Run with us on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day!

Christmas Day wouldn't be Christmas Day without our festive parkrun! We'll be here, 9am, wear your Santa Suit, something sparkly, Christmas jumper, or regular kit. And have a few chocolates with us afterwards before going home to enjoy the rest of your Christmas.

We'll also be running on New Year's Day, 9am again. Run once, or run a second parkrun, it's the only day of the year you can do a double!


Scanner problems today (27 August)

It looks like one of our scanners took an early bank holiday and didn't record any results.

If you ran today and were scanned, but are showing as an unknown, please contact us either by email ( or our Facebook page if you know your position or time, or at least who finished near to you. Please include your barcode number so we can locate you easily - there are a lot of parkrunners now!




How to find us

If you have a satnav, LS3 1DY should put you on Belle Vue Road which has the park at its uphill end.

There's 4 hours free on-street parking on the right. (Although there's lots of parking around the park, much of it's permit holders only and we get unaware parkrunners ticketed quite often) Belle Vue Road has a T-junction with Moorland Road which runs along the edge of the park.

The start, (LS2 9LQ) is at the bottom right of the park, 100m on the right from that T-junction at the Duke of Wellington statue, (with the red-painted boots). If you want to leave kit, that's safely done at the finish area, which is about 200m from the start - ask directions from any of the runners/volunteers who should be around from 8:20-ish. There's also convenient parking opposite the Uni. Halls of Residence at LS2 9JT.


Completing our name change

We're putting the final touches to our name change.

Over the last few weeks we've updated our Twitter and Facebook identities, most importantly we've noticed people have started talking about us using our new name of "Woodhouse Moor parkrun", for which, we thank you all!

Later this week we'll complete the final few pieces of the name change jigsaw.

Our website will changing from to and we'll re-brand it with our new name.

Our email addresses will change too.  Our general enquiries email address will change from to and our dedicated volunteering email address will change from to, well, we think you can guess the rest!

Please update any bookmarks you have to our website and use our new email addresses from 27 February.

Equally importantly, what's not changing?  All of your result histories, PBs, run counts, volunteering records and so on will be preserved when we switch to our new website.


Our new home on Facebook

We changed our name to Woodhouse Moor parkrun on the 1st of January, check out this news story - Happy New Name! - for the background.  We're now about to update our Facebook page to reflect our new name.  Here's what's happening:

- Our new Woodhouse Moor parkrun Facebook page is now open.  We'd love it if you could 'like' us and share the new page with your friends!  Please follow us, and add all your comments, shares, messages, etc. on the new page from now on.

- Our old page will stay open until 14 February (Valentine's Day).  None of the previous content from our old page will move across to the new page so if you have any cherished memories (photos, albums, posts and so on) on our old page you should take a copy of them before the end of Valentine's Day.

- Between now and Valentine's Day anything we post on Facebook will go on both the old and new pages so you'll miss nothing if you follow us exclusively on the new page from now on.

Facebook, you may love it or hate it(!), nevertheless it has recorded the story of parkrun on Woodhouse Moor  for most of our seven and a bit years.  So, to mark the closing of one chapter and the opening of another, we're going to post on Facebook a photo a day from our archive between now and the closing of our old page on 14 February - Valentine Day.  Tune in for the story so far.


Happy New Name!

On 6 October 2007 fifteen runners lined up on Woodhouse Moor under the gaze of a statue of the Duke of Wellington to run the first parkrun outside London.  On that morning you could (quite literally) count the number of parkrun venues on the fingers of one hand.  Our original name was the Hyde Park Time Trial, changing to Leeds parkrun before our second birthday.  Since then parkrun has blossomed with over 500 parkrun venues around the world (four in Leeds alone) and we’ve grown to love our 64 acres of greenery on the edge of Leeds city centre.  It makes sense therefore for us to have a name that reflects the park we run in and that means all the parkruns in Leeds have a distinct identity.  So, from today, we are Woodhouse Moor parkrun.

What’s changing – Our online presence will be updated to reflect our new name over the next few weeks.  Our twitter name became @WHMparkrun today.  If you followed us under our old name you don’t need to do anything, you’ll now automatically be following us under our new name.  If you tweet to us, or about us, please use our new name @WHMparkrun.  Our facebook name, website and email addresses will be updated in the next few weeks and we’ll keep you posted about those changes.  If you talk about us or write about us from today please call us Woodhouse Moor parkrun.

What’s not changing – All of your result histories, PBs, run counts, volunteering records and so on will be preserved when we switch to our new website.  The course, the spirit, the humour, the camaraderie, the friendship, the support and everything else that gives our parkrun its personality will stay exactly as they are.

If you ran or volunteered with us in 2014 we’d like to thank you for making it a great year.  Let’s do it all again in 2015 as Woodhouse Moor parkrun!


Happy new parkrun year!

Another parkrun year and hasn't it been a great one? 
Remember the great splashython in February? And the ice run in December? Remember who joined the 250 Club? Remember who broke the age-grade course record? Remember our doggy mascot growing bigger each month? Remember our volunteer of the year? Remember our club take-overs? Remember the red welly relay and who won?
See if you can spot any of the answers in this photo collage.
Thanks to all who ran and supported in any way. 
We're looking forward to a great new year with a new name, the Woodhouse Moor parkrun.
Happy new year
Your Leeds parkrun directing team
Sam, Frank, Debbie, Kathryn, Anne, Noel.


Respect your fellow runners

We're a popular parkrun, with 420 runners this week and it does get congested, on parts of the course, particularly as faster runners start to lap those not as fast.

Just a reminder that parkrun is a run, not a race, and while many like to push themselves to get good times, this should not be at the expense of respect for other runners.

We had an incident this week when one runner shouted and swore at others, using the kind of language that none of us wants to hear in an attitude that will not be tolerated.

Parkrun is inclusive and supportive of anyone who wants to join us. Anyone, that is, except those who do not treat others with respect. If that person was you, then apologise to your fellow parkrunners, or feel free not to come back, you are not welcome.


The Sports Relief Relay – Saturday 22 March

This year it's Sports Relief, so we'll be celebrating with our three-leg handicap relay, with a Sports Relief twist....

Just buddy up with a couple of parkrunners, give your team a witty/silly/sporty name (there could be prizes!) and let us have your pop your name as per your parkrun barcode.

Sam will use his clever handicap calculator to work out when your team will start, so everyone, no matter what your parkrun time, will have a chance to be the first team home (there could be medals!)

Each team member will do a lap of the park, which is round about a Sports Relief mile. We'll start when the usual parkrun has finished and hopefully be serving up home-baked goodies if people will be good enough to bring some along.

Interested? Either post your team name and members' names on the Facebook stream  or email, BY MARCH 14. Please put your name as it appears on your barcode.

And the Sports Relief twist? Wait and see...!



2013, snow, sun, red wellies and a lot of running!

It's been a great year of running for parkrun Leeds, with an average of 300 runners a week clocking up more than 83,000kms, that's the equivalent of twice around the world!

As more and more people joined the 10, 50 and 100 Clubs, this year we welcomed our first 250 Club member Aamir Murtaza, who could take advantage of our special '250 Club Members only' funnel. The second time the funnel was used was when George Kainyek completed his 250th..

While the weather is usually kind to us, heavy snow and ice forced the cancellation of the run at the end of March. The sun came out for the annual Red Welly Relay, when the girls race the boys in a handicap relay. This time the boys won, giving them the overall lead of 3-2. Next year, girls!

Parkrun continues to grow in popularity, we saw a record 461 runners in May, and 148 on Christmas Day. Thanks to all who have volunteered over the year, turning up early to set up, staying until everyone's gone to clear up, sorting out the tokens then processing the results.

Here's a collection of photos to remind you of our year of running:

Photos: AiLyn Tan, Jane Elli, Ken Fox, Cesar Martinez, Philip Bland, James Nundy, David Owen, Chris Clyburn, Scott Leach, Stuart Lowe, Noel Akers, Anne Akers.

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