Join us on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day!

Yes, we'll be here on Christmas Day for a festive run, we'll even have flasks of tea and coffee to warm you up before you head home to enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day.

A week later on New Year's Day we'll be back for the only day of the year when you can run TWO parkruns! Run with us then head off to one of the nearby parkruns for your second parkrun of the day.

Both events are 9am. See you there?


Christmas Day and New Year’s Day parkrun

parkrunday is always on a Saturday ... except when it is on a Wednesday!  Eh?

Yes, as per previous years the Leeds parkrun will again be running on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  They will be parkrun-lite which means probably no km markers, no marked out funnel, no marshals on every corner etc., but they will be bona fide parkruns in all other respects.  In particular they'll count towards club t-shirts and earn you points in the points table.  Both these extra Leeds parkruns will start at the normal time of 9am.

Some other local parkruns may also be running Christmas and New Year's parkruns (check their news pages for details) and they might be starting later than 9am giving you the potential to clock up two parkruns in one day.  However, on Christmas Day you will not be able to register more than one run. On New Year's Day you will be allowed the option to register up to two runs maximum.

BUT - Please, please, please do not even consider running at two events unless you are absolutely sure you can safely travel between events with a comfortable safety margin and allowing for the possibility that road conditions might be difficult at that time of year.

Also keep in mind that, as with any other parkruns in the winter months, we might have to cancel the Christmas Day or New Year's day parkruns at short notice if we judge that weather conditions are not suitable for either runners or volunteers.

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