Run Report: Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun. Event 39

Told we surprisingly had a parkrun visitor from Warsaw, the reaction was that at least they’ll be okay with the cold, cold weather.  It turned out they were in fact from Walsall, but they still coped with return of the icy blast from the East.

And it was cold.  One of our parkrunners who seems to flit between Pitchcroft and our older sibling at Worcester Woods suggested that we always have bad weather.  Which is a little harsh. 

We’re all looking forward to those beautiful, blue-sky spring Saturday mornings, which supplement the feel-good everyone inevitably enjoys from finishing a parkrun in sky weather. 


But, for now, we’re dealt the weather the warming planet gives us, and, it certainly wasn’t so cold today that 177 parkrunners plus 29 volunteers couldn’t dislodge themselves from their beds to make a positive start to their Saturday. 


So whatever the weather - exceptions being ice and extreme flood - Worcester Pitchcroft will seek to put on our event.  By the way, the river was looking particularly high today ... 


Gratitude as ever goes to our volunteers, and this week’s occasional ‘transparency and integrity award’ goes to one of our regular Pitchcrofters who mooched along during the run with his wife and their two greyhounds to admit with a sense of shame that he couldn’t face the cold conditions this morning.  


Others, happily, were made of sterner stuff ...