Relentlessly Positive #243 16th January 2016

Where to start this weeks run report, the 590 runners, our second highest attendance after last weeks 595, or the 98 runners who ran the fastest 5km of their lives! Could it be the 56 people who came along for their first 5km parkrun. How about our amazing regular parkrunners, 162 of whom have completed over 50 parkruns and ran this week again! Should we focus on the 88 juniors who ran this week who'll be the future of the UK's running community and running past old foggies like me, and running their own events in the future. There's just so much good coming out of parkrun at the moment its hard to keep up, and put the spotlight on one particular aspect. As I think Tom Williams once said on Marathon Talk, "its relentlessly positive" (oh its a brilliant podcast to listen too for more running tips and news too)!!

There were 47 volunteers this week, and they did a great job managing the temporary course we're using and the massive attendances we're getting. We're fine tuning as always, constantly tinkering with things. This week there were new signs, ripping up a few stumps and roots during the week, we even widened part of the course courtesy of the Thursday shovel crew Gerry Rudolf, Rich Drewett and I. As always if you've got an idea we're listening, and you may have seen me doing a bit of that this weeks run :0)

Here are our Great Volunteers from this weeks parkrun!!!
Joshua BERRY, Christopher BERRY, Jasmine BLAKE, Stephen BROOK, Matthew DAVIS, Cathy DICKSON, Richard DREWETT, Lily DUDMAN, Lorna FELLOWS, Darren FLETCHER, Geoff GINIFER, David GRAY, Brian HEWLETT, Jill HEWLETT, Derek HOBBY, Eloise JARMAN, Megan JUDGE, Mark Roy LOVELOCK, Elaine MARSTON, Sally NASH, Carl NICHOLS, Jamie O'RIORDAN, Sas OWEN, Abigail PICKESS, David POUND, Emma POUND, Dawn POUND, Anne RALPHS, Richard RALPHS, Thomas REED, Annie ROBSON, Gerry RUDOLF, Carole RUDOLF, David RYDER, David SALT, Gerald SANDERS, Charles SCOTT, Emily SEYLER, Mark SEYLER, Ryan SEYLER, Natalie SEYLER, Ben TRUEMAN, Mark WALKER, Fiona WALL, Margaret WILKES, Jeremy WINWOOD, Natalie WINWOOD, John WINWOOD

Megz was our Run Director, with another change to proceedings, we were using a new rock'n'roll amp that Mike Smith brought up, thanks Mike. I don't think we even had it turned up to 11 (Spinal Tap style). So once Mike had us plugged in "ready to rock" she gave a shout out to the runners hitting their 50 Milestones this week. Well done to you all!!

Milestone Wall
50 parkruns completed this week
Philippa MORGAN

We gave all the usual warnings dogs on lead, be nice, keep your under 11's close. There's a lot to cover each week, so thanks for keeping quiet and listening and let us know if you need us to turn it up, as we now can. If you ever want to get a shout out come see us before the run and we'll do out best to fit it in.

So we headed down to the gate to start the run, and Derek Hobby and David Gray checked the path was clear for everyone's start sprints to Ed's Corner. Where was Ed though, well he was doing a bit of parkrun toursim over at Corby parkrun. Well it’s a sprint for the first few rows of runners and a jog or walk for lots of others, before getting into our strides around the course.

Best Buddies Tail Running, Natalie with Amber and Mum (taking photo)

I stood on Carole's Café Corner just inside the woods, with Amber and saw you all come by. Its difficult to know what to shout at this stage as "well done" seems a bit naff after 200 metres, so just went with "hello's" to everyone I knew, which is a lot of you and I wish knew all of the runners, but we're too big for that now. As Natalie and Emily Seyler, our tail runners, went by Amber (my dog) decided it was time to join in, so we joined the tail runners for a lap and saw the leaders hurtle past around Troll Bridge.

Special mention to the guys who took 10 seconds off their PB's from last week Adam Harris with a 19:49 and Rich Bentley 26:31. Also once you get a bit older it gets harder to get a PB, now David Ryder is still in the same age group as I am M45-49 so still in our prime. That said a PB after 224 parkruns is pretty special so well done David on your 21:20 beating your first ever parkrun time and PB, on 16th June 2012 by 2 seconds.

**** Wall of Pride (10+ parkruns and a PB today) ******
Adam David HARRIS (91) 19:49
Catherine JAMES (27) 25:05
Chris O'RIORDAN (17) 30:45
Chris REED (22) 23:51
David RYDER (224) 21:20
Francesca BENSON-STELLING (38) 27:10
Gail POLLOCK (37) 27:56
Grace PRICE (19) 24:59
Harvey SMITH (13) 28:36
Helen SCANLON (13) 29:21
James BLANDEN (24) 25:40
James DALE (36) 19:47
Jane HALL (10) 27:11
Jon SALKELD (78) 23:23
Julie JONES (37) 27:58
Karen LEONARD (12) 30:24
Katy TWIGG (17) 26:06
Leanne BENNETT (28) 25:22
Leanne DEAN (78) 41:48
Lewis STERNKOPF (17) 17:42
Malcolm MAXTED (38) 25:10
Mark TOMLINSON (22) 28:45
Niall SOUTHWICK (10) 19:27
Nick HOOPER (13) 20:19
Nick TOY (17) 20:57
Oliver NIXON (16) 22:03
Owen COOPER (18) 19:51
Pete LANE (44) 25:01
Philip DEELEY (50) 20:16
Philippa MORGAN (50) 28:07
Rich BENTLEY (28) 26:31
Ruby JOHNSON (14) 28:39
Samuel PICKESS (54) 24:08
Sarah BEAUDRO (29) 33:46
Sarah MCCATHIE (10) 36:58
Simon CARPENTER (50) 19:29
Stephen GALLIGAN (16) 23:05
Stuart DAY (63) 20:06
Toni-Marie WRIGHT (11) 26:13
Wesley HYETT (13) 27:46

() Figure in bracket = parkruns completed

We love getting a message on the Facebook, we don't all use it and I wanted to share all the positive comments we had this week, it really meant a lot to all the team.

Worcester parkrun:
590 runners today, lovely morning. We've adjusted a couple of times due to funnel duckers after position 358, thanks to all the volunteers, and you the amazing runners!!!
Sarah Beaudro:
I was so tempted to stay in bed this morning when I looked at my phone and it was showing as -4 thankfully I gave myself a kick up the bum and achieved a new PB on my 29th parkrun! Thank you for the huge effort that goes into running it every Saturday
Lynsey Hall
Thank you everyone for coming out on such a cold morning.
Reply: Siân Thomas You were fab this morning, well done
Nicholas Smith
Thanks for a great run this morning, got my 11 yr old nephew round in a PB of 28:36 so well done Harvey Smith and thanks for all the hard work everyone !
Jim Wyatt
Great morning thanks to all the volunteers you did an amazing job on the course this morning see you all
Gerry Taggart
As usual, Worcester Parkrun's spirit was high. No wonder so many people want to run. Many thanks to the marshals.
Derry Steph
2nd park run this week, really enjoying it, big thanks to all of the volunteers who make it all possible, especially when it was so cold and frosty this morning! x
Gail Berry
I managed to come in at position 349 for two weeks running.
Thanks volunteers and Corp team for all your hard work
Emma Kerton
590!!!! Woohoo! And because of you organisers and volunteers Worcester parkrun ran like a well oiled machine....Many thanks!
Steve Nicoll
I stupidly tripped on a tree root today, and whilst only my pride was hurt, it had to be when I was going well!!
However I would like to thank all those runners and marshals who took a moment as they ran past to check I was ok
It was nice to know people care...See More
4 Replies
Reply Geri Jones: Hope you ok? If it's any consolation I am in agony!!! Great time again though Jamelia and alexia did awesomely!! X
Reply Richard Ralphs: Hi Steve, hope you're OK, let us know where it is and we'l see what we can do about it. Ironically we pulled up one of the tree roots that has been these since we started this week.
Reply Steve Nicoll: Thanks Richard I am fine, just a dented ego!!
I fell as you get to the top of the course about 2/3 way round by the big tree just about 50 m before a bridge
But honestly there is no panic it was defo my fault not picking my feet up so I wouldn't worry
You have enough to consider
It gave us all some thing to laugh about at the end
Great run, lovely people
See you next Saturday
Reply Laura Plummer: Was just in front of you and turned to ask if you were ok. I carried on running when you said you were, so I'm pleased to hear that you are. That ground must've been horribly hard to fall on!
Ben Pearson
First park run for me today, and it was awesome. Thanks to all the volunteers who help make the event possible
Geri Jones
Had another good run today only our second all achieved new PB's. So proud of my two daughters who did fantastically
Fiona Curnow
Sorry to miss this week's but I had a good reason! Well done James Bruce Busby and Steph Sheppard who I see improved on last week's times!!
Wendy Pickess
Thank you to all the volunteers putting up with the cold weather for us - hope you thawed out quickly!
Ian Danby
Top job on preparing the course and very impressed with the new pa system. My old ears could hear every word this week.
Duncan Kings
Great run. Massive thanks to the volunteers!
Ann Gray
Our first cold run for ages. Thanks to all the volunteers. It was even colder for you!
Mick Smith
Mick Smith Hope you're happy with the PA. I'll bring it every week if you like. For weeks I can't make it probably worth dropping to someone earlier and letting them know how to set it up. Thanks for a great run!! Mick
Worcester parkrun Hi Mick, thanks the amps were brilliant, and if you're OK to bring it along it would be amazing, I can help when you're not around if you can still loan it to us. I think everyone noticed a big difference in the volume and clarity this week. Sorry I didn't get a chance to thank you in person I got waylaid. Perhaps we should have a rock week for our 250th parkrun, all the best Rich
Claire Nichols
Thank you to all the volunteers and especially to those who take time to prepare the course

Charlotte Haughton

Charlotte Haughton Beautiful crisp morning to watch Philippa Morgan and Roy Fox complete their 50th run. Woohoo!!!!

Laura Plummer
Marshalls were brilliant today, kept us all going in the freezing cold!
Keith Regan
'Funnel ducker' .................:0)

Thanks again for those messages, classic ending with a Funnel Ducker. We will see you next week with a little surprise up our sleeves.


The Stats Bit 
How Many?
This week there were 590 runners, of whom 56 were first timers and 98 recorded new Personal Bests.

564 runners registered there results, leaving 26 as unknown as the #DFYB'd

There was an average of 24.48 finishers per minute

In the ten minute period 20:xx to 29:xxx, 318 runners crossed the line 54% of the field, at an average rate of 31.70 runners per  minute.

The most popular finishing time were…
27:xx with 44 finishers
29:xx with 38 finishers
30:xx with 37 finishers

Who Were We?
There were 56 First Timers this week, compared with 63 last week
There were 39 Second Timers and 29 got a PB! Which is 74%, compared with 69% last week

The gender split was 55% male, 40% female runners. Last week there was a 56% to 38% split
The predominant age group was 50-54 with 17% of the finishers who registered
88 Juniors under 20, equalling  15%
48 in their late teens and 20's, equalling  08%
117 in their 30's, equalling  20%
158 in their 40's, equalling  27%
122 in their 50's, equalling  21%
26 in their 60's, equalling  04%
5 in their 70's, equalling  01%
26 Unknowns or #DFYB's, equalling  4%

Club House

There were 162 50 Club parkrunners taking part that’s 27% we also had 49 100 Club parkrun legends running with us!!
There were 24 different clubs taking part
There were 139 runners attached to clubs. That’s 24% of the 590 runners.

Black Pear Joggers were the highest attending club with 54 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Hugh DAVIES 18:22
2. Ian WILD 18:33
3. Andy MAYBURY 19:52

Pershore Plum Plodders were the 2nd highest attending club with 26 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Darren FULCHER 20:07
2. Philip DEELEY 20:16
3. Nicholas John HERBERT 21:39

Malvern Joggers were the 3rd highest attending club with 24 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Sam BURNAGE 19:17
2. Stuart DAY 20:06
3. Richard MARTIN 20:18

How Fast ?
There were 98 PB's this week, compared to 51 last week or a 92%change
19 runners finished in a sub 20 min time

Male placings:
Lewis STERNKOPF (JM15-17) of Worcester AC, was first over the line in 17:42 - first time in 16 appearances.
Hugh DAVIES (VM45-49) of Black Pear Joggers, was second over the line in 18:22 - was first to finish once before.
Ian WILD (VM40-44) of Black Pear Joggers, was third over the line in 18:33 - has been first to finish on 9 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Ian WILD (Black Pear Joggers) 5934 pts.
Darren FULCHER (Pershore Plum Plodders) 5631 pts.
Chris GARRATT (Unattached) 5537 pts.

Female placings:
Jennifer CASHMORE (VW45-49) (Unattached) was first (46th overall) over the line in 21:34 - second time in 6 appearances.
Katherine SMITH (VW35-39) (Unattached) was second (50th overall) over the line in 21:45 - has been first to finish on 16 previous occasions.
Jemima LOWE (VW40-44) of Black Pear Joggers, was third (52nd overall) over the line in 21:49 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Carol JONES (Unattached) 6041 pts.
Emma POUND (Worcester AC) 5912 pts.
Caz KIBBLE (Pershore Plum Plodders) 5704 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Ann GRAY (VW70-74) was graded 78.69% for the time 29:15 (319th overall).
Carol JONES (VW50-54) was graded 77.93% for the time 22:21 (69th overall).
Hugh DAVIES (VM45-49) was graded 77.77% for the time 18:22 (second overall).

Worcester parkrun started on 18th June 2011, and since then 7,543 different runners, including participants from 417 athletics clubs, have completed 66,997 runs covering a total distance of 334,985 km, and there have been 12,956 new Personal Bests.

The female record is held by Jenny NESBITT who ran in a time of 00:16:58 on 2015-05-09 (event number 205).
The male record is held by Anthony WHITEMAN who ran in a time of 00:14:52 on 2012-03-31 (event number 42).
The Age Grade course record is held by Anthony WHITEMAN who recorded a 91.82% run (14:52) on 31st March 2012 (event number 42).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Worcester parkrun Results Page.