The Big 250 by Helen Todd

At Event #480, I reached my 250 parkrun milestone along with Gavin Eyquem, so there was a double helping of cake, flapjack and biscuits! The day was bright and breezy and all the trees along the approach to the stadium were decorated with poppy wreaths for Remembrance weekend.

For me, 171 of these 250 runs have been at Woodbank, 44 at Burnage and 14 in London (where my two sons and their families live) including Greenwich, Fulham Palace and Southwark. If you’re ever on holiday on the West coast of Ireland, there’s a lovely parkrun at Knocknacarra, Galway. I’m now a parkrun addict – I listen to “freeweeklytimed” podcast, I’ve got the paperback, the hardback photo book, two leisure T-shirts, the wristband and the purple Volunteer 25 top – my favourite.

At Woodbank Event #1 in 2009, I was a marshal. I ran my first parkrun at event #3 and came in 18th position  – not because I was particularly fast, but because there were only 44 runners taking part. How Woodbank parkrun has grown!

On Saturday there were 145 runners, 27 were first timers to Woodbank , 14 of which were running a parkrun for the very first time and there were 17 new PBs. There were tourists from the Isle of Man, Greenwich and Munich.

Just a few seconds separated the first three Senior Men. First to finish was David Ardern in 19:04, followed by Timothy Barker in 19:11 (a first timer to Woodbank),  then Aiden Moyles in 19:14. First Lady home was Michelle Newall in 24:39, second was Shereen Eadsforth in 25:21 (a first time parkrunner) and Rachael Turner was third in 25:34.

Another first timer to Woodbank was the Tail WalkerMichelle Steer, assisted by our regular Tail Walker, Mike Thirsk.

Now that I’ve reached by 250 target, it’s time to do somemore volunteering. My favourite role is Finish Tokens as you get to say “Well done” to everyone. Thank goodness the tokens have changed from the freezing cold metal discs they once were!

Happy parkrunning and DFYB!

Helen Todd ( A39909)