Run Report 16/03/2019 Event 498

For many new to parkrun, we celebrate a certain number of runs. 10 for juniors, a logo and previously a ‘free’ t-shirt. 25 volunteering, 50th run, 100th run, 250 runs and 500 runs, for all with a logo and ‘free’ t-shirt.

One of the many positive elements of parkrun is *making*friends*. A wonderful example of this is today. Many of us were here today to celebrate the 100th milestone of a friend created via parkrun!

Some 100th parkrun statistis (UK time trails as it was then known)

1st event was at Bushy park on 2nd October 2004 with 13 lucky participants,
-- they held their 100th event on 12th August 2006, 226 participants,
-- and today they held their 780th event with 1234 participants, 54 volunteers.

Woodbank was parkrun location number 18th (in the UK and the world!!) which began on 22nd August 2009 with 59 participants, 15 volunteers,
-- they held their 100th event on 30th July 2011, 111 participants and 8 volunteers.
-- celebrating its 498th event today with 157 participants, 18 volunteers.

The 100th parkrun location in the UK was at Mile End on 4th February 2012, 63 participants and 7 volunteers.
-- they held their 100th event on 28th December 2013, 53 participants and 5 volunteers.
-- and today they held their 371th event, 387 participants and 18 volunteers.

The 100th parkrun in the world was at Sewerby, held on 5th November 2011, 31 participants and 4 volunteers.
-- they held their 100th event on 12th October 2013, 188 participants and 18 volunteers.
-- and today they held their 380th event, 134 participants and 18 volunteers.

The weather was awful, as we were celebrating we did request more agreeable weather however the request must have become lost!
It had been raining all night, sometimes heavy and lots of wind. The ground in places saturated and streams running across paths, no ducks to be found though.

Our run director gave the introduction, announcements and guidance before setting us off…
* Megan PHILLIPS set off for their 10th parkrun. As a junior was rewarded with a change of logo, and may be in the future the free t-shirts will return.
* Ian RENSHAW set off to complete their 50th parkrun and their first change of logo.
* Jane DEAVILLE and Hilary PARKER, set off to compete their 100th.
* Stephen BROWN set off to complete their 200th parkrun
**Congratulations** as all completed successfully.

We were here today for Hilary (photo below!).

We first met Hilary when she was a volunteer tailwalker at a parkrun. She has her own unique parkrun style which brings colour and smiles to events.
Hilary began her parkrun journey at Woodbank in July 2014 to be able to run at obstacle races which she has achieved. Over the years and her 100 parkruns she has visited 21 locations and volunteered as marshal and tailwalker in that time.
She later joined the Davenport runners and improved with the wonderful support and friendships they also give.
Her personal best is about 34 minutes and her ideal aim is for better health and return to those times.
Not content with a very wet and cold 100th celebration, Hilary went on to complete a 10k the next morning!

Woodbank was definitely a brighter parkrun with so many of Hilary’s friends and Davenport runners in wonderful colourful tutus and headdresses. It was great to be able to support an amazing friend and have so much colour on such a dull and difficult day!

At the end of all the participants is our Tail Walker, no one is officially ever last at a parkrun and this week our wonderful volunteer was Shelagh. Accompanying her were those who due to health or other running is not their forte, however all braved the elements and a step closer to a milestone, and appreciative of being able to take part in such an event when many others are unable to do so.

A lovely group of 28 volunteered to make this cold, wet, soggy event possible and looked after 157 brave (mad) successful participants. All involved either gave up their own run and or took themselves out, into a cold morning to make our ‘run’ possible.

Participants included regulars, 6% tourists, 6% paddled to achieved a personal best, 4% who kept their identity a secret or forgot their barcode and 3% very courageous first timers (we hope you enjoyed it and to see you again).

* Robert RADFORD completed their 49th, so happy planning for your 50th!
* Ali ALSAADI completed their 149th, so happy planning for your 150th!
* Samantha Jane THOMAS completed their 199th, so happy planning for your 200th!
* Nicola SCOTT completed their 249th, so happy planning for your 250th!

If you would like to see a full list of results you will find these at:

**Thank you** to all the amazing volunteers (only 13% of participants have gained their 25th volunteer award) who either gave up their own run and or took themselves out into a drenching, cold morning to make our park’run’ possible.

We hope you all had a lovely start to your Saturday and a safe journey home.

( - : R J M : - )
( - : with Hilary : - )


The Big 250 by Helen Todd

At Event #480, I reached my 250 parkrun milestone along with Gavin Eyquem, so there was a double helping of cake, flapjack and biscuits! The day was bright and breezy and all the trees along the approach to the stadium were decorated with poppy wreaths for Remembrance weekend.

For me, 171 of these 250 runs have been at Woodbank, 44 at Burnage and 14 in London (where my two sons and their families live) including Greenwich, Fulham Palace and Southwark. If you’re ever on holiday on the West coast of Ireland, there’s a lovely parkrun at Knocknacarra, Galway. I’m now a parkrun addict – I listen to “freeweeklytimed” podcast, I’ve got the paperback, the hardback photo book, two leisure T-shirts, the wristband and the purple Volunteer 25 top – my favourite.

At Woodbank Event #1 in 2009, I was a marshal. I ran my first parkrun at event #3 and came in 18th position  – not because I was particularly fast, but because there were only 44 runners taking part. How Woodbank parkrun has grown!

On Saturday there were 145 runners, 27 were first timers to Woodbank , 14 of which were running a parkrun for the very first time and there were 17 new PBs. There were tourists from the Isle of Man, Greenwich and Munich.

Just a few seconds separated the first three Senior Men. First to finish was David Ardern in 19:04, followed by Timothy Barker in 19:11 (a first timer to Woodbank),  then Aiden Moyles in 19:14. First Lady home was Michelle Newall in 24:39, second was Shereen Eadsforth in 25:21 (a first time parkrunner) and Rachael Turner was third in 25:34.

Another first timer to Woodbank was the Tail WalkerMichelle Steer, assisted by our regular Tail Walker, Mike Thirsk.

Now that I’ve reached by 250 target, it’s time to do somemore volunteering. My favourite role is Finish Tokens as you get to say “Well done” to everyone. Thank goodness the tokens have changed from the freezing cold metal discs they once were!

Happy parkrunning and DFYB!

Helen Todd ( A39909)


Run Report #411- 15/07/17

This is my first visit to Woodbank on my 316th parkrun, and it gets me to tick off one more North West parkrun venue in the quest to become a local regionairre. I have 11 of the 51 North West parkruns left to go. Of course, I did a little research on the course before I came and was a little nervous about the climb but my home parkrun is Bolton and they have their own Cruella de Hill which needs climbing twice, just like Woodbank, so I was used to it. Even so, it didn’t make the inclines any easier when they came, especially the second time around.

There is an elevation trace which shows the course as having 250 feet of climb. Woodbank is rated at #391 out of 446 UK parkruns, which means that there are only 55 parkruns in the country considered more difficult.

When I got up on Saturday morning and saw the clouds and the gloomy weather report from the BBC I feared for a wet parkrun, and even though it was warm rain, just a few minutes before 9am it started to trickle down, but then the parkrun gods did their work and it stayed away for the whole of the run and the post-mortem afterwards.

There was a bit of excitement at the start when the Run Director gave us the instructions and then counted us down 3-2-1 Go …… NO! Stop! We had forgotten to say well done to Peta for her 250th parkrun so back we came and gave her a huge round of applause (more about Peta later in the report).

And then, 3-2-1-Go! And this time, we really were underway with 144 runners, 26 above the Woodbank average setting off on the slight downhill start.

First to finish was Llyr Hughes from Manchester Tri Club in 19:04. This was his 7th visit to Woodbank in his 27th parkrun and the first time he has finished in first place, having previously been 2nd and 3rd. He was 43 seconds in front of 2nd placed Ben Snell of Stockport Harriers who finished in 19:47 and they were the only two runners on the day to run under 20 minutes. This was a new Personal Best time for Ben, taking 7 seconds from his time set in May last year, and it is the 2nd time in 31 visits to Woodbank that he has run under 20 minutes.

First Lady to finish was Joanne Street of Sale Harriers who finished in 13th place overall in  a new Personal Best time of 23:05 which took 36 seconds from her time of 6 weeks ago. Although she was over a minute in front of the 2nd placed Lady, the next three had a fine battle going on finishing in 17th, 18th and 19th respectively. Samantha Thomas of Stockport Harriers came out on top, followed by Laura Murphy, and just one second further back was Sue Garrone, also of Stockport Harriers. Sue achieved a Personal Best time of 24:00 in her 110th visit to Woodbank, and taking 8 seconds from her time of May 2016 so obviously the challenge of the other two ladies in the chasing group inspired her to glory.

There were 24 runners who managed to run a Personal Best time. At Woodbank parkrun the average number of Personal Bests achieved per week is 20 so we were slightly above the usual average.

CATEGORY RECORDS: There were no new category records set today.

The most recent new category record was set in the Vets Mens 80 category when Chris Bryans ran 32:21 in March this year.

The oldest senior category record stands from July 2010 when Sarah Aylmer ran 20:54 in the Vets Womens 45 category. Come on girls – 7 years is a long time and it’s time someone beat it.

There were 16 First Timers who joined the parkrun party at Woodbank this week of which 6 were running a parkrun for the very first time and joining the ever growing parkrun family. At Woodbank we average 14 First Timers every week, so again, just over the average.

71 runners were ladies and 73 were men, and there were 3 juniors. Don’t forget that while we love the youngsters running with us, if the junior is under the age of 11 they MUST be accompanied at all times during the run by an adult, which doesn’t have to be a parent, but should be someone they know.

There were 6 runners who were shown as ‘unknown’, It’s terrible to have a brilliant run, maybe get a Personal Best, maybe even finish first, and then fail to have it recognised because you have no barcode. PLEASE …. Don’t Forget Your Barcode. Need a new barcode? Or would you like your result as a text? Follow the link to your profile from your latest results email. And remember please don’t take home your finish tokens. They are not souveniers ……..  DON’T BE A TOKEN MAGPIE. Also, just a reminder that you cannot produce your barcode as a photograph on a mobile telephone which is not one of the many official ways of having your time recorded.

37 runners today were attached to running clubs and there were 101 unattached runners.

The running club which brought the most was the Stockport Harriers with 17.

Since Woodbank parkrun started Stockport Harriers have seen 348 of their runners cross the line 8,332 times, which makes them easily the best represented running club. The Bramhall Runners have had 1,223 finishers and need just one more new runner from their club to reach 100, and the Davenport Runners have had 63 of their runners complete 528 Woodbank parkruns.

Those celebrating milestones with us this week.

Peta Walsh (Stockport Harriers) - 250 runs and a green commemorative T-shirt. Peta has been very loyal to Woodbank having run 244 of her runs here, with tours to Bramhall, Marple and Workington. She ran her first parkrun with us way back in November 2009 at our 14th event, and set her Personal Best time in November 2013 of 28:46. There are currently 1,488 runners in the UK who are in the 250-club so Peta might just be the 1,500th member to join this week. Congratulations Peta.

Ben Keen - 50 runs and a cardinal red commemorative T-shirt. Ben is another loyal Woodbank runner having completed 48 of his runs at here, with two visits to Stretford. Ben ran his first parkrun in August 2015 and has broken his Personal Best 6 times, currently standing at 24:41, set in June last year. Ben is one of almost 1,000 runners in the UK who will join the 50-club this week.

And knocking on the celebration door is Hilary Parker of Davenport Runners who completed her 49th parkrun this week, and needs just five more kilometres for her own personal milestone of joining the 50-club. Hilary has run 37 times at Woodbank with her first visit in July 2014.

Number of Commemorative T-shirts on show today:

  • Cardinal Red (50 runs) – 22 runners
  • Jet Black (100 runs) – 33 runners
  • Green (250 runs) – 4 runners

The top 5 attendees this week were:

  • Barry Shackleton (Darwen Dashers) 316 runs
  • Karen Shackleton (Darwen Dashers) 262 runs
  • Andrew Hodson (Marple Runners) 254 runs
  • Peta Walsh (Stockport Harriers) 250 runs
  • Moira Hunt (Goyt Valley Striders) 232 runs

These five runners have completed 1,314 parkruns between them.

Keep in touch with the latest goings-on at Woodbank parkrun using one of the following media:


There are some brilliant photos on Flickr from this weekend by Carl Ryder so if you are on one of them, feel free to copy it for your personal collection. (

Want to give feedback? Have anything to say or want anyone mentioned in future run reports?  Are there any corrections needed to this report? Please e-mail

VOLUNTEERS – REMEMBER that parkrun can only take place weekly because of the volunteers and marshalls who give up their time on a Saturday morning. If you want to get involved, email This week, we had 13 credited volunteers so thank you all for the great support, and thankfully the rain held off for you.

And potential runners remember that to officially take part at Woodbank (or any other parkrun anywhere) you need to be registered at but you only need to register once and the barcode they give you will be needed each week when you have finished the run. DON’T FORGET YOUR BARCODE.

Woodbank parkrun started on the 22nd August 2009 with 59 runners and 15 volunteers. The course record was set on 20th April 2013 by Andi Jones in 15:22, and the female course record was set by Sarah Tunstall in August 2013 at 17:50. There have been 5,775 different runners on the course, representing 365 different running clubs, and they have completed 48,706 runs. The average attendance is 118 every week, but in 2017 that average has been closer to 160, which means that the 50,000th runner to finish a parkrun at Woodbank will probably be in September. It could be you. There have been 8,360 Personal Bests. Our attendance record is 218 which was set in April last year although we were only 5 runners short of beating it in March this year. Woodbank parkrunners have completed 243,530Km and have been running for 2 years and 207 days.

And that’s it for the report for run #411. If you fancy writing a run report, and putting your slant on it, get in touch. We would love to hear from you. This has been the first run report since March so we need someone to give it a go. Feel free to steal this template and just change the names.

Barry Shackleton #lovewoodbankparkrun


Run Report 394 18/03/2017

Still good weather for the 133 athletes completing the 394th staging of the Woodbank parkrun hello and welcome to the 12 first timers and well done to the 10 runners recording personal bests.


10/50/100/250 T Shirt News etc


No one reached a millstone this week but nearly at the 50 is

Rob TAYLOR - 44 runs at Woodbank
49 parkruns Total


Enjoy your next parkrun


Male placings:
Michael COOKE (SM25-29) of Stockport Harriers & AC, was first over the line in 17:34 - 7th time in 7 appearances.
Stuart CAMERON (SM25-29) of Stockport Harriers & AC, was second over the line in 18:14 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.
James GARNER (VM35-39) of Stockport Tri Club, was third over the line in 19:07.


Female placings:
Amy SHADBOLT (VW40-44) of Saddleworth Runners, was first (13th overall) over the line in 22:22 - first time in 4 appearances.
Samantha Jane THOMAS (VW40-44) of Stockport Harriers & AC, was second (15th overall) over the line in 23:02 - has been first to finish on 42 previous occasions.
Lesley SINCLAIR (VW50-54) of Stockport Harriers & AC, was third (18th overall) over the line in 23:33 - has been first to finish on 21 previous occasions.


The three highest age grades were recorded by:
David ARDERN (VM50-54) – 75.02% for the time 20:09 (4th overall).
Lesley SINCLAIR (VW50-54) – 73.96% for the time 23:33 (18th overall).
Michael COOKE (SM25-29) – 73.43% for the time 17:34 (first overall).


Many thanks to this week's heroes

Anthony NAULTY • Beryl NORMANSELL • Bill SHONE • Carl RYDER • Debbie SWANEPOEL • Heather Jane CROMPTON • Lilli ROWLINSON-WALSH • Liping WEN • Michael Arthur NEWBERY • Naomi SINCLAIR • Sarah HASSALL • Simon Lawrence HARROP • Steve COX • Susan HAMPSON






Run Report 393 11/03/2017

Good weather as usual for the 167 athletes completing the 393rd staging of the Woodbank parkrun hello and a warm welcome to 32 first timers(Howzit to Beverley ERICKSON (74 parkruns) )  and well done to the 22 runners recording personal bests.


10/50/100/250 T Shirt News etc


Well done on earning the Red 50 parkrun T Shirt to


Russell WILSON - 50 runs at Woodbank
50 parkruns Total Most recently ran in VM45-49 age category

Member of the parkrun 50 club


Congratulations on getting to the coveted Black 100 parkrun T Shirt to


Jonna MCFADDEN - 43 runs at Woodbank
100 parkruns Total Most recently ran in VW35-39 age category

Member of the parkrun 100 club


No T Shirt but a big number for

Mark Lee CLOUGH - 145 runs at Woodbank
150 parkruns Total

Member of the parkrun 100

And an even bigger number for


Mike HODSON - 161 runs at Woodbank
200 parkruns Total

Member of the parkrun 100 club

Almost there is

Andrew SHIRRES - 60 runs at Woodbank
99 parkruns Total


Enjoy your next parkrun.


Male placings:
David ARDERN (VM50-54) of Goyt Valley Striders, was first over the line in 18:46 - 70th time in 199 appearances.
Mickey CARROLL (SM25-29) of Vegan Runners, was second over the line in 20:06.
Stuart BRADLEY (VM40-44) (Unattached) was third over the line in 20:09.


Female placings:
Helen LEAH (SW30-34) (Unattached) was first (20th overall) over the line in 22:28 - second time in 30 appearances.
Amy WEST (JW11-14) (Unattached) was second (22nd overall) over the line in 23:28 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.
Josie DRIVER (JW11-14) of Stockport Harriers & AC, was third (25th overall) over the line in 23:55.


The three highest age grades were recorded by:
David ARDERN (VM50-54) – 80.55% for the time 18:46 (first overall).
David WOOD (VM70-74) – 73.60% for the time 24:56 (37th overall).
Josh GARRONE (JM10) – 73.43% for the time 22:16 (19th overall).


Many thanks to this week's heroes

Alan DILKES • Anthony NAULTY • Brian HOLLAND • Carl RYDER • James MILLS • Julie GODSELL • Kate LEACH • Lilli ROWLINSON-WALSH • Maureen WILKINS • Pat O'HAGAN • Peta WALSH • Rachael TURNER • Sarah Louise MARSHALL • Sue GARRONE • Susan HOLLAND


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