Easter Parkrun – The New Course!

Easter is a time for new beginnings.  And so it was that we said goodbye – for now at least – to our familiar ‘horseshoe’ course and welcomed our new course, which is two clockwise loops of the racecourse.  This change was brought about by having been given permission to use the access road across the racecourse and to run in front of the grandstand.

parkrun 3

As Easter is traditionally a Christian holiday, did you know that the Bible has a reference to an Easter parkrun?  Well, sort of.  In John’s gospel, chapter 20, it says that on Easter Sunday, Mary Magdelene went to the tomb where Jesus had been buried and when she saw that it was empty she ran to tell the disciples.  Then . . . Peter and the other disciple started for the tomb. Both were running, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first.  They didn’t have barcodes then so we can’t be sure what their times were, but at least we have a record of what order they finished in.

For our own Easter parkrun, we had a fantastic turnout with 290 runners, our 3rd largest field ever.  We had an amazing 62 people running Pitchcroft parkrun for the first time, of whom 13 were running their first ever parkrun.  Welcome everyone!  Peter Aldis and Nigel Scott chalked up their 50th parkrun, and 24 runners achieved PBs despite a bit of a headwind on the riverside path.  Very well done.  And two Easter Bunny runners were also spotted.

First impressions were that the new course works well.  I’m sure we won’t miss the three U-turns we have to make on the horseshoe course, and somehow it seems to help to be able to focus on getting to the end without the ‘false dawn’ of running past the finishing line with a kilometre still to go!  It has also been measured precisely to make sure that we get our full 5 kilometres worth of parkrun.

Lots of people were chatting afterwards and as they walked back to the toilet block, so maybe this layout will be a bit more sociable too.  Please tell us how you found it on our facebook page.

As ever, many thanks to the volunteers who make parkrun possible, and get up early come rain or shine to make sure everything is ready and we are all safe.  If you haven’t volunteered before, please do.  It is a different way to enjoy parkrun and give something back.

parkrun 2