T- Shirt Delivery (low stock)

Hi All,

As you know the review of the t-shirt stock is ongoing due to the volume and logistics now involved with supplying 1200 t-shirts a month. Thanks for all your patience i have never had one moan about it, they will all be with us eventually, and still for free.

A few t- shirts have arrived they will be at parkrun tomorrow. As most people know there is also a backlog list so if yours hasn't arrived don't worry we do know.

100 Club T's = Paul Marston, Simon Wright, Chris Garratt, Yvonne Ralphs

50 Club T's = Andrew Foden, Fred Wright, Gerard Smith, Mark Smedley, Mike Spragg, Ian Hobby

Junior 10 Club T's = Mark Salkeld, Clare Hinks, Daisy Mason