Tourist’s Diary by Cat Lane (Gloucester City parkrun)

A posse of core volunteers from the newly fledged Gloucester City parkrun, which is on a 3 week hiatus due to the local fair, decided to go touring and settled on Worcester for today’s run.

There were 5 of us in total, 2 of them had previously run this course but the rest of us were new to it.

The drive to the course was pretty straightforward and parking was easy – good instructions on the Worcester home page. First stop, toilets. As we were fairly early arriving these were empty. Within 5 minutes though, the queues were snaking around the outside of the cafe facilities. We had made it just in time!

The sun was breaking through and the crowds started rolling in. Our record in Gloucester City is 170. Today’s event was far and away the biggest parkrun turnout I have ever witnessed and as Andy told me after the run, this was a fairly modest turnout!! Only 548 finishers.


In a fine Tutu, Vonnie Briefing us all

The briefing included many milestones and every name was clapped warmly by the enthusiastic crowd. Then to the start line. Didn’t know where to start from as there were so many keen runners. Not a criticism but perhaps future starts could have markers for expected finish times dotted back from the start line so that runners aren’t initially jostling for positions?

Paddock Start on the Scorched Grass

The run started and we were straight into the wood. Lovely and shaded. No trouble of getting lost on this run. As usual I thanked each and every one of the marshal’s as we passed them. Without these fantastic volunteers parkrun would not exist.

As it was my first time I did not push myself as I am guaranteed a course PB. Consequently I felt more able to enjoy a leisurely pace and speak with the locals. And a pleasant lot they were too. The woodland trail made for an extremely enjoyable run out.

Well I managed a pleasing sprint finish and met up with all my colleagues from Gloucester and we all agreed this was one super run.

Cheering Everyone In

As I am a bit geeky I have compiled some stats from today’s run. 548 competing of which 24 were absolute first timers. What a super course to begin your parkrun journey. Long may you run. 29 other established parkrunners ran this

course for the first time including my 5 from Gloucester City. Incidentally there was a runner(s) from Australia. That is keen. 63 PB.s plus the 53 First timers mean that 116 people created a PB. Always good to have a target to challenge. There were also many milestones. No names here but you will know who you are. 1 x50 runs, 3 x100 runs, 2 x 150 runs, 1 x 200 runs, 1 x 250 runs. The highest was 349 runs – 7 years of parkrunning.

Well done to each and every runner who turned out today.

I would also like to thank all of the hi-viz heroes without whom these runs all over the world now, would not be possible. Not meaning to demean the roles of marshals who do get thanks from many of the runners, I would like to give a massive thank you to the time keepers, the barcode scanners and funnel team who do not seem to get the thanks they deserve for doing a sterling job. Well done to each and every one of you.

If any runners would like to volunteer their services please opt in via the webpage. Any training needed will be offered and I guarantee that you will enjoy it.

All in all it was a wonderful run and a wonderful day out. Definitely in my calendar for a repeat visit soon.

Cat Lane