Workington from Summer to Autumn!

Not that you would notice the changing of the seasons, we have been super lucky with the weather at Workingon parkrun, touch wood (I have) I don't actually think we've had a wet one, could be soggy underfoot tomorrow though after all the rain - fell shoes or wellies I'm thinking!

So the last two weeks have come and gone, a slightly lower number on week 14, not sure what happened but still some lovely Saturday activity. We even had tea and coffee outside last week which was a nice change. Well done to stephen Hackley, Richard Williams, David Chapman, Patrick Malkinson on reaching their 10th Workington parkrun over the last couple of weeks if you didn't get a shout out - please do remind me it's worth a round of applause! Don't forget your 7 day pass for the centre, see me when I'm next there.

We will be looking at changing the route to the winter one by the end of this month which will mean more tarmac and less grass!

So results as they tand on week 15 are:
Women -
Caroline WOOD visiting us from down south was first female over the line in 19:57
Lucy STOBBART  was second over the line in 20:47
Faye MALKINSON was third over the line in 22:28

Men -
A new top spot finisher in Neil COCKBAIN of Keswick AC, was first over the line in 18:42 Patrick MALKINSON was second over the line in 18:48.
Stephen HACKLEY Derwent AC Cockermouth, was third over the line in 19:14.

Both the Malkinsons in the top three and both with a PB! Trainings paying off guys well done. In fact, well done to all 23 who got a PB in week 15 it's great to see the improvement and dedication on faces each week!

Welcome to the 16 were first timers and thanks to those who let us know how much they enjoyed it on our facebook page

Thank you to those who stayed behind last week to get involved in sustaining parkrun through helping out, I will get an email sent round in the next week or so, as I said it doesn't mean you have to be at parkrun each week or volunteer each week but between you hopefully it can keep going and keep building. Thanks also to Howard Seal who will be the runs new technical whizz helping to update this page (so please send any stories through from your morning run) and the facebook page. We will keep updating the volunteer roster page (top right tab) so if you're thinking about it let us know in plenty of time so we can get it on there.

Good luck to anyone taking part in the Cumbrian Run over the weekend.