Parkrun Report: Event 60 ~ 8th September

A chilly, drizzly morning did nothing to put off dedicated parkrunners, with a turnout of over 250 for our 60th parkrun.

Even better, we had 16 people doing their first ever parkrun; welcome to the family!
Dai Morris warmed up the assembled crowd by announcing that this was David Gray’s 250th parkrun as a volunteer. This is an amazing achievement and commitment – equivalent to five year’s continuous service to the parkrun community. Alongside his wife, Ann, David is a member of the core group of volunteers responsible for establishing Pitchcroft parkrun last year, having previous been a loyal volunteer at Worcester (Woods) parkrun.
So a big ‘THANK YOU’, David, for all you do, week in and week out.
If you have never volunteered, please do. Parkrun suggests that everyone volunteers three times a year, and if we all did that we would certainly never be short of help. Think of it as like your ‘five a day’ recommended intake of fruit and vegetables to stay healthy – 3 doses of volunteering a year keeps parkrun healthy. There are lots of roles, including some which you can do as well as running – like helping to set up, pacing or writing a run report. If you want to volunteer, please email or speak to whoever is Run Director.
With a rowing event on, we reverted to the ‘old course’, which is a big, out-and-back horseshoe. Some of us have missed it, and enjoy running past friends and familiar faces going in the opposite direction, and shouting – or grunting – encouragement as we pass.
Whether it was the change of course, the lower temperature, or a collective rush of adrenalin, 56 people managed a PB, which is one in five runners. I’m not sure I heard the PB bell ring 56 times, so don’t be shy and give it a ring every time you manage a personal best.
We had Chris Blackabee, a visually impaired runner, visiting and running with Andy Waring as his guide. Chris did a marathon last week and is off to the Great North Run tomorrow (which is the biggest half marathon in the world), where he was very confident of being ahead of Mo Farah for several miles. Arrogance? No! More to do with the fact that the visually impaired runners start half an hour before the elite athletes. Chris said that he just hears them gliding past after about 5 miles!
Jan Golding was running her 100th parkrun today. Well done Jan!
Other facts and stats from today;
 Ben Duncan finished first in 16:10
 Lauren Kennard as first woman home in 20:04
 16 first timers
 10 runners over 60, with Bryony Silcott topping the age-graded table with an amazing time of 24:01
 56 new PBs, with 5 of them from people who have run more than 100 parkruns
 19 unknown runners – don’t forget your barcodes!