T – Shirt – Backorder


A few of you have been waiting for T-shirts to arrive, some are still due that have qualified recently.

We received a package today containing the following shirts and will present them tomorrow, or come and collect them if you don't like a big round of applause.

100 Club

Andrew Barton, Trevor Calrk

50 Club

Nigel Dexter, Sandra Duncan

10 Club

Jon Winwood, Ben Harle, Jamie Saunders, George Tinson, Josias Ashby, Martha Cross, Ruby Taylor, Olivia Tonkinson.


Volunteer Rota


We rely on volunteers to run the parkrun so hope, if you run regularly you will take a week or 3 to help run the event. We do have a great core of volunteers but sometimes we take a holiday so gaps apprear that need to be filled.

Please do take a look from time to time to see if you can help. It is good fun and easy, and you can always go for a run afterwards as I often do.

Here is a link to all you need to know about volunteering 

Richard, Maddie, Michael, Nichola, Sally and James
Worcester parkrun Team


11th May 2014: Crowle Gunpowder Plot 10K and Children’s Fun Runs Sunday

The Crowle 10km and Childrens Fun Run is a great local running event that takes place on Sunday 11th May.  The 10km route starts at the Village Hall at 11:30 so plenty of time for a lie in before heading over. The Childrens Fun Runs start from 10:30 and take place around the paddock behind the Hall.

I've taken part in the 10km run a few times and its a lovely route with a chance for PB as its gently undulating.  Its a quick course, rolling through the country lanes and a great finish with lots of support and cheering when you return into the field for the finish. Take it on if you want a nice local event.


Click here for further information and to enter online


T-Shirts 24th April 2014

We've had a batch parkrun Club T-shirts delivered and will present them this weekend, if your not here this week let us know, so we can present when your back.

10 Club - Junior (White) T's - Daisy Harding, Elizabeth Shaw, Thomas O'Rierdan, Hannah Wilkins, Daniel Walker, James Sheldon, Lucinda Billingham

50 Club (Red) T's - Laura Bessant, Bob Colston, Clive Griffiths, Martin Wright

100 Club (Black) T's - John Drew, Richard Drewett, Tessa Carr, Alison Carr

A few are due to be sent when stocks are replenished, keep letting us know (Sandra Duncan sorry nothing in the pack, sure it won't be long.)



Aviator 4 (Staverton) – 11th May 2014

They guys from CLC Striders have been in touch to let us know about there local race.

CLC Striders from Cheltenham will be holding the annual ‘Aviator 4’ race on 11th May 2014 at Staverton Airport between Gloucester and Cheltenham just off the M5.
The 4 mile race runs mainly on roads with a brief farm track section with lots of parking at the venue.
It would be great to see parkrunners at the race.
For further information, please see our website:




Hi All,

A massive bag of T-shirts has been delivered to Worcester parkrun Towers, we'll be presenting them this week.

10 Club

Emma Pound, Natalie Winwood, Freya Jackson

50 Club

Anthony Jones, Jon Shacklock, Denise Morrison, Lucy Gallagher, Lorraine Westcott

100 Club

Andrew Brown, Trevor Clark, Richard Beetlestone, Nichola Robinson

Getting a new T=shirt is this goooooooooooood!!!!!
Roodie 5102013


March 8th – pre parkrun paddock workout

Hi All,
parkrun goes ahead as normal this week. Just wanted to let you know about a bit of work we can do to improve the run.

As you may have noticed last week the exit to the paddock is a bit watery, the team at the Country Park have said we can put some of the chippings down in that area, to make our run, drier (not necessarily more fun).

If you would like to join a few of us before the run to drop some chipping into the watery mire, then do come on down. We're going to start about 8:00 a.m. Yes really early, but its a great warm-up before a parkrun. Should only take half an hour and we can then go say "hi" to everyone arriving.

Please let us know if your coming via email to worcesteroffice@parkrun.com or via facebook. We have a lot of people registered and we'd hate you to have a wasted jouney at that time of the morning.

Richard Ralphs
Event Director


15/02/2014 parkrun 140: Still a “Green for GO”….watch this space

Hi All,
We shall be having a final inspection of the course tomorrow, it was fine last night and with the help of the awesome Perhsore Plum Plodder who are coming to help me bail out any standing water we are hopeful we will go ahead.
See you tomorrow,


T-Shirts Arrival – Bumper Crop

A massive bag of t-shirts arrived today at parkrun Towers. SO come down Saturday to receive your round of applause and T-shirt.

50 Club - Carol Cowley, George Bessant, Megan Judge, Harriette Drew, Katherine Smith, Zach Butcher, Adnrew Stafford, John Powell, James Matheson, Paul Marston, Graham Plumpton, Lee Brighton, Steve Potter.

Junior 10 Club - Josh Moore, Alannah Moore, Emily Noon, Dominic Jones, Megan Burton, Adam Jones.

We'll present them all before this weeks run and store them if you're not around.

Thanks Ray at parkrun HQ who has worked so hard to keep up with demand across 200+ parkruns, and Adidas for the "free" t-shirts, that mean so much to us. Have a great week, and see you Saturday, Rich


Sweatshop parkrunner of the Month Wall

I was recently asked if we had a list of all the people who had been presented with parkrunner of the month, so here you go. There are lots of people who deserve this for their commitment, perseverance, and determination. We thank Sweatshop for this generous sponsorship, and the free trainers for each winner, given there are now 200+ events!!!

Dec-13  Darren Fulcher

Nov-13 Megan Judge

Oct-13   Thersa Hay

Sep-13  Jemima Hobby

Aug-13  Adam Grant

Jul-13    S. Lomas

Jun-13   Dave Bessant

May-13 Mark Hayes

Apr-13  Zach Butcher

Mar-13 Gerry Rudolf

Feb-13  Alison Carr

Jan-13   Dan Cale

Dec-12  Steve Roode

Nov-12 Tessa Carr

Oct-12   Richard Beetlestone

Sep-12  Annie Robson (nee Dendy)

Aug-12  Ann Gray

Jul-12    Andrew Brown

Jun-12   Michelle Thomson

May-12 Trevor Clark

Apr-12  Bethan Stimson

Mar-12 Yvonne Ralphs

Feb-12  Alan Drabwell

Jan-12   Nichola Robinson]

Dec-11  Derek Austin

Nov-11 Michael Connor

Oct-11   Martin Gafney

Sep-11  Katie Brookes

Aug-11  Jan Mills

Jul-11    Maddie Paul

Jun-11   Eve AustenSweatshop" alt="Sweatshop logo" />