woodbank for the first time, special mention to Harry Bartley who completed his first ever parkrun today. Welcome to the parkrun family Harry, we are sure you will catch the parkrun bug! There were an impressive 28 personal bests set today, well done to everyone for a fantastic effort!

Colin Mandy was first across the line in 20:36, Alan Dakin was second in 20:47 and third was Connor Melvin in 21:12. Alice Davies was first female home in a time of 21:42, Sofia Tavini was second in 21:49 and third was Saffron Meade in 23:22. Well done to all our runners today!

As usual, parkrun could not have happened without its volunteers and the team at Woodbank are fantastic and very welcoming! I look forward to returning to this event in the future! If you haven’t volunteered before, I encourage you to give it a go, you won’t regret it! See you next Saturday, don’t forget your barcode!



Run Report, 21/09/19 – #525

Having spent the week in Newcastle and then Friday night at a gig in Bury, my Saturday morning plans were to stay in bed and do nothing. When you are a member of the parkrun family though, your body does tend to wake up very early to remind you that it’s parkrun day, the best day of the week.

The easy option would be to walk the 500m to my home parkrun at Stretford but I’ve got the travelling bug at the moment and after being away from home all week, going on another parkrun adventure seemed like the best option. With all the options on the parkrun map, Woodbank parkrun jumped out and ticked all the boxes.

It has easy parking, toilets provided by the nice people at Stockport Harriers, and a lovely friendly welcome. Usually, “fairly flat” is part of my criteria but having not read the manual, Run Director Alan reminded all of us that “Woodbank is a proper parkrun” It's a proper park with a proper history, presented to the town of Stockport by Sir Thomas Rowbotham in 1921 to honour those Stockport men who made the ultimate sacrifice doing the Great War. A total of 90 acres a short walk from Stockport town centre which is a fitting tribute to the fallen but also a real jewel in the crown of the town too.

It just feels fitting that a park, a memorial park, still brings people together to enjoy its beauty and those hills, which a fellow parkrunner told me about on the start line, as a "Welcome to Woodbank parkrun" sort of thing.

Today, 161 people ran, walked, jogged and participated in their own way around Woodbank parkrun with Andes and Sofia being today’s first finishers. Today’s top age-grade finishers were Alan (72.04%) and Melanie (69.82%) with 13 personal bests on, what is, a really interesting, beautiful and challenging parkrun course. Well done to everyone taking part today on, what was a beautiful morning, which Alan notes as being part in the sunshine and part in the shade.

Event #525 saw 8 people completing their very first parkruns and 22 people, like me, visiting Woodbank parkrun for the first time.

And then there were the two milestones. Malik completed parkrun #50 today. Welcome to the club Malik and congratulations with 48 parkruns completed at Woodbank and the other two at Burnage and Bramhall.

It was an honour and a privilege to chat very briefly with the other park runner achieving a milestone today. Huge congratulations to Rachel on the completion of your parkrun #300 with 288 at Woodbank. It takes dedication and commitment to run that many parkruns and I’d like to say a massive well done to you Rachel and it was lovely talking to you. You were generous and humble, a real advert for all that is good about parkrun and your home parkrun.

And that’s what I love about visiting a new parkrun now and then, one I haven’t run before. The people, the friendliness and the conversation with people you’ve never met before. The thing connecting us being that it is free, weekly and timed. Woodbank was tough for me. It was a real challenge getting up those hills but it was worth it because it is such a beautiful course that has ups and downs, a bit of trail with trees around you and a pretty little bridge on the hill as you pass the villa. I’m sure I’m like most people, questioning why I’m running up a steep hill on a Saturday morning when I could be in bed but after it’s all done, it’s always such a joy and the hills are forgotten, even celebrated.

Going back to the car, I spoke to a regular at Woodbank called Roberto who told me all about the park and how great the parkrun is. He also sold the idea of the alternative course to me so I will have to return. Woodbank parkrun must be doing something right when regulars like Roberto talk so passionately about what the volunteers and parkrunners who make every Saturday.

Thank you to all the volunteers this morning for making Woodbank parkrun happen and thank you to RD Alan for a proper parkrun and a proper run briefing. All parkruns are weekly, timed and 5km and they all offer something unique. Woodbank is no different to that and the best bit? The finish in the trees closely followed by those ascents up that hill with that little bridge above. With days like today - the weather, the 300 milestone - it’s good to be thankful that Sir Thomas gifted the park to Stockport. Thank you again Woodbank volunteers and parkrunners for another great parkrun morning.


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