Laura’s View #244 22/1/2016

This weeks run report is written by Laura Bessant, Laura has run 142 parkruns and was one of 80 juniors taking part this week. Laura has been part of Worcester parkrun from the early days, event 7, so has seen it grow, as we have watched her grow and get quicker and quicker and quicker. Thanks for all the support and writing this weeks run report, read on.....

By Laura Bessant.

parkrun #244 started off as usual. The first timers briefing was done by Michael Connor and the parkrun brief carried out by Gerry Rudolph with the newish parkrun amp (making its second appearance). This was really effective, as it allowed everyone to hear Gerry loud and clear, and proved to be even more important this week as we received news that the start was 500m further back from where we usually start our parkrun, right by the entrance to County Hall.

I have run from here before and remembered that it offered faster start and given the increase of runners, turning up each week, the news was welcomed by me. This also meant that the finish line had been moved to just behind the café, so no going into the woods for a third time.

All of the runners made their way to the new start line and, once a rogue car had been let through the mass of eager runners, we were handed over to the official timers.
Then we were off, 540 of us snake up the drive of county hall and take a left into the woods at Eddie’s corner.

Plenty of Room for us all!!!!

Once in the wood the hard, firm ground from last week, had deteriorated into sticky mud, yet despite the amount of runners this week, I thought the woods seemed quiet and peaceful. Perhaps this was due to the current still weather or may be the reduced number of trees and branches, because of the midweek work that has taken place, coupled with a lack of summer leaves.

However this is also a reminder of all that goes on in the wood by Richard Ralphs, Gerry Rudolph and Richard Dewitt who never fail to get our woods up to scratch whilst we are still lying in bed, on Saturday mornings, so many thanks to them and also thank you to all the volunteers.

The warmer weather also meant that I overdressed and it wasn’t long before I had to remove my gloves and buff, I’m sure others felt the struggle.

Once we were out of the woods, on the second lap, the shorter finish was a welcome sight. No matter how much we love Eddie, on his corner, it came as a relief not to take the right back into the woods for a third time (another advantage to the new start perhaps?) And yet, once the timers had kindly clicked us in, and the tokens have been politely handed out, I’m already wishing the week away for next week’s parkrun.

Whatever your reason for running, a new PB, beating a friend (or your nemesis), regaining your fitness or just completing the course, something brings most of us back week after week and there’s nothing quite like it. Thank you to all the team for making this happen and see you next Saturday.



Great report Laura and you should take great credit for being a key part of the Worcester parkrun atmosphere that has grown from those early days. Thanks from all the parkrun team.

Here's Laura our reporter in action back in the early days, just ahead of Mum Denise.


Here are our regular Walls, and stats and thanks to volunteers.

Volunteering this week, looking after the new course....

Abigail PICKESS • Anne RALPHS • Anthony WILKES • Ben TRUEMAN • Brian HEWLETT • Carole RUDOLF • Charles SCOTT • Chris BERRY • Clara SALT • Darren FLETCHER • Darren FULCHER • David GRAY • David JAMES • David POUND • David RYDER • Dawn POUND • Derek HOBBY • Eddie FREEMANTLE • Elaine MARSTON • Eloise JARMAN • Emily SEYLER • Emma POUND • Fiona WALL • Geoff GINIFER • Gerry RUDOLF • Hannah PLUMPTON • Hanzhu BAI • Ian HARTLAND • Jamie O'RIORDAN • Jane HODGETT • Jeremy WINWOOD • Jill HEWLETT • John WINWOOD • Joshua BERRY • Kaye BOTTOMLEY • Laura BESSANT • Lisa SMITH • Margaret WILKES • Matt PLANT • Matthew PLUMPTON • Michael CONNOR • Natalie SEYLER • Natalie WINWOOD • Richard RALPHS • Ryan SEYLER • Sally NASH • Sas OWEN • Sian THOMAS • Stephen BROOK • Trevor VALE • Vivien TOLLEY

Well done to all 98 runners who got a new Personal Best this week, and these runners have also completed 10 parkruns....

********** Wall of Pride (10+ parkruns and PB) *********
Alden TAYLOR (16) 26:10
Anna FRYERS (34) 25:55
Caroline CARDY (13) 26:42
Chris REED (23) 23:43
Christopher BARKER (28) 29:55
Claire SHEPHERD (11) 29:09
David PEARCE (18) 30:11
David PRICE (37) 17:54
Elliot REES (68) 25:40
Ellis Noah HARTLAND (49) 22:17
Emma KERTON (48) 28:45
Hayley BIGGERSTAFF (24) 31:30
Henry ROWLING (12) 25:20
Isabella BARKAS (14) 28:15
Isla FORD (11) 29:06
Jack SKINNER (101) 28:12
Jake CAVENS (11) 17:57
James DALE (37) 19:41
James DICKSON (34) 28:06
Jan SMITH (11) 36:17
John O'DRISCOLL (14) 27:10
Jon SALKELD (79) 23:14
Julian SATCHELL (51) 22:43
Kimberley KAINEY (41) 30:54
Leanne DEAN (79) 41:20
Lulu HARDING (11) 30:27
Malachi CASHMORE (17) 20:57
Mark TOMLINSON (23) 28:34
Montgomery MEERKAT (23) 25:58
Natalie WINWOOD (76) 30:21
Neil BRAMWELL (28) 20:53
Nick ALLISON (12) 26:37
Nicola STEVENS (11) 26:43
Owen COOPER (19) 19:49
Pete LANE (45) 24:57
Peter REEVES (20) 23:39
Rich BENTLEY (29) 26:17
Sarah CRAISTER (10) 27:24
Sarah CURRIE (10) 36:46
Sarah KEMP (26) 30:54
Sarah WILLIAMS-HUBBARD (60) 28:31
Stephen BROOK (27) 27:29
Steve BRADLEY (19) 23:31
Xan ALLISON (10) 20:57


The Stats Bit 
How Many?
There were 542 finishers this week
503 runners registered there results, leaving 39 as unknown as the #DFYB'd

There was an average of 21.78 finishers per minute

In the ten minute period 20:xx to 29:xxx, 292 runners crossed the line 54% of the field, at an average rate of 29.20 runners per  minute.

The most popular finishing time were…
27:xx with 43 finishers
29:xx with 40 finishers
31:xx with 39 finishers

Who Were You?
There were 26 First Timers this week, compared with 56 last week
There were 29 Second Timers and 23 got a PB! Which is 79%, compared with 74% last week
The gender split was 54% male, 39% female runners. Last week there was a 55% to 40% split

The predominant age group was 45-49 with 15% of the finishers who registered
80 Juniors under 20, equalling 15%
37 in their late teens and 20's, equalling 07%
108 in their 30's, equalling 20%
150 in their 40's, equalling 28%
100 in their 50's, equalling 18%
21 in their 60's, equalling 04%
7 in their 70's, equalling 01%
39 Unknowns or #DFYB's, equalling 7%

There were 147 50 Club parkrunners taking part that’s 27% we also had 50 100 Club parkrun legends running with us!!

Club House

There were 21 different clubs taking part
There were 147 runners attached to clubs. That’s 27% of the 542 runners.

Black Pear Joggers were the highest attending club with 60 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Ian WILD 18:24
2. Hugh DAVIES 18:30
3. George AVERILL 18:35

Pershore Plum Plodders were the 2nd highest attending club with 28 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Darren FULCHER 19:28
2. Philip DEELEY 20:59
3. David POUND 21:39

Malvern Joggers were the 3rd highest attending club with 22 runners, here is their club 1,2,3
1. Stuart DAY 21:15
2. Megan JUDGE 21:38
3. Julian SATCHELL 22:43

How Fast?
There were 98 PB's this week, compared to 98 last week or a 0%change
23 runners finished in a sub 20 min time

Male placings:
David PRICE (SM25-29) of Worcester AC, was first over the line in 17:54 - second time in 37 appearances.
Jake CAVENS (JM15-17) of Worcester AC, was second over the line in 17:57.
Ian WILD (VM40-44) of Black Pear Joggers, was third over the line in 18:24 - has been first to finish on 9 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Ian WILD (Black Pear Joggers) 6132 pts.
Darren FULCHER (Pershore Plum Plodders) 5831 pts.
Chris GARRATT (Unattached) 5730 pts.

Female placings:
Katherine SMITH (VW35-39) (Unattached) was first (49th overall) over the line in 21:32 - 17th time in 127 appearances.
Megan JUDGE (SW25-29) of Malvern Joggers, was second (50th overall) over the line in 21:38 - has been first to finish on 27 previous occasions.
Jennifer CASHMORE (VW45-49) (Unattached) was third (58th overall) over the line in 21:53 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Carol JONES (Unattached) 6238 pts.
Emma POUND (Worcester AC) 6100 pts.
Caz KIBBLE (Pershore Plum Plodders) 5885 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Ann GRAY (VW70-74) was graded 80.38% for the time 28:38 (296th overall).
Carol JONES (VW50-54) was graded 78.22% for the time 22:16 (67th overall).
Jake CAVENS (JM15-17) was graded 77.53% for the time 17:57 (second overall).

This week there were 544 runners, of whom 26 were first timers and 93 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different athletics clubs took part.

Worcester parkrun started on 18th June 2011, and since then 7,569 different runners, including participants from 418 athletics clubs, have completed 67,541 runs covering a total distance of 337,705 km, and there have been 13,049 new Personal Bests.

The female record is held by Jenny NESBITT who ran in a time of 00:16:58 on 2015-05-09 (event number 205).
The male record is held by Anthony WHITEMAN who ran in a time of 00:14:52 on 2012-03-31 (event number 42).
The Age Grade course record is held by Anthony WHITEMAN who recorded a 91.82% run (14:52) on 31st March 2012 (event number 42).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Worcester parkrun Results Page.