Worcester parkrun future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email worcesterhelpers@parkrun.com. To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future roster

 17 August 201924 August 201931 August 20197 September 2019
Run DirectorGerry RUDOLFRichard RALPHS
First Timers BriefingMargaret CREANMargaret CREAN
TimekeeperDerek HOBBY
TimekeeperRichard DREWETT
Barcode ScanningNatalie SEYLER
Barcode ScanningThomas REED
Barcode ScanningJames WYATT
Barcode ScanningLauren KENNARD
Barcode ScanningMark CLARK
Funnel ManagerBrian HEWLETT
Funnel ManagerCharles SCOTT
Funnel ManagerTracey FARRIER
Funnel ManagerLaura BEACHAM
Number CheckerAndrew BEACHAM
Number CheckerBen FARRIER
Finish TokensSharon WILKINS
Finish TokensCraig MATTHEWS
Tail WalkerAlison WILLIAMSSas OWEN
Tail WalkerJill HILLJessica NEWMAN
Pacer David RYDER
Car Park MarshalAnthony WILKES
Car Park Marshal
Car Park Marshal
MarshalJill HEWLETT
MarshalMichael SPRAGUE
MarshalEmily SEYLER
MarshalNeil COLEMAN
MarshalJosias ASHBY
MarshalJuli HARRIS
MarshalNicola SULLIVAN
MarshalEmmie SULLIVAN
MarshalAndrea HARDING
MarshalDaisy HARDING
MarshalLyn COLEMAN
MarshalCarys DEELEY
Pre-event SetupRichard RALPHS
Pre-event SetupCarole RUDOLF
Pre-event SetupJulie JONES
Pre-event SetupGerry RUDOLF
Pre-event SetupMeghan JONES
Post-event Close DownDavid RYDER
Post-event Close DownJeremy WINWOOD
Post-event Close DownAdam WINWOOD
Token SortingMark LOVELOCK
Token SortingStephen BROOK
Token SortingPhillip HICKMAN
Token SortingAnn HEWLETT
Token SortingSteve NICOLL
Results ProcessorGerry RUDOLF