3rd Anniversary 21st June 2014

Its our 3rd Anniversary so it time to congratulate and thanks a few folks this weekend and celebrate a year of Worcester parkrun and you fabulous people.

Amendment: After last nights result we understand football is a "funny old game" so fancy dress is "ANYTHING GOES", whatever makes you smile!!!

Original Message:
Our Fancy Dress coordinator (Nichola) has called World Cup theme, so choose your team colours, or national iconic costume, hat or accessory. Come on down. Perhaps England-White (perhaps with a face painted cross like Roodie), Brazil-Yellow in Copacabana Beach shorts, Spain Red (Sombrero optional), Italy-Blue (no Gondola's please), Holland-Orange (and tulips) all stereotypes welcome..its just a bit of fun not compulsory.

As you all know parkrun is for free so we have to make our own party, if you want to bake a cake to celebrate that would be great to share with your fellow parkrunners.

Bring some balloons, do whatever makes a party a party for you!

See you there,

Richard, Nichola, Maddie, Sally, James and Michael
Worcester parkrun Team

p.s. check out previous mascots for inspiration