Broken Records!! #128 30th November 2013

A big day for parkrun for the first time in a number of weeks there was no cake, booo. It was all about the running and the odd T-shirt to be presented this week.  Congratulations if you got your 50, 10, or 100 shirt, and the others will be arriving in due course, so thanks for your patience.

There seemed to be lots of folks at parkrun this weekend, although at 8:40 we still wonder if we’re going to get more than 50 folks, as everyone has their timing just right now.  So when Michael took to the bench at 9:00 there was a massive crowd.  If you count all the runners who finished that’s 326 beating the previous 308, plus volunteers another 26 folks we had 352 people there, WOWZERS!

So once all the shirts were given out to the good people of Worcester parkrun we were quickly off to the start and as usual Derek set us of without delay. Being at the back of the pack having been surprised with my 50 shirt (I had tucked into the box for presenting when everyone else’s had arrived but Sally, Michael and James spotted it) so I had to do a quick parkrun strip and follow you to the start.

Parkrun is all for promoting running outside of parkrun but at this time of year there aren’t that many runs around, so perhaps that explains the big turnout.

Either way it was wonderful for it all to go smoothly with our biggest field ever.

As always a massive thank you to all our other volunteers, if you can come along and help a few time a year it would be great so everyone gets a run.

Anne RALPHS  •  Carole RUDOLF  •  Daisy HARDING  •  Darren SALISBURY  •  Dave SMITH  •  David GRAY  •  Derek AUSTIN  •  Derek HOBBY  •  Elaine MARSTON  •  Ewelina SKOLIMOWSKA  •  Gail Michelle BERRY  •  Graham PLUMPTON  •  Hannah PLUMPTON  •  James GOLDBY  •  Jeremy WINWOOD  •  Margaret WILKES  •  Mark Christopher SPICER  •  Matthew PLUMPTON  •  Michael CONNOR  •  Richard COWLEY  •  Richard HARDING  •  Richard RALPHS  •  Ross ROBINSON  •  Sally GUILLAUME  •  Steve POTTER  •  Steve ROODE

 Some people who were really going for it, were these guys who’ve not only completed 10+ parkruns but managed a PB today too…

PB Wall of Pride 10+ parkruns

(Now randomly sorted as every PB is equally awesome)

Darren FULCHER 20:56
Wendy Bonita COLE 26:59
Andrew HODGSON 17:21
Rob PLUMPTON 27:52
George BEARDMORE 20:14
Sue KLEIN 29:40
Allaby CARPENTER 25:44
Georgia SATCHWELL 31:26
Carole MAVROIDI 34:39
Noel WONFOR 23:31
John LEESON 21:25
Mike VATER 28:41
David John POUND 22:01
Martin RUCK 23:24
Karen HOPSON 32:31
Anne BRADSHAW 34:29
Sheena JONES 26:07
Craig MATTHEWS 17:57
Natasha DAY 21:31
Steve LONGLEY 25:45
Philip SHELDON 27:38

Loads of statistics to pour over, such as we had a record number of 50 somethings this weekend, 49 in fact. Also Syd Wheeler broke our VM75-79 record with a 27:38.

Have a great week of running and look forward to seeing you all next weekend.



The Stats Bit 

How Many?

There were 326 finishers this week

  • 311 runners registered there results, leaving 15 as unknown as the #DFYB'd
  • There was an average of 13.26 finishers per minute
  • In the ten minute period 20:xx to 29:xxx, 202 runners crossed the line 62% of the field, at a rate of 21.10 runners per  minute.
  • The most popular finishing time were…
    • 26:xx with 28 finishers
    • 25:xx with 27 finishers
    • 24:xx with 25 finishers


Who Were You?

  • There were 32 First Timers this week, compared with 26 last week
  • There were 22 Second Timers and 17 got a PB! Which is 77%, compared with 42% last week
  • The gender split was 58% male, 38% female runners. Last week there was a 59% to 38% split
  • The predominant age group was 35-39 with 15% of the finishers who registered
    • 42 Juniors under 20, equalling  13%
    • 27 in their 20's, equalling  08%
    • 82 in their 30's, equalling  25%
    • 90 in their 40's, equalling  28%
    • 49 in their 50's, equalling  15%
    • 17 in their 60's, equalling  05%
    • 4 in their 70's, equalling  01%
    • 15 Unknowns or #DFYB's, equalling  5%
    • There were 30 50+ parkrunners taking part that’s 09% we also had 3 100+ parkrun legend running with us!!


How Fast?

  • There were 86 PB's this week, compared to 59 last week or a 46%change
  • 15 runners finished in a sub 20 min time

1.       Adam JACKSON was the first parkrunner to finish in a time of 17:12

2.       Andrew HODGSON was the second parkrunner to finish in a time of 17:21

3.       Michael WATSON was the third parkrunner to finish in a time of 17:51


1.       Jennifer COXON was the first female parkrunner to finish in a time of 19:46

2.       Megan JUDGE was the second female parkrunner to finish in a time of 20:14

3.       Natasha DAY was the third parkrunner to finish in a time of 21:31


1.       The #1 Age Grading this week was Carol COWLEY with an age grading of 86.87%

2.       The #2 Age Grading this week was Jon MANSFIELD with an age grading of 79.94%

3.       The #3 Age Grading this week was Andrew HODGSON with an age grading of 79.83%