Workington parkrun event 2

So we survived the 1st week, and the second week went equally as good, we had a few tweaks to the setting out of the run, hopefully it made it a bit easier so when your tired on that return route and you want to just run straight to the finish line it's clear that one last lap of the field is the way!
The grass area seems to be holding up well, we have had two wet weeks leading up to the 1st two events but we will monitor it each week.

Well done to all those who improved on their time from week one, (Robert, Bev, Antony, Dawn and Stuart to name just a few) clearly the lack of wind helps!

We are pretty confident that this weekend we will actually be able to see the views across the Solway, which will make that return run all the more worthwhile and will be a bonus for any visiting parkrunners with us on Saturday.

Again thank you to our volunteers, much smoother on the finishline this week, it's all a learning curve but think we've just about nailed it! (She says!)

See you Saturday!