Incident at Last Weeks Run

At last weeks parkrun a runner was spoken to in such an inappropriate manner that it warranted calling the police to record the matter. The person spoken too is fine. At this stage it is uncertain who the person was who made the comments. It is unlikely they were involved with the parkrun, and not related to any of the recent events around the area based on the description.

We want to make sure everyone has an enjoyable run and one idiot does not spoil it for everyone who takes part. So we shall be keeping a sharp eye out for this person and the police have offered to come along too. We thank them for their support and all the great parkrunners who come each week without any fuss to enjoy a free run.

If anyone saw anything that may help identify the person please contact PC Ed Shotton 01905 744209.


Richard, Madie, Nichola, Michael, Gerry, James, and David

Your Worcester parkrun Team