Run Report 16/03/2019 Event 498

For many new to parkrun, we celebrate a certain number of runs. 10 for juniors, a logo and previously a ‘free’ t-shirt. 25 volunteering, 50th run, 100th run, 250 runs and 500 runs, for all with a logo and ‘free’ t-shirt.

One of the many positive elements of parkrun is *making*friends*. A wonderful example of this is today. Many of us were here today to celebrate the 100th milestone of a friend created via parkrun!

Some 100th parkrun statistis (UK time trails as it was then known)

1st event was at Bushy park on 2nd October 2004 with 13 lucky participants,
-- they held their 100th event on 12th August 2006, 226 participants,
-- and today they held their 780th event with 1234 participants, 54 volunteers.

Woodbank was parkrun location number 18th (in the UK and the world!!) which began on 22nd August 2009 with 59 participants, 15 volunteers,
-- they held their 100th event on 30th July 2011, 111 participants and 8 volunteers.
-- celebrating its 498th event today with 157 participants, 18 volunteers.

The 100th parkrun location in the UK was at Mile End on 4th February 2012, 63 participants and 7 volunteers.
-- they held their 100th event on 28th December 2013, 53 participants and 5 volunteers.
-- and today they held their 371th event, 387 participants and 18 volunteers.

The 100th parkrun in the world was at Sewerby, held on 5th November 2011, 31 participants and 4 volunteers.
-- they held their 100th event on 12th October 2013, 188 participants and 18 volunteers.
-- and today they held their 380th event, 134 participants and 18 volunteers.

The weather was awful, as we were celebrating we did request more agreeable weather however the request must have become lost!
It had been raining all night, sometimes heavy and lots of wind. The ground in places saturated and streams running across paths, no ducks to be found though.

Our run director gave the introduction, announcements and guidance before setting us off…
* Megan PHILLIPS set off for their 10th parkrun. As a junior was rewarded with a change of logo, and may be in the future the free t-shirts will return.
* Ian RENSHAW set off to complete their 50th parkrun and their first change of logo.
* Jane DEAVILLE and Hilary PARKER, set off to compete their 100th.
* Stephen BROWN set off to complete their 200th parkrun
**Congratulations** as all completed successfully.

We were here today for Hilary (photo below!).

We first met Hilary when she was a volunteer tailwalker at a parkrun. She has her own unique parkrun style which brings colour and smiles to events.
Hilary began her parkrun journey at Woodbank in July 2014 to be able to run at obstacle races which she has achieved. Over the years and her 100 parkruns she has visited 21 locations and volunteered as marshal and tailwalker in that time.
She later joined the Davenport runners and improved with the wonderful support and friendships they also give.
Her personal best is about 34 minutes and her ideal aim is for better health and return to those times.
Not content with a very wet and cold 100th celebration, Hilary went on to complete a 10k the next morning!

Woodbank was definitely a brighter parkrun with so many of Hilary’s friends and Davenport runners in wonderful colourful tutus and headdresses. It was great to be able to support an amazing friend and have so much colour on such a dull and difficult day!

At the end of all the participants is our Tail Walker, no one is officially ever last at a parkrun and this week our wonderful volunteer was Shelagh. Accompanying her were those who due to health or other running is not their forte, however all braved the elements and a step closer to a milestone, and appreciative of being able to take part in such an event when many others are unable to do so.

A lovely group of 28 volunteered to make this cold, wet, soggy event possible and looked after 157 brave (mad) successful participants. All involved either gave up their own run and or took themselves out, into a cold morning to make our ‘run’ possible.

Participants included regulars, 6% tourists, 6% paddled to achieved a personal best, 4% who kept their identity a secret or forgot their barcode and 3% very courageous first timers (we hope you enjoyed it and to see you again).

* Robert RADFORD completed their 49th, so happy planning for your 50th!
* Ali ALSAADI completed their 149th, so happy planning for your 150th!
* Samantha Jane THOMAS completed their 199th, so happy planning for your 200th!
* Nicola SCOTT completed their 249th, so happy planning for your 250th!

If you would like to see a full list of results you will find these at:

**Thank you** to all the amazing volunteers (only 13% of participants have gained their 25th volunteer award) who either gave up their own run and or took themselves out into a drenching, cold morning to make our park’run’ possible.

We hope you all had a lovely start to your Saturday and a safe journey home.

( - : R J M : - )
( - : with Hilary : - )