5th October – Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

"We all know someone" who's been affected by Breast Cancer. So many of our wonderful friends and family have had it. 3 people in my family have all had the horrible diagnosis.

Catching it early helps you with the best outcome and recovery. So after being contacted by the Breast Cancer Unit at Worcester we have decided to go PINK for the parkrun on the 5th October. Grab a PINK shirt, shorts (rare), socks, headband, shoes, ribbons, hat, whatever you want...anything goes (so long as its decent).

Hope to see you at parkrun this week "in ya PINK", its just a bit of fun no fund raising we just want folks to know what to look for.



Christmas at Worcester parkrun 2015

Merry Christmas from all the Worcester parkrun Team.

Over Christmas and New Year we will be having some extra events, on Christmas Day and New Years Day, as well as our usual runs on Saturday. So 25th, 26th, 1st (10:00 start) and 2nd. The events will start at 09:00 as normal except the New Years Day parkrun that will start at 10:00.

It'll be great to have the extra events meaning you put in extra runs or if away have the opportunity to catch a special event.

One question I have been asked is about toiled facilities and they will be open for all events. The cafe will be closed on Christmas Day so bring your own "beverages".

This will mean we need lots of volunteers to run the event so if you can help please email worcesteroffice@parkrun.com

Richard, Madie, James, Michael, Nichola, Gerry and David

Worcester parkrun Team



Incident at Last Weeks Run

At last weeks parkrun a runner was spoken to in such an inappropriate manner that it warranted calling the police to record the matter. The person spoken too is fine. At this stage it is uncertain who the person was who made the comments. It is unlikely they were involved with the parkrun, and not related to any of the recent events around the area based on the description.

We want to make sure everyone has an enjoyable run and one idiot does not spoil it for everyone who takes part. So we shall be keeping a sharp eye out for this person and the police have offered to come along too. We thank them for their support and all the great parkrunners who come each week without any fuss to enjoy a free run.

If anyone saw anything that may help identify the person please contact PC Ed Shotton 01905 744209.


Richard, Madie, Nichola, Michael, Gerry, James, and David

Your Worcester parkrun Team



17/1/2015 parkrun

Hi All,

Everything looks fine at the moment for tomorrow, we have a forecast for snow so will take a good look at the course in the morning to ensure we have a safe run. Should we think it is unsafe we shall cancel the run, at the earliest opportunity. Please check in here and on our facebook page and twitter @worcparkrun



Event Director


Christmas and New Year at Worcester parkrun

I'm sure that many of you already have planned or planning where you will be on Christmas and New Year. At Worcester parkrun the team are able to offer you an extra parkrun on New Years Day, that's a Thursday. The event will start a little later than normal, at 9:30 so you can have a bit of an extra rest.
We will be having our normal runs on the Saturday so our runs will be on 20th, 27th, 1st and 3rd.
Results count for the league and your t-shirt Clubs.
We hope you can join us.

Worcester parkrun Team


T- Shirt Delivery (low stock)

Hi All,

As you know the review of the t-shirt stock is ongoing due to the volume and logistics now involved with supplying 1200 t-shirts a month. Thanks for all your patience i have never had one moan about it, they will all be with us eventually, and still for free.

A few t- shirts have arrived they will be at parkrun tomorrow. As most people know there is also a backlog list so if yours hasn't arrived don't worry we do know.

100 Club T's = Paul Marston, Simon Wright, Chris Garratt, Yvonne Ralphs

50 Club T's = Andrew Foden, Fred Wright, Gerard Smith, Mark Smedley, Mike Spragg, Ian Hobby

Junior 10 Club T's = Mark Salkeld, Clare Hinks, Daisy Mason 




T-shirt Delivery 28th August 2014

More t-shirts arrived today as per the newsletter: Jeremy Winwood, George Scott, Ian Hartland, John Drummond, Nicholas Smith, Nigel Walmesley, Steve Rees and lost and by no means least Paul Evans. (Charles Scott, Gerald Sanders, David Dalton, Johnathan Sugden, Greg Ashby I mentioned on a previous post). See you Saturday!! Rich



A brand new bactch of free parkrun Club T-shirts has arrived for

50 Club

Richard Harding, Andrea Harding, Gail Berry, Sue Klein, Jayne Ackroyd, Theresa Hayes,

10 Club (Juniors)

Adam Lawrence, Matthew Whiteside, Toby Whitfield, Louis Simmons, Oscar Hoyle, Cara Bird, Elise Blake, Beth Clarke, Martha Browne

The following are currently out of stock awaiting a delivery, 50 Club (L)Charles Scott,Gerald Sanders,50 Club (M) David Dalton, Greg Ashby, Paul Evans

Well done all,



3rd Anniversary 21st June 2014

Its our 3rd Anniversary so it time to congratulate and thanks a few folks this weekend and celebrate a year of Worcester parkrun and you fabulous people.

Amendment: After last nights result we understand football is a "funny old game" so fancy dress is "ANYTHING GOES", whatever makes you smile!!!

Original Message:
Our Fancy Dress coordinator (Nichola) has called World Cup theme, so choose your team colours, or national iconic costume, hat or accessory. Come on down. Perhaps England-White (perhaps with a face painted cross like Roodie), Brazil-Yellow in Copacabana Beach shorts, Spain Red (Sombrero optional), Italy-Blue (no Gondola's please), Holland-Orange (and tulips) all stereotypes welcome..its just a bit of fun not compulsory.

As you all know parkrun is for free so we have to make our own party, if you want to bake a cake to celebrate that would be great to share with your fellow parkrunners.

Bring some balloons, do whatever makes a party a party for you!

See you there,

Richard, Nichola, Maddie, Sally, James and Michael
Worcester parkrun Team

p.s. check out previous mascots for inspiration


#156 7th June


We have woken up to a "Big" Thunderstorm and so will be monitoring the weather and hopefully it will improve. A bit of water is fine, if it still thunder and lightening we will make the decision. We will let you know as soon as possible, here, on facebook and twitter.

I am sure you appreciate we have runners and volunteers safety always as our 1st priority.



Event Director

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