Woodley Junior parkrun #241- The wet one with the special guests

Today was the third week on the adapted course. It was a special parkrun today as we were joined by Paul and Joanne Sinton- Hewitt. Paul is the founder of parkrun. He started Bushy 5km parkrun in 2004 with only 13 runners. In 2014 he was appointed a CBE 'for services to Grassroots Sports participation.' There are now 1,300 runs in parks worldwide.
Annette was our run director today. It was her last official stint in this role at Woodley. Annette has been involved for over 4 years and has been an invaluable member of the team. There is a tradition that it always rains whenever Annette is run director so today's weather followed this trend!
Annette greeted us and gave out wristbands to runners for 11 and 21 parkruns. Our special guests led the warm up which was slightly different to usual but great fun and very welcome on such a wet morning.
Before we knew it it was time to run. The course was rather wet and slippery today but we were encouraged by the cheerful marshalls and lots of high fives. Thank you everyone!
129 people made it round the course. There were less than 12 PBs which isn't surprising in the mud and with the new 'mound' to climb (more of a mountain for a four year old!) . There were only six first timers.
Team Mccrabbe enjoyed their run this morning. Kaiya (8) described it as being muddy, cold, wet and sticky but she was happy as she hates the heat! Noah (6) was delighted to meet a classmate so spent the run chatting to him putting the world to rights. Matthias (4) missed running with Daddy who has hurt his leg so had to settle with Mummy which wasn't quite the same but he made it round and was cheered on my Daddy at the half way point.
All in all it was fun. Sometimes the wet ones are even more greatly appreciated as its a good way to get everyone out for some exercise.

Penny McCrabbe


Woodley Junior parkrun #230

As people started to arrive for the 230th Woodley Junior parkrun, there was breeze in the air. While the warm up was going on, it began to rain but it was light and did not last too long. In total there were 140 finishers.

First finisher was Thomas Mennie in a time of 7:34. This was his 4th first finish in 20 junior parkruns. Second finisher was Molly Skeil in 7:52 which was her highest ever overall position. Ryan Jones (8:01) and Kamran Shah (8:16) came 2nd and 3rd for the boys while Holly Hicks (9:01) and Alice Mitchell (9:12) came 2nd and 3rd for the girls. So well done to them.

Despite the wet and breezy conditions there was 30 PBs. So well done to them too.

Congratulations to Emma Burrow who completed her 50th Junior parkrun, a total of 62 miles. Joseph Winton completed his 22nd Junior parkrun which is equivalent to a marathon. The following people did their 11th Junior parkrun and earning their first wristband.

Juliet Finnie
Austin Stewart
Kapi Mahara
Toby Whitehead
Lily Kilshaw
Luka Svetic

There was 1 junior, Ethan Patnaik who did his first ever parkrun so hope this is the first of many. We had 2 visitors from Laleham Junior parkrun in Surrey who were Teddy and Rosa Sartin.

Each week parkrun relies on volunteers so if you can help out for a short period of time on a Sunday morning, send a message and I am sure the event team would be grateful.


Woodley Junior parkrun #226

Run Report by Oliver Holmes
Photos by Josie Mackenzie

It was the 226th junior parkrun ever in Woodley. There were 204 runners under the age of 14!


The weather was a bit like the end of spring.


parkrun doesn’t have staff, they just have volunteers who give up their time to help the runners.


I helped the run director and gave an orange wristband (50 parkruns) to Camilla and helped with the warm-up.



I didn’t get a PB this week as I haven’t been for a while and I aimed to run a slow and steady 2km. When I finished running, I helped Mummy with marshalling. I then got to play in the park and have a hot chocolate in the café as a reward.




Woodley junior parkrun #223

The very wet one by Penny McCrabbe
We only had half the usual number today (68 finishers). It was a very wet day. We had encountered a huge flood on the way. Bracknell parkrun was cancelled today due to flooding but all was well at Woodley and the run went ahead as usual.
I ran near the back with my 4 year old who didn't stop talking the whole way round. We were cheered on by the marshals. They were great and remained jovial despite the rain.
There were lots of puddles to dart in ( if you are a four year old) or around ( if you want to try to stay dry!). This may have slowed some runners down but it didn't slow down Brandon Chaplin who came in first in a PB of 7:25.
There was a great atmosphere despite the rain. Everyone was encouraging each other and we were all getting wet but rather enjoying it!
Kaiya, age 8, has written her thoughts on the run. Noah, age 6, says the best part was seeing his best friend receive his wristband and Matthias, age 4, was happy with his PB despite stopping to walk twice. My best bit was getting to the War Memorial where Matthias and I went opposite ways. We met again the other side which seemed to make Matthias really giggle! He was so excited about this that he increased his pace and ran the rest of the run without holding my hand.
All in all it was great to get out despite the rain. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the team and for their cheerful attitude. This is what parkrun is all about.

See you next week!

Kaiya's beautiful run report is available on the Facebook page


Woodley junior parkrun 7th October 2018

The one with the visiting Run Director!

Wow what a morning for me as a run director! Normally used to starting off just over 100 juniors at Bracknell, it was truly fantastic to see 219 of you blaze a trail around Woodford Park on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. 27 hi-vis heroes made it happen and made sure that I had all the information that I needed. Thank you so much, give yourself a big pat on the back. Actually, there were 28 volunteers, thanks to the girl in pink who joined me on the mound for the warm up – apologies that I didn’t catch your name to add you to the volunteer roster but if you get in touch with the team, they’ll get you the credit you are due towards your volunteer milestone t-shirt!

There were 16 of you who completed your first ever parkrun today and, along with tourists from Barry Island, you received a very warm welcome from our Woodley regulars. Please come back and run or visit us again, it’s very easy to get hooked and before you know it you’ll be hitting the reward milestones like Charlotte, Sean, Jasper, Kathryn, Alex (all 11 runs) and Penelope (21 runs) who collected theirs today. If you have run 11, 21 or 50 events and have not collected your wristband, get in touch with the team and they’ll add you to the list for the next week.
35 people (16% of the field) made your way round the course faster than you have ever done before. Each time you come, you will get stronger and will be able to either walk or run faster or will be able to keep going for longer between rests, keep it up, it’s a great feeling!

Useless facts for the day! Highest number of runners with the same name were, for the boys: Joseph and Oliver (5 runners) and for the girls: Holly (5 runners); Lily (4 runners). I was also amazed to see another Eilidh in the results, my own daughter’s name and not one you see very often down south! In terms of age-group splits, 69 JW10 ran compared to 103 JM10 and 14 JW11-14 ran compared to 22 JM11-14. Well done everyone!

Finally, this event can’t happen without you volunteering and it helps the team immensely if you get in touch via e-mail (woodley-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com) or Facebook as early in the week as possible. So if you think your little (or not so little) one is happy running round themselves or you just fancy trying out some new roles, why no set yourself the challenge of getting to 25 volunteer stints and your lovely aubergine reward t-shirt!

All the best Woodley juniors. Keep smiling and keep enjoying your event, it’s a good one but you’re also very welcome to come and try out Bracknell at some point too!!


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