is this where we start to see the die hards over the fair weather parkrunners?

It's starting to get nippy out there on a Saturday morning but we're continuing to be lucky in Workington with nice bright mornings. I love a crisp morning to get out there and do some exercise though, so hopefully, this weather might be what people have been waiting for.

Over the last couple of parkruns, we had a couple reach their 10 Workington parkrun milestones - well done to Stephen Watson and Joanne Coyle, Stephen could show us all a thing or two, hitting the mid 70's and still doing the parkrun.

Shaun Cavanagh was the winner of the September Sweatshop trainers, I hope you'll agree it was well deserved, Shaun hasn't missed a parkrun yet!

We had two new leaders over the last two events, Steve Garner and Mark Walsh leading the pack but it's not all about those at the front, it's about those who have been inspired by Workington parkrun and have taken the steps to get into running and are motivated by the support around them and the improvement week on week, so well done to  those 1st timers on the 12th October Gary Thwaite, Liam Campbell, Gillian Baxter, Peter Vaughan and Aiden Little and hopefully we'll see you back again.

Lots of people stepping forward to help out which is great, it's not that hard is it! The roles are easy once you get used to them so as usual, let us know in advance if you want to volunteer either by email or the facebook page and we'll stick you in the roster ( so you can see what you'll be doing.

Results for event 17 were:

Mark WALSH (SM30-34) was first over the line in 17:04
Sam STEAD (SM20-24) was second over the line in 18:18
Stephen HACKLEY (SM35-39) was third over the line in 19:05.

Lucy STOBBART (SW25-29) was first female over the line in 20:47
Kelly BARRATT (SW30-34) was second over the line in 22:12
Gillian BAXTER (VW50-54)  was third over the line in 23:49

Keep up the good work guys!