Workington event 8 and 9

Well two weeks on the trot and we've had over the 60 mark! Well done to Yasmin, Faye and Ricky at being 1st over the line for women and men over those two weeks and creating two new course records!  29 new starters at event 9, more and more each week which is great. We've sorted the times out now, thank you to all those who are very honest and let us know the times were a minute too fast.

Need to try and get a fold out table brought out so we can have the coffee's outside and enjoy the sunshine and cheer everyone coming over the finishline, plus then it's handy for the volunteers to grab one without waiting until the end!

Also, need to mention a congratulations to our 1st monthly sweatshop winner. And it goes to Gary Byers! Well done Gary hope to see a few seconds knocked off your time with a new pair of runners! 

We had some support down from our friends at the Barrow parkrun on the 10th and they have invited us to attend their 2nd birthday on the 21st September - there will be cake.

Thank you to those who keep turning up to help out each week the setting up is becoming a doddle! Just a request to let us know either in an email or through facebook if you are planning to help out on any day, just so we can make sure you get your name in the lights but also so we can let others kow they may be able to run that day if they were planning on volunteering and spread it out across the weeks.

That's it from me, if anyone else would like to put anything forward for this, as when we volunteer we maybe don't catch what goes on out on the route let us know and we can share it!

See you on the line at 9!

Workington parkrun