Next Generations and Original Farewells – parkrun #160

Hi All,

Well it was a busy weekend at parkrun this weekend, sadly I wasn't around to witness events. Even when I am hundreds of miles away in the woods of Scotlands Links chasing golf ball from tree to tree, 9:00 a.m. means parkrun time, so I eagerly kept refreshing my mobile waiting for updates. I do thankfully have my parkrun spies keeping me up to date with developments.  How could it not with our next generation of Run Director Matthew Plumpton in charge ably assisted by Michael Connor and our brilliant volunteers. Well done Matthew the spies report a job well done.

Michael and matthew

Here are the great volunteers (Matthews Minnions) from this week at Worcester parkrun...
Anne RALPHS • Carole RUDOLF • Dan CALE • Daniel WALKER • Darren SALISBURY • David GRAY • Derek HOBBY • Donna RUSHTON • Eddie FREEMANTLE • Elaine MARSTON • Elise BLAKE • Helen CARLISLE • Jeremy WINWOOD • Kate BAILEY • Lucy RUSHTON • Madeleine PAUL • Margaret WILKES • Mark WALKER • Matthew PLUMPTON • Michael CONNOR • Mike WILSON • Nichola Clair ROBINSON • Paul BROWNE • Paul MARSTON • Sheena JONES • Tim JONES • Tim SCOTT

It was however, farewell to one our "Originals", Dan Cale. These "Originals" were the 23 folks who came to our very first parkrun at Worcester. Dan has to be one of our loyalist parkrunners, regularly squeezing in a parkrun before a race later in the afternoon, sometimes even a marathon. Dan, from all the team and fellow parkrunners, thank you for your support, spreading the word, encouragement, and kind words right from the start of parkrun to this weekend. You've been there is snow, wind rain, and sun, and all the time with a laugh and a joke and  fine turn of speed. Good luck in the future, and you'll always be very welcome whenever you return. Dan Cale picked up his 3rd place for the Annual League having been away for a rare week last weekend.

Droitwich Running Club turned out in force to make themselves the second highest club attending this weekend. Although not enough to knock my club the Black Pear Joggers of top spot. Can it be done....?

Lots of the runners from Droitwich were making there 5km and parkrun debut having followed the "Couch to 5K" series of podcasts to help get you from a complete novice runner to the 5KM distance. Well done to everyone who completed their first parkrun.
Droitwich AC 160
I remember my first run around Ghulevelt Park, 4 minutes of attempted running, until I managed to get home and run down our alley and lite up a fag. That was many years ago thankfully, now I go for the pretzels instead. So I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to get started and keep going.

Conditions on the course were apparently a little moist in parts, thanks Denise Morrison for the update.
I'm Dirty 160

All went well I hear from the parkrun spies and results were posted quickly by Maddie to the internet for you to check.

I'll leave the stats to do the rest of the talking and look forward to seeing you all next week.


Here is this weeks Wall of Pride

********Wall of Pride 10+ parkruns and a PB this Week "*********
Adrian GUIDA-JONES (14) 22:59     Alison DARBYSHIRE (10) 37:18
Ally RICHARDSON (18) 21:00     David Duncan WILLIAMS (88) 20:00
Ellis Noah HARTLAND (28) 23:45     Ewelina SKOLIMOWSKA (28) 23:00
Gerard F SMITH (48) 24:07     Jae CAMPBELL-MINTON (19) 30:36
Jake DUDMAN (10) 27:25     Jake LONGLEY (28) 30:46
Jay SATCHWELL (26) 25:46     Jonathan DAVIES (15) 26:06
Karen COOPER (85) 24:01     Louise BEASLEY (43) 24:37
Mark SMEDLEY (51) 23:17     Matt RENDALL (15) 20:14
Nick PEMBERTON (22) 23:50     Paul EVANS (52) 20:52
Paul LODGE (26) 24:16     Peter DARWEN (24) 21:40
Phil SHUARD (35) 21:22     Philip ROBSON (11) 36:52
Rachel DUDMAN (11) 31:06     Richard WALSH (26) 17:54
Rob JONES (17) 21:09     Rob PLUMPTON (40) 26:01
Russell JOHN (15) 31:03     Sarah BITCON (15) 29:36
Sarah MCRAE (11) 27:27     Steven HARDMAN (10) 28:27
Sue HARDMAN (10) 34:00     Tessa CARR (112) 21:32
Toby WHITFIELD (11) 20:18     William TURNER (23) 22:38

Well done all 79 PB'ers this parkrun day!

The Stats Bit
How Many?

  • There were 384 finishers this week
  • 375 runners registered there results, leaving 9 as unknown as the #DFYB'd
  • There was an average of 16.22 finishers per minute
  • In the ten minute period 20:xx to 29:xxx, 211 runners crossed the line 55% of the field, at an average rate of 21.20 runners per  minute.

The most popular finishing time were…
31:xx with 41 finishers
25:xx with 28 finishers
24:xx with 25 finishers

Who Were You?

  • There were 40 First Timers this week, compared with 35 last week
  • There were 19 Second Timers and 11 got a PB! Which is 58%, compared with 60% last week
  • The gender split was 59% male, 39% female runners. Last week there was a 55% to 41% split
  • The predominant age group was 45-49 with 18% of the finishers who registered

65 Juniors under 20, equaling 17%
38 in their late teens and 20's, equaling 10%
81 in their 30's, equaling 21%
130 in their 40's, equaling 34%
37 in their 50's, equaling 10%
18 in their 60's, equaling 05%
6 in their 70's, equaling 02%
9 Unknowns or #DFYB's, equaling 2%

Club House

  • There were 61 50 Club parkrunners taking part that’s 16% we also had 11 100 Club parkrun legends running with us!!
  • There were 26 different clubs taking part
  • There were 140 runners attached to clubs. That’s 36% of the 384 runners.

Black Pear Joggers were the highest attending club with 44 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Richard WALSH 17:54
2. Clive GRIFFITHS 19:43
3. Paul EVANS 20:52
Droitwich AC were the 2nd highest attending club with 23 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Damian CARTLAND 19:58
2. Thomas BODEN 20:06
3. Joff WRIGHT 20:16
Pershore Plum Plodders were the 3rd highest attending club with 20 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Adam BROADHURST 18:56
2. Steve POTTER 20:45
3. Trevor CLARK 23:01

How Fast?

  • There were 79 PB's this week, compared to 88 last week or a -10%change
  • 9 runners finished in a sub 20 min time
  1. James Paul SMITH was the first parkrunner to finish in a time of 17:29
  2. Richard WALSH was the second parkrunner to finish in a time of 17:54
  3. Mark FRITCHLEY was the third parkrunner to finish in a time of 18:52
  1. Kate WRAY was the first female parkrunner to finish in a time of 21:31
  2. Tessa CARR was the second female parkrunner to finish in a time of 21:32
  3. Annie LAMBETH-MANSELL was the third parkrunner to finish in a time of 21:33
  1. The #1 Age Grading this week was Clive GRIFFITHS with an age grading of 77.94%
  2. The #2 Age Grading this week was Derek JACKSON with an age grading of 76.47%
  3. The #3 Age Grading this week was Jonathan Paul GREEN with an age grading of 75.33%